12 February 2008

Really many thanks!!!

A very nice friend that I have in the Blogger`s friends, Bellini Valli who has a lovely blog : http://www.morethanburnttoast.blogspot.com/ , and have wonderful recipes nominated me to a Award, really love it and it my first Award and I appreciate so. Thanks Dear Valli.

And I want to share this with some lovely friends of the Bloggers, is so difficult choose, here are

The first is to http://www.dhanggitskitchen.blogspot.com/ who has and interesting kitchen from Phillipines and France where she lives.

Other to Paola from http://www.inmylife-paola.blogspot.com/ who lives in Holanda and hasvery nice recipes.


The follwing to Debs of http://www.debskeywestwineandgarden.blogspot.com/ who has lovely comments about wines and foods.

Other to http://www.sugarcraft-india.blogspot.com/ that really is an artist to the cakes and sugar makes.

To Petra of German www.kleineisel.de/brot_und_rosen/index.php have beauty recipes and is so nice because translate to me the recipes of german to english

Many thanks to all, Gloria



  1. I am so glad you decided to pass the award along Gloria :D There are so many nice, helpful and fun loving bloggers out there :D

  2. Thank a ton Gloria for nominating me an award. i am honoured and humbled and not to forget that motivation to bloggers.

    I tried spinach roll but for me roll did not come out clean . it broke. May be i made a thick base with spinach.Good receipe. I shall try to put an indian taste to suite the pallette of my family. I shall share with you later if its successful.

    Love Anamika

  3. muchas gracias mi amiga!! :-)im deeply touched


  4. Yes Valli, I was thinking and I have many things to do but I think how you are many blogs so nice and the people don't know! So At night I was look and was difficult choose!!!! Thanks again Valli

    Dear Anamika, You really make a lovely and so paccient work in the cakes, you are an artist!
    Respect to the spinachas roll, sometimes maybe broke, but two things, remember the oven slow to medium, don't dry too much, better if is moist, because when you roll is possible broken, second, if is broken with carefully filling and press with the hands and go to the fridge and let by 1 hour, and is more easy to cut and you may warm at microwaves!! Any doubt post me.!!! Gloria

    Oh my Dear Dhanggit you have a lovely and yummy kitchen I said!! GloriaIm glad you like the award!!

  5. Oh thanks a lot!!! Very nice of you. I am very happy! Sorry I had a meeting to prepaire a service at church, then a had to walk with the dogs and now I was able to discover what you wrote in the comments. Thank you so much!
    Greetings from the heart

  6. Im glad you like Petra, I know you are so busy and you post all days!!!! Congrats!! Gloria

  7. Thanks Anthony, is my first Award so Im so happy!!! Gloria

  8. Congratulations, Gloria, you are definitely a very nice blogger :-)

    Happy Valentine's Day ;-)

    x Nora

  9. Many thanks Nora, have a Happy Valentine day, xxxGloria

  10. Ah, que bonito detalle, Gloria. Mil gracias amiga. En verdad que me hace muy feliz.:)

    Cuidate mucho,

  11. Querida Paola, tù te lo mereces, tu Blog es super bueno. Que estès muy bien Gloria

  12. big kisses from kitchen and my warmest message of love, happy valentine's day gloria!!

  13. Happy Valentine Dhanggit, with love, xxx Gloria

  14. Gloria, You are very nice and this award is well deserved!!!

  15. Congratulations Gloria on your award I'm so pleased for you! :D

    I hope you had a wonderful Valentines Day :)

    Rosie x

  16. You have been nominated once again Gloria...well deserved

  17. Congratulatins to the award, Gloria :)

  18. Marie, many thanks and I think your blog is wonderful really!!!

    Rosie, Many thanks Im so happy because I love the blog and all the friends bloggers I have.

    Valli, again??? Really I don´t have idea Im so happy with this and I thanks a lot.(Dear Vall Im in a Cyber Café because Im in the south travel with Gerardo and the childs!!!) First Time I come to one.Is OK to me.

    Vonsanchesen, so many thanks dear I like so your blog, you know!!!! Gloria

  19. Thank you Gloria for thinking of me! You definately deserve this award!

  20. Debs!!! Im happy you arrive dear!!! Im sure your award you really deserve!!xxxxGloria


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