29 June 2015

Pomegranate Pear crumble cups (Crumble de peras y granada)

This delicious dessert is a mixture of pears and pomegranates crumble.
Finally with some vanilla ice cream  is delicious.
Thinking of the North (summer)  you can mix some raspberries with pears or other berry.
In any case I used my  pomegranate seed that I  have frozen .
I love pomegranates.

Adapted from How sweet is

(4  or 5 serves)

4 beauty pears peeled and cubed
3 tablespoons granulated sugar
1 tablespoon whole wheat pastry flour
pinch of salt
1/4 tsp cinnamon
1/4 tsp cardamom
3/4 cup pomegranate arils ( or some berries)

2/3 cup oats
1/3 cup loosely brown sugar
1/3 crumble gingersnap cookies
1/4 cup whole wheat pastry flour
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
pinch of cardamom
1/4 cup softened butter
1 teaspoon vanilla extract


Preheat oven 180°c (375° F)

In a a large bowl toss pear cubes with sugar,flour cinnamon and cardamom.
Once throughly mixed, tos in pomegranate seeds and let sit while you make the crumble.

In a bowl combine oats, brown sugar, cookies, flour,cardamom and cinnamon.
Add softened butter and vanilla,and mix throughly with a fork or your hands  until it becaomes clumped together.

Spray 4 or 5 ramekins with non stick spray, then add an amount of pears/pomegranate (or berries) in each.
Layer crumble mixture on top of each pear cup.
Bake for 25 to 30 minutes or until crisp is golden brown. Serve hot and with vanilla Ice cream if desired.
Garnish with some poms or berries.

Note: A dessert I would love make again soon!

Crumble de peras y semillas de granada

(en español)

25 June 2015

Raspberry Lemonade yogurt Popsicles (Helados de limonada, yogurt y frambuesas)

I love popsicles and although we are not in  summer right now , this last time have become much more because I found very good recipes.

The popsicles are simple and delicious and you can  have on hand at any time and are also healthier than other ice cream are purchased.

The basis of these is Greek yogurt (love) and  lemon and raspberries, are super-good!

Source: The slow roasted italian


(8-10  Ice pops)

1/2 cup granulated sugar
1 tablespoon lemon zest 
1/2 cup fresh lemon juice
(about two lemons)
1 3/4 cups greek or plain yogurt
1 cup fresh or frozen raspberries
(large ones cutin half)


Evenly distribute raspberries betweenIce pops molds. Set aside.

In a medium bowl combine lemon zest and sugar.
Smash lemon zest with a fork until all sugar is coated in lemon. Add lemon juice and yogurt. Stir until well combined.
Pour into molds.Cover with aluminium foil and add sticks
Freeze for 6 to 24 hours.

Holds molds under running water to help loosen the popsicle.

Note: Usually I made at night and use the following day.

Print recipe here

en español

Helados de limonada, yogurt natural y frambuesas

Ya se que estamos en Invierno en el hemisferio sur (aunque salvo el frio no se nota)
Pero generalmente hago helados de postre (o como snack) todo el año.
El último tiempo he encontrado deliciosas recetas así que publico algunas.
Estos son sumamente deliciosos, saludables, sin preservantes y fáciles de hacer!


1/2 taza de azúcar granulada
1 cucharada de ralladura de limón
1/2 taza de jugo de limón (2 limones)
1 3/4 taza de yogurt griego o natural
1 taza de frambuesas congeladas o frescas 
(algunas partidas en dos)


Primero que nada distribuir las frambuesas en los moldes para helados.
Tambien se puede echar un poco de la mezcla luego las frambuesas y terminar con frambuesas.
En un bowl mediano,mezclar el azúcar con la ralladura de limón.
Revolver la ralladura de limon con un tenedor hasta que el azucar este impregnada con el limón.
Agregar el yogurt y el jugo de limón.
Mezclar bien.
Repartir en los moldes de helados. Cubrir con aluminio y agregar los palitos de helados (Yo uso esos de madera porque los plásticos no son muy buenos)
Congelar de 6 a 24 horas.
Para sacar de los moldes, pasarlos por un poco de agua corriendo,
Normalmente los hago en la noche y se pueden usar al día siguiente.

20 June 2015

Baba au Rhum with lemon and basil (cake al ron con limón y albahaca)

This popular french dessert with  texture and  delicious taste is a slightly different than the classic rum cake, but the results are notheless lip smacking delicious!

Adapted from Jamie Oliver Book (desserts)

Someones add whipped cream or  fruits to serve .
I think would be delicious!


