19 February 2008

Hello from Los Angeles, Chile (south of the Country)

A big hug and greetings from Los Angeles, Chile with a very hots days, here lives my father in Law (hubby is born here) so we come all the years to see him , he lives alone now in a big house near the town.

I add two maps and you may see here we are, to the left the all map of Chile, you can see Region Metropolitana (Santiago) and above VIII Region, LosAngeles.
At the other Map you may see Los Angeles and other cities, the other days we went to Temuco and is not far, is a beauty city too.
I love the South because I m from of Concepciòn near Los Angeles (Two hours aprox).

I place the raspberries because Los Angeles is a big export of strawberries and blueberries to USA and Europe, Sometimes in this time I find strawberries to good prize and I take to Santiago freezen. Are really nice. I hope to find them and make Jam.

Is curious Los Angeles, look this picture, a carreta with horses in town, you may see this things all the time, here is town and countryside, a lot of people live from the countryside, Animals, milks, so nice cheese, veggies, fruits, and woods (so sad) because are many trees.
Well I hope to return to Santiago next Friday and post again dears, The childs return to school and I have to buy some things.... xxxxxxxxxGloria


  1. Hola Gloria, veo que lo estás pasando bien, me alegro!
    La hija mayor de mi marido se casó con un chileno y viven en Quintay, lo conoces?
    En Marzo vendrán a España estoy deseando volver a verlos!!!!
    Buen viaje de vuelta a Santiago :D

  2. Hola Gloria. Have a wonderful time!!I'll look forward to hearing about your adventures!

  3. Hi Gloria, did you see Isa's blog from Santiago, she has her grandparents living in Los Angeles too, maybe your father in law and her grandparents know each other?? Vida x www.isascooking.blogspot.com

  4. Hola Gloria. Me agrada saber que lo estás pasando bien. Buen viaje de vuelta.

  5. Nuria, Quintay es precioso y ademàs tiene mar si lo conozco, que bueno que tu hija te va a ir a ver, tu me dijiste que està casada con un chileno, el mundo es un pañuelo!!! Cariños Gloria

    Vall, thanks dear I hope to return Saturday's morning, because Marìa Esperanza has a Recital of Quimical Romance!! in Santiago (so special this group). Gloria

    Hello Vida I will see the Issa's blog Is in English too? later I will see. xxx Gloria

    Hola Rosa que gusto escuchar de tì ¿Còmo esàs? Si espero volver el Sàbado en la mañana a Santiago.

  6. Hi Gloria, enjoy and it all sounds amazing! :D

    Rosie x

  7. Tenga un buen vacaciones en Los Angeles con su familia :-)

  8. hola my dear gloria, thanks for making us a part of your vacation..i love the last picture i can already imagine how beautiful your country could be..i hope in the future i could visit your place :-)

    i cant wait for your recipes using rasperberries or strawberries

    kisses, have fun dear

  9. Rosie, many thanks, yes are lovely but hot days, but is funny!!

    Thanks Anthony, I take some pictures today and remember me some pictures that you have, wait to see when I come back!!Gloria

    My dear Dhanggit you will love the pictures we take today at the Fruits and Veggis Market with Gerardo, are so beautiful, I was crazy with the corns,strawberries,cantaloupes and watermelons, I wanted picture all, finally Gerardo take someones, and the smell, so nice!!
    I will be so happy you may come to my country Dhanggit, my House is your house. Gloria

  10. Gloria that is so nice that you put the maps of your cities so we can see where you are located! One time when I was reviewing one of the Chilean wines, I got the maps out and was wondering where you lived! Now I know!
    Have a wonderful time and look forward to hearing about your time away!

  11. Hola Gloria,
    Now I know why you were at the cyber cafe... have fun there and enjoy all the fresh produce from there.

    x nora

  12. Have a wonderful time! I'm jealous of your warm weather.

  13. que la pases muy bien mi querida, gloria!!


  14. I can't wait for raspberries season :)

  15. Well Debs you know Chile are not large but very loong!! and with the map you may see, I live near Stgo but in the countryside, that is better!!! From here we have 1/2 hour to Stgo.

    Yes the Nora the Cyber Cafe was so great and wonderful to may post. I went Satudarday before to return but was closed. So Im home and you know what's is this!! Gloria

    Maybe Emiline, but I insist the weather are so hot, in last years I always went to the Summer at Los Angeles but never feel this so hot weather!!! xxGloria

    Gracias Paola, amiga cariños para tí.XX Gloria

    Maryann Yes dear I love raspberries too!!Now I will make if God will, raspberries's jam!!xx Gloria

  16. Hi, Gloria!
    First, thanks so much for adding me into your "favorites sites and blogs"...
    What a big coincidence you and me! I had no idea of any other chilean cooking blogs, specially not in english!
    I hope you have a nice time in Los Ángeles... *I recently came back from there and OMG, it's HOT!

  17. Dear Issa, yes Im back last night and I find Los Angeles really so hot. Where you live Issa, in Santiago??? Im happy that I find other Blog from here in English I begin this many people from USA and England want to know recipes from our country and South America I love recipes from Peru, Argentina and others too.
    I like so your blog , I hope we talk soon!!! Gloria

  18. Gloria yes Issa's blog is in English and I see you have found her site and are speaking to each other... I am glad I put you both in touch with each other as I think it will be fun for you both!!! Vida x

  19. Yes Vida I don't have idea about Issa too, if you didn't tell me ... was so great many thanks, Issa is so young and so smart and I love her blog, Did you see I put her blog in my favorites???? Many Thanks Vida you are a lovely friend!!!! Gloria

  20. Que lindo viaje Gloria, y que hermoso lugar, Tengo una pendencia con Chile , En una epoca tenia el pasage , pero por una infeliz circunstancia no pude viajar y devolvi el pasaje,pero sé que no esta lejos el dia que podre conocer tu hermoso pais

  21. Sí querida Sylvia, ojalá puedas venir sobre todo que ahora vives tan cerca, en cualquier epoca del año tiene su entretención (no tantas como Buenos Aires)pero es muy acogedor.. xxGloria


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