26 November 2007

Corn's pudding with basil (Pastel de Choclo)

This corn's pudding is one of the most delicious food of
our country, the corn was eaten by the natives here for many years and when the Spanish arrive to Chile with meat,chickens, pigs etc. born this dish that is with a mix of meat or chicken and over this the corn's mix.

How many recipes that I given you may make with fresh corns, freeze corns or tins of corn that are in many countries how my friend Vida tell me are in Australia, she is married with a chilean, so she knows a lot of the chilean's food. Has nice recipes.(http://www.vidaatpenthouse2.blogspot.com/ )

I make this dish at winter with freeze corn and at the summer with fresh corns and fresh basil.

This is the recipe that my Mom and me make.

Ingredients corn's mix

8 fresh corns the grain yellow type
chopped and grinded (processor or blender)
or 2 tins of mix or freeze corn
6 a 8 leaves of basil chopped
or dry basil
1/2 liter of milk
salt and pepper
2 eggs
granulated sugar to podwer

Filling corn's pudding

600 grs. beef meat (grinded)
1 chopped onion
1 garlic clove chopped
3 spoonful of unsaborized oil
1 teaspoonful of papikra podwer
salt and pepper
3 boiled eggs in slices
raisins (optative)
olives (optative)
If you want you may add some slices of breast chicken (boiled)

Method to the corn's mix

Cook the mix corn grinded in a large pot to slow heat, always stirring and add little
quantity of milk, add the chopped basil, salt and pepper and the last the eggs beaten, join well, the mix will be thick and creamy.

Method filling

Fry the chopped onion with the onion and garlic in a frying pan, add the paprika podwer, salt and pepper heat.Add the meat beef and boil all to slow heat.

Place the filling in small dish similar to the picture or little pyrex, we use this that are made from clay, but if you don't have, use other similar or a big pyrex . To the filling add the slices of boiled eggs and if you like some raisins and olives.(If you want the slices of chicken too) I make only with the filling of meat beef. Cover with the corn's mix and podwer with granulated sugar.
Go with them to the oven preheat and cook about 20 minutes until be a little golden.

Note: If you come Chile some day you may buy this little clay dish that are wonderful for others food (the taste is delicious) and you may heat later in the microwaves without problem. I make these and later heat at microwaves. At the Supermarket sell some of these clay dishes with Pastel de Choclo or Chupe de mariscos (seashell's pudding) and are so good to use after.
Some of you asking me for the clay dishes, here an address to see all about Pomaire where they are made: http://www.todoamano.cl/ and pick Pomaire and enjoy.!!
En español


Este pastel de choclo o maiz es uno de los platos màs ricos de nuestro paìs.

Cuando llegaron los españoles el choclo o maiz ya se comìa y se usaba incluso para hacer pan (harina de maiz) y como los españoles trajeron, pollos,carnes, cerdos etc. de apoco se fusionaron algunas comidas como esta, en que se hace una mezcla de carne o pollo (o ambas) y se cubre con la pasta de choclo/Maiz y se lleva al horno.

Como muchas recetas que he dado se puede hacer con choclo fresco, congelados o en botes o tarros.
Este plato antes lo haciamos casi solo en verano, ahora lo hago en invierno con pasta de choclo congelada y queda muy rico.

Esta es la receta que hacemos mi mamà y yo.

Ingredientes para la pasta de choclo

8 choclos frescos del tipo de grano amarillo grande(picados y molidos en procesadora o juguera) o 2 tarros de mezcla de choclo o una bolsa de 1 kg. pasta de choclo congelado.
6 a 8 hojas de albahaca picada
1 /2 litro de leche
sal y pimienta
2 huevos batidos
azùcar granulada para espolvorear

Ingredientes para el relleno del pastel

600 gramos de carne de vacuno molida o procesada
1 cebolla picada
1 diente de ajo picado
3 cucharadas de aceite
1 cucharada de pimentòn en polvo
sal y pimienta
3 huevos duros cortados
pasas (optativo)
si se quiere se puede agregar una pechuga de pollo ya cocida cortada en trozos.

Mètodo para cocinar la pasta de choclo

Cocinar la pasta a fuego lento o medio sin dejar de revolver hasta que pierda el sabor a crudo, añada pequeñas cantidades de leche de a poco , agregue la albahaca picada y los huevos batidos, sazone con sal y pimienta.Siga revolviendo suavemente hasta que estè suave y cremoso.

Mètodo para el relleno

Saltear la cebollay ajo en un sartèn, añada el pimentòn, pimienta y sal y deje a fuego suave agregue la carne y cocine bien. Reserve.

En platos pequeños de greda o ceràmica o pyrex ( si no en un pyrex grande se hace el mismo proceso) colocar una porciòn del relleno, rebanadas de huevo (pasas y