160 ml hot milk
1 envelope dry yeast (10g)
335 grams all purpose flour
4 large eggs
550 grams sugar
more two tablespoons +
2 lemons the zest and the juice
120 grams melted butter
pinch of salt
1/3 cup basil leaves
150 ml rum


In a small sauce pan scald the milk over medium heat. remove from the heat and cool to lukewarm.
In the bowl of an electric mixer combine the milk, yeast and 1/2 cup of the flour  and let sit until foamy.
Stir to form a sponge and let rinse until double (about 20 minutes)
Add the eggs  1 at a time, following by the remaining  flour, 2 tablespoon of sugar, salt and zest. Slowly add the melted butter to make a smooth dough.
Let rest for 20 minutes.
Preheat oven to 190°c (375 F)

Butter and flour a large baba mold or bundt cake pan.

Place the dough in the prepared pan, cover with plastic wrap, and let rinse in a warm place  about 40 minutes.
Bake on the middle rack for 30 minutes or until the baba is golden brown and the sides have begun to pull away from the pan slightly.

Remove from the oven and cool for 10 minutes. Using a toothpick poke holes all over the top. Pour the warm syrup over the warm cake and let set until the liquid is absorbed, about 5 minutes.
Then turn the baba out in the wire rack and let drain over the sheet pan by 20 minutes.
Slow drizzle the rum over the the top in 2 additions.

Transfer to a cake plate and garnish with some basil leaves.
You can serve with whipped cream.

Rum soaking syrup

 In a medium saucepan combine sugar,the basil lemon juice , remained zest and  3 1/2 cups water  except the rhum.
(reserve some basil leaves to garnish)
 Bring to a boil and stir to dissolve the sugar.
Finally add the rhum.
Strain through a strainer and discard the solids. Cover to keep warm for soaking the baba.

Print recipe here

En Español

Cake al ron con limón y albahaca

17 June 2015

Raspberry ricotta Cake (Cake de ricotta y frambuesas)

This recipe is adapted  from Bon Appetit.
The texture of the ricotta make this cake soft and delicious and with raspberries is something special!
You can use fresh or frozen raspberries!


1 1/2 cups all purpose flour
1 cup sugar
2 teaspoon baking powder
Pinch of salt
3 large eggs
1 1/2 cups ricotta
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
1/2 cup unsalted butter melted
1 cup raspberries or blackberries divided


Preheat oven to 180°c (350F)
Linea a 22 cm diameter (or 9") cake pan with parchment paper and lightly coat with nonstic spray.

Whisk flour,sugar,baking powder and salt in a large bowl.

Whisk eggs, ricotta, and vanilla in a medium bowl until smooth, fold into dry ingredients just until blended.

Then fold in butter, followed by 3/4 cup raspberries, taking care not to crush berries.Scrape batter into prepared pan and scatter remaining 1/4 cup raspberries over top.

Bake cake until golden brown and a tester inserted into the center comes out clean, 50 minutes. Let cool at least 20 minutes before unmolding.

print recipe here

En español

Cake de ricotta y frambuesas

13 June 2015

linguine with garlic, capers and lemon (Jamie Oliver) Fideos con ajo, alcaparras y limon

I  love Jamie kitchen,  he is uncomplicated and cook with joy. 
What a good time. I think he is my style:)
I must say that never a recipe of him  failed me, all his  recipes are great and I noticed that my kids love  this dish of linguine as I did  and I guess I'll have to do again soon.

Source : Jamie & friends Book

(My mom gives me this cook book for my birthday)

Im sharing this recipe with Joyce of Kitchen Flavours to Cook your Books!

Linguine with garlic, capers and lemon


100 ml olive oil
+ 4 tablespoons 
2 handfuls of capers
500 g of linguine
 3 cloves garlic grated
zest and juice of 1 lemon
1/2 cup chopped parsley or basil
80 grams Parmesan cheese to serve


Heat the oil in a saucepan over high heat, add a handful of capers. Heat the oil in a sauce pan over high heat.

Fry until crisp, then remove with a slotted spoon and drain on a paper towel.
Cook the linguine in a generous amount of boiling, salted water for about 12 minutes, then drain throughly and return to the saucepan. 
Add the 4 tablespoons of olive oil to the pan and add the grated garlic, and the rest ofcapers.
Fry over low heat and turn off heat.
Add this sauce of garlic and capers to the pasta. the lemon juice and chopped basil or parsley. Stir.
Serve with remaining capers and grated parmesan cheese.

Print here

En español

Pasta con ajo, alcaparras y limón
(receta de Jamie Oliver)

Me encantan las recetas de Jamie Oliver, no son complicadas, son deliciosas y cocina con alegría, creo que es mi estilo!
Esta receta de linguini (o spaguetti) la hice ayer de un libro que mi mamá me regaló para mi cumleaños hace poco.
Tengo dos tomos, 1 es de postres y dulces y el 2 es de Cocina Mediterránea , y no es caro para el libro que es. (hay unos libros de cocina carísimos)
Si les interesa lo compré en la Librería Antártica donde estan los dos libros.
En español hay muy pocos libros de él.


100 ml de aceite de oliva u otro
más 4 cucharadas
2 puñados de alcaparras 
500 gramos de spaguetti u otro fideo largo
3 dientes de ajo rallados

8 June 2015

Vanilla cupcakes and rose buds (and aHappy Birthday to me)

I'm not much to celebrate my birthday, especially after my twins, (Gerardo and Esperanza) arrived (20 years ago) and have a few days apart, they were born on June 13.

But  always I liked to prepare something, a cake or dessert or as this time some cupcakes.

I had this idea long ago about cupcakes and decorate with dried rose buds, but it was not until this past summer I can made  some dried roses buttons.
 I also found a very good recipe.

I brought these cupcakes to share with you  to celebrate the gift of life.
If you have can be made with buttons of fresh roses, beautiful!

I love roses:)

If you want dry some rose buds I find a nice site here
Now I know is the same method I use:)

(8 cupcakes)

100 grams all purpose flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
pinch of salt
80 grams blanched  ground almonds 
120 grams butter
2 eggs
125 grams sugar
110 ml  greek yogurt
1 teaspoon vanilla extract

200 grams cream cheese
 1 cup heavy cream
3 tablespoon powdered sugar
dried or fresh roses and petals for garnish


Remove all foods from fridge earlier in order to be room temperature.
Prepare a baking sheet for muffins and fill the muffins tray  with paper baskets.Start the oven to heat at 180°c (350 F)

Melt the butter over low heat and allow to cool.
With a wire whisk eggs, sugar, yogurt and vanilla.
In other bowl put the flour, salt, almonds and baking powder.
Finally add the egg mixture to the flour mixtures and stir slowly with a wooden spoon and stir only to mix the ingredients.

Fill the cupcakes cases almost to the top.
Bake about 18 minutes or until a toothpick inserted into the dough comes out dry. Remove from the oven, leave for a few minutes in the mold and remove and leave cool completely.


Whipp the heavy cream. In another bowl mixt the sugar and cream cheese and stir well.
Add the whipped cream and whisk a couple of times with a home blender until mixture becomes thick.
Decorate with pink rose buds or fresh little roses.

En español

Cupcakes de vainilla

No celebro demasiado para mi Cumpleaños, sobre todo que los mellizos estan de cumpleaños tan cerca (13 de Junio) asi que hago algo pequeño como una torta, un postre o como estos cupcakes.

Tenía esta idea hace mucho tiempo de adornar con botones de rosas secas (pueden ser frescas pero en esta fecha es dificil encontrar) Y este año para el verano fui guardando y secando botones de rosas, los guardé para hacer algo.
Y me tincó hacer estos cupcakes.
quedaron muy buenos.


(8 cupcakes)

100 gramos harina sin polvos
1 cucharadita polvos de hornear
1 pizca de sal
80 gramos de almendras peladas y molidas
120 gramos de mantequilla
2 huevos
125 gramos de azúcar
110 ml yogurt griego o natural
1 cucharadita de vainilla


200 gramos de queso crema
1 taza de crema para batir
3 cucharadas de azúcar en polvo
botones de rosas frescos o secos (o pepitas de granadas)


Retirar antes todo lo del refrigerador para que esté a temperatura ambiente.

6 June 2015

Greek yogurt & Fig popsicles (Helados de higos y yogurt griego)

Love posicles  are delicious and easy, I made these some weeks ago  because still I    had some figs and were delicious.
Anyway you can make this recipe with any fruit you like.
(strawberries (in slices) blueberries or raspberries)

Is true we are in autumn but still I make some popsicles because some days we have really warm days!

Source: Cooking stones

Greek yogurt & Fig popsicles

(8 popsicles)

1 1/2 cups of milk
1/2 cup granulated sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 1/2 cups greek yogurt
5 figs thickly sliced
Popsicles molds


First, slice the figs so they are rather thick.

Add the milk and sugar to a medium sauce pan and warm the mixture over a low heat. Just till the sugar is fully dissolved.
Add the vanilla extract and the greek yogurt.

Whisk the mixture until is completely smooth.
 Transfer the mixture to a large measuring cup and let it cool in the refrigerator about 1 hour.

Fill each popsicle mold with 1/3 of the yogurt mixture and insert the popsicle sticks.
Let set in the freezer about 1 hour.
 Divide the sliced figs amongst the molds and fill with the remainig mixture.
Put popsicles in the freezer until solid.
To remove the popsicles, either let them sit out for 5 to 10 minutes until soft enough to pull out or submerge the bottom of the popsicle mold (up to the edge of the top) in room temperature water for 10 seconds, then gently pull to release.

Print recipe here

En español

Paletas de helado de higos y grogurt griego

Me encantan estos tipos de helados, además de fáciles son mucho más sanos que los comprados.
Los hice con unos higos que me quedaban pero se pueden hacer con: kiwis en rodajas, frutos congelados como frambuesas o arándanos y si encuentran higos mejor!!

1 June 2015

Chocolate Mascarpone Loaf (at breakfast)

Sunset in the countryside

Some days (and I love it) all is wonderful, (at least until breakfast) wake up, (early,early, ) can take some pictures of the sunset and maybe the day before you made a chocolate loaf
and after take some pictures  yo can enjoy!
A bliss, really bliss....

I baked last night (a nice time) and was a wonderful recipe:)

Yes, I want a really nice breakfast.....I need that..

the men are eating eggs ..but I will share this with them lol

Now the recipe!

(adapted from bevcooks.com)


1   loaf mold about 3" x 7" (18  x 7 cm)
1 1/2 cup all purpose flour
1/2 cup unsweetened cocoa
1 1/2 tsp baking powder
4 o 5 tablespoons sugar
1/2 tsp salt
1/3 cup mascarpone cheese
3/4 cup whole milk
2 eggs
1 tsp lemon juice
1 tsp vanilla extract
2 tablespoon melted butter

For garnish:
Chopped pistachios or pepitas
sugar in the raw


Preheat oven to 375 F (180°c)

In a large mixing bowl, sift together the flour, cocoa, baking powder, sugar and salt.
In another mixing bowl whisk together the mascarpone or cream cheese,milk eggs,lemon juice and vanilla.
Mix until the texture is smooth.
Slowly add the dry ingredientes to your wet ones.
Once combined add the butter.Mix to incorporate.

Pour into a lightly greased and lined loaf pan.( I used parchment paper). Sprinkle the top with chopped pistachios or pepitas and a bit of sugar in the raw.
Bake about 40 minutes or until a toothpick comes out clean
Let by 15 minutes before serving.

En español

Cake de chocolate con mascarpone o queso crema y pistachios

A veces solamente el placer de cocinar u hornear,
Este fue el caso.
Esas recetas que una tiene guardadas mucho tiempo o que aún no he traducido.
Pero piensas : hoy la quiero hacer!
Creo que fue el Viernes pasado en la noche. Me encanta hacerlo tarde ya más tranquila y despues acostarme.
Al otro día tomo las fotos.
La mejor luz es la de la mañana.
Y despues a desayunar!


Un molde alargado no muy grande de 18 x 7 cm aproximadamente.

1 1/2 taza de harina sin polvos de hornear
1/2 taza de cocoa  sin azúcar (chocolate amargo)
1 y 1/2  cucharadita de polvos de hornear
4 o 5 cucharadas de azúcar
1/2 cucharadita de sal
1/3 taza de mascarpone o queso crema
3/4 taza de leche entera
2 huevos
1 cucharadita de limón
1 cucharadita extracto de vainilla
2 cucharadas de mantequilla derretida

Para decorar
azucar rubia gruesa 
unos pistachios picados en trozos (sin sal)


Precalentar el horno a 180°c

En un bol grande mezclar la harina, cocoa o chocolate amargo, polvos de hornear, sal.
En otro bol mezclar los huevos, la leche, el queso crema,el jugo de limón y la vanilla.Y finalmente la mantequilla derretida.
Unir los ingredientes secos a los húmedos.
Mezclar todo hasta tener una textura cremosa.
Vaciar la mezcla al molde preparado (mejor con papel mantequilla).
Espolvorear encima el azúcar rubia y los pistachios picados.
Llevar a horno por unos 40 minutos o hasta que al insertar un palito de brocheta salga limpio.
Dejar reposar antes de servir, tapado con un paño de cocina.