25 February 2008

"La Vega" in Los Angeles(Chile) (The Veggi)

Before to following with recipes I wanted sharing with all of you these pictures of our trip to Los Angeles, La Vega is a wonderful Store where you found all the summer beauties, veggis,flowers,fruits, some clothes, grains, and typical things of here.
Some picture was taken by Gerardo Dad and others from me. The dificult was choose what's pictures show.
Well enjoy.

Here you may see, hats (that many people use at the countryside) and others things to the kitchen.

Remember these lovely dishes? I use when I made Pastel de Choclo (Corn's pie) these are from Quinchamalí and the grey is black. are lovely. You may use at oven, and microwaves without problem.

These pictures are one of my favorites, lovely strawberries and blackberries, Los Angeles export a lot of berries, at this store we found too bluberries.
Gerardo take this lovely picture of this couple that sell grains, cereals beans and spices, many years in their store.

To the lef this man is so proud of his store.

Other picture of hats, stones to grind spices and spices.

Do you like chiles?? We say ají!

Here we have, sweet basil,ajies and others!!
I promess add other recipe soon only I want you looks this lovely place. xxxGloria
Note: If you want to know more about Chile and recipes look the site of Isa at
http://www.isascooking.blogspot.com/. (I knew thanks to Vida of Australia)
En español : Una breve nota para comentarles que estas fotos son de mi estadía en Los Angeles Chile, y este lugar donde venden, flores,frutas,granos y otras cosas es típico de acá por eso quise compartir estas fotos, algunas las tomó Gerardo y otras la que escribe.
Espero que las disfruten tambien un cariñoso saludo para muchos chilenos que leen mi blog en otros paises, aquí tienen un pedazo de Chile, Los Angeles para los que no lo conocen es muy
No alcancé a sacarle fotos a las sandía pero estaban preciosas, también vendían harina tostada y humitas una señoras en canastos pero estaban a fuera yo principalmente saqué fotos del interior.
Para los que les interese ver cosas de Chile el blog de Issa es muy lindo y pone recetas como pan amasado, la dirección es http://www.isascooking.blogspot.com/ . Cariños a todos los chilenos que se encuentran fuera, escribanme y diganme que receta quisieran ver aquí.


  1. I can't wait for Spring and all this wonderful produce Gloria :D

  2. I can't wait for Spring and all this wonderful produce Gloria :D

  3. Dear Valli, the Spring is near for you!!! The spring is the lovely time to make many fresh dishes!!!xxGloria

  4. I love La Vega. You can always find fresh ingredients and all sorts of interesting stuff there...
    And thanks for naming my blog on your site. I feel so famous, haha.

  5. Yes you are Isa!!! I love La vega too!!!xxx Gloria

  6. Gloria thank you so much for sharing those photos with us!!! I am an "armchair traveler" these days so these photos of where you are visiting are so fun! All of the veggies and berries are beautiful. But my favorite photo is the one with the hats!

  7. Thanks Debs, I think the picture with the hats are so nice. Gerardo take it.xxx Gloria

  8. Ooh, looks like things are so bountiful and lovely there right now!

  9. Hi gloria
    loveley pictures, eh and nice a blogotorial running along with them.I loved the pictures of strawberries, along with others. Shall wait to hear from you and look at the new recipes that you are will now try !

  10. Yes Cakespy, this is the best time to the fruits and veggis All fresh!!! xxGloria

    Anamika, Yeah, I like to sharing these things so many people can know how is here. I have to prepare some recipe right now because I have a plums so mature!! xxGloria

  11. Oh this is such a lovely post to view and read! Things look so bountiful and vibrant! :D

    Rosie x

  12. I love ajies! And I love all the photos. Thanks for sharing. I found that since I started a blog, I discover things in my country that I used to take for granted. It's so much fun to share it with others.

  13. Thanks Rosie, Im glad you really like!! Gloria

    Nora, yes always I want to sharin g things from here but know is more easy because I have a Digital Camera so when I go to everywhere I go with it.Im glad you like.xxGloria

  14. Thank you for sharing these lovely pictures with us. Very nice to see them!
    I tried to place the Award on my blog but I had some technical problems and have to ask my husband. I will place it soon!

  15. oh i love this post gloria!! i feel like im travelling with you!! i love the market how i wish im there with you :-) cant wait for your recipes seeing these fresh ingredients

  16. Petra, take de big Award and copy to your page how an image and then add to your blog. I made it. xxxGloria

    Dhanggit glad you like the pictures, so you can look a piece of Chile, this place is countryside but Los Angeles have town too and.....a mall Do you believe?? xxx Gloria

  17. Las flores son muy linda y colorido. Las otras fotografías me recuerdan mis visitas a los mercados en Chile

  18. gloriadelpilar_1994@yahoo.com28 February 2008 at 17:34

    Yes Anthony I think all the mercados here are similar, special at summer, but I find so lovely Las Vegas in Los Angeles remember me when I went with my Gran Ma to the Vega in Concepción (near Los Angeles). And my Mom bought always flowers to the Mercado, she loves flowers me too. Gloria

  19. Fantastic photo's Gloria! Makes me want spring even sooner! I'm really done with winter here, and can't wait till I can get some beautiful beries like you have in the photo's'.It looks like you had a great time on your trip! I love the bowl's too!

  20. Dear Marie, really the time is so fast!!! so wait the Spring is near I'm sure, When I back from Los Angeles I feel the Atumn comming soon. When I swimm at the pool is so hot but when I m out is cold!!! The wind have a lovely fresh, the liquidimabar have brown and golden leaves (someones) and me are making mermelates how a crazy woman I hope to the winter, never knows, I given a lot!!! but I love to give!! and I forget... with the childs we are buying the school's things... here they enter March 5 and they are not happy!!! well is the life, xxxx Gloria

  21. What a beautiful market! I'm seriously full of envy!

    Thanks for stopping by, I'm going to browse through your blog now. :)


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