20 November 2007

Mango dessert

I love mangos, , I think is a nice fruits, and the beauty is that now we have mangos in differents forms and a lot of countries.

You will may make this dessert with freze mangos, tin mangos or simply with fresh mangos.

Many years ago we don't know mangos here, but now arrived and we have at the North of country and are so good.


1 tin of mangos or
3 matures mangos boiled and mashed.
3 teaspoon of unflavored gelatin
dissolved en 1/2 cup of coldwater
1 tablespoon of coñac (optative)
2 tablespoon of granulated sugar
1 cup and half of whipping cream

Method's mousse
In the blender or processor make a puree with the mangos (reserve someones to the mango's sauce) add the sugar at the mango's mix and place in a sauce pot and simmer, when begin to boiled add the gelatin podwer dissolved in cold water and stir well, take out the heat, add the coñac and the whipping cream and join well.
Place the mix in large mold or in little pirex to may turn over later.
Refrigerate by 1 hour until to be firm.
Mango's sauce
1/2 cup of mangos
1 lemon's juice
1 teaspoonful of coñac
In the Blender or processor place the mangos, lemon's juice and coñac. Processing well.
If you like you may add some sugar or Splenda to the sauce.
When the Mousse is ready turn over in a dish or little dishes and cover with the mango's sauce, you may garnish too with strawberries or raspberries in slices.
Keep at the refrigerator until will be serve.


1 tarro de mangos o 3 mangos maduros cocidos y molidos.
3 cucharaditas de gelatina sin sabor
2 cucharadas de azùcar
1/2 taza de agua frìa
1 cucharada de coñac (optativo)
1 taza y media de crema espesa o para batir
En la licuadora o procesadora hacer un purè con los mangos (guardando unos pocos para la salsa). Luego verter este purè de mangos con el àz'ucar en una olla y cocinar a fuego medio hasta que hierva y entonces agregar la gelatina disuelta en agua frìa.
Revolver bien hasta disolver y retirar del fuego, añadir el coñac y la crema uniendo bien. Verter en un molde grande o moldes individuales tipo pyrex y refrigerar hasta que cuaje.

Salsa de mangos
1/2 taza de mangos
el jugo de 1 limòn
1 cucharada de coñac
Para preparar la salsa, en la licuadora o procesadora colocar los mangos, jugo de limòn y coñac, procesar hasta que estè homogènea. Si se quiere se le puede agregara la salsa un poco de azùcar o Splenda.
Cuando el Mousse estè listo voltear en un plato si el molde es grande o voltear en platos pequeños y cubrir con la salsa de mangos. Se puede adornar con frutas como frambuesas o fresas picadas. Mantener en el refrigerador hasta el momento de servir.


  1. Oh mangos - I love (only) fresh mangos since I had tasted them at India! But here I has to use tins. You can't compare it but for cooking it will be ok. But the smell and tase of fresh mangos....
    Nice preparation and good picture!

  2. But Petra, you may make with tins is so good too!! I heard India's mangos are so nice!!! Gloria

  3. Gloria, this must taste great... Vida x x x

  4. Yes ida is so yummy I thinkxx Gloria

  5. I have tasted so many fruits in my life.;but mangoes are really my favorite..im completely head over hills this recipe you made..i will surely make them for my husband's birthday coming very soon.. :-) your photos look fantastic too..ps i always enjoy visiting your blog

  6. Mango Mousse sounds so tropical! It looks beautiful.
    Love that cognac ;)

  7. Cuando viví en Asia (y los mangos eran baratos) yo no gusto de ellos. Ahora vivo en Londres (y los mangos son costosos) y los amo :-)

  8. Dear Dhanggit I love mangos too(I have other recipes) I enjoy too when I go to your site, xxxx to the baby. Gloria

    Emiline, yes dear is a so nice dessert, and the coñac is wonderful to many recipes. Gloria

    Anthony, ji!! The first time when I went to Bolivia (they have so nice fruits) I saw mangos and don't happens nothing (how love) and after when arrive here I loved them. Here are a little cost, but now are more.Thanks to come Gloria

  9. Me encantan los mangos y hecho de menos los de mi pais, sabrosos y muy jugusos.
    El postre te quedo muy ,muy lindo y parece delicioso.

  10. Sylvia, efectivamente los mangos de Brasil son de los màs deliciosos que he probado!! Gloria

  11. I love mangoes and we have tons of them here in Key West. I even love to just peel, slice and grill over an open fire and serve with a grilled fish.
    Your dish looks so lovely and smooth! Nice photos:)

  12. Debs you are so lucky with ton of mangos!!! Anthony post me and tell in London the mangos are so cost!!!xxxGloria

  13. A mi tb me gusta mucho el mango, pero a parte de crudo o en alguna receta con hojaldre, no se me ocurrian otras. LA COPIO.




  14. Que bueno Isabel, gracias por venir, voy a ir a conocer tu blo. Gloria

  15. Que delicia, mango. Esta receta me parece estupenda. Tiene que estar ruquísimo.

  16. Gracias Rosa, yo también encuentro rico el mango! Gloria

  17. We have a lot of Mangoes here in the Philippines. If you're ever in this country don't forget to try the mangoes. They're very good.=)

  18. Mmmm... me encantan los mangos. Sabes, cuando mi mama estaba en embarazo, comia cantidad de mangos. Creo que esa es la razon! Este postre se ve fabuloso!


  19. Ruy, thanks I imagine you have very good mangos, that you may do this dessert, I find lovely the camarones you show the other day, mmmm. Gloria

    Paola, que genial lo de los mangos, quizàs a ella le gustaban porque son frescos y deliciosos.Con razòn a ti te gustan.Gloria

  20. Delicioso postre Gloria y con esos mangos...gloria bendita seguro, el sabor de los mangos de aquí no es ni parecido.

    Un beso

  21. Gracias Auro pero fíjate que lo he hecho con mangos de tarro o bote y queda bastante bien. Cariños Gloria

  22. Este fin de semana yo comí una Mousse de Mangos del Brasil. Pensé en usted y este blog :-)

  23. So nice Anthony, you know I love the mangos. Sylvia (from Buenos Aires y sus afines) live in Argentina but is from Brasil and she tell me the most delicious mangos are from Brasil. Gloria

  24. Hi Gloria,
    This looks delicious and refreshing. Fresh mangoes are now in season in Australia so I have been eating it a few times a week. Now I can try making your pudding with fresh mangoes!


  25. Wow! This really looks delicious..lovely photos!!

  26. Nora make this with fresh mangos is so nice, I hope you enjoy, we are summer here too.Gloria

    Sugarcraft, this a really nice dessert and fresh. Gloria

  27. Oh Canela, we love mangoes so when I feel better, I will buy some to make this mousse and sauce. Thank you
    Molly (DQ) xx

  28. Gloria, I tagged you for meme and now I realized you already done the same one so you don't have to do it again :)))

    Have a great day, Margot


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