26 December 2022

Simple and delicious Cherry Pie (Tarta deliciosa de cerezas)


Last year was a crazy year really was.

I find this cherry tart that never post and yes was amazing , You can make with cherry filling or fresh cherries.

This year we have had a lot of cherries.

I hope to make  and other post  abouy cherries. 

Hugs to all!!

How have you been in this year that has just begun? January has gone by so fast I don't know why.

Me waiting for my Autumn, which is my favorite season of the year. I bring another cherry recipes. I couldn't help it, what's more delicious than a Cherry Pie? I must say that it didn't last at all but it was exquisite.

It can be made with canned cherries or frozen cherries in any case in the northern hemisphere then it will be cherry season. Time flies.

I send a lot of love  to all!

Source : Olive magazine

Cherry Pie


Shortcrust pastry (recipe below)
Plain flour for dusting
400 grams black cherries  pitted (frozen or from jars)
1 tsp of extract vanilla
3 tablespoon cornflour
4 tablespoon sugar
1/2 lemon juiced 
1 egg beaten

Butter pie crust recipe

For 2 nine inch deep dish crust
2 1/2 cups all purpose flour
1 tablespoon sugar
3/4 teaspoon salt
1 cup chilled unsalted butter cut in cubes
6 tablespoons ice water (abou)

Mix flour, sugar and salt in processor. Add butter, pulse until coarse  mean forms. Gradually blend in enough ice water to form moist clumps.

Tarta deliciosa de cerezas


  1. Un dolce meraviglioso, golosissimo!

  2. That looks amazing! I would love a slice too.

  3. aww Thanks Angie I love cherries too !!

  4. Looks delicious. I hope your Christmas was merry and have a joyful New Year.

  5. Thanks Jeff, hope you had a wonderful Christmas!!

  6. Hi Gloria, I hope that your Christmas was joyous and that 2023 will be an amazing happy and healthy year for you and your family. Cherry pie is my wife's favorite and your version looks great! Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

    1. Thanks dear David, hope you had a wonderful Christmaa

  7. Un dolce meraviglioso :) Buon 2023 <3

  8. Now that does look delicious.

    I hope you had a Merry Christmas, sending my good wishes for a Happy New Year.

    All the best Jan

    1. Thanks dear Jan hope you had a wonderful Christmas !

  9. Save a slice for me! Cherry pie is one of my favorites and yours looks so delicious. I agree, where did this year go? Happy New Year, Dear!

  10. Thanks dear yes is really crazy how times go !
    Happy new year!

  11. Beautiful & delicious pie. Happy New Year, Gloria!

  12. Huggs to you and Happy 2023! I love the pie, looks wonderful.

  13. Happy New Year to you, dear friend!!! Your pie looks terrific!!! I can't wait for cherry season. xoxo

  14. This looks so good! I have a gallon of frozen cherries, so I hope you do post more cherry recipes! Happy New Year!

  15. I have to freeze some cherries to the next season

  16. What a gorgeous cherry pie! As you're waiting for fall, I'm waiting for spring - which means cherry blossoms and eventually cherries. And I'll have this recipe waiting for them!

  17. Yes love autumn but I love summer fruits : raspberries,, blueberries,peaches and etc

  18. This looks delicious! Hope all is well! :)

  19. Cherry Pie is my favorite dish. Its taste is very delicious. Thanks for sharing this recipe with us. I will share with my family this recipe. Autumn is my favorite season in the year. Now its time to avail Best Moving Company In Tuscaloosa for more information.


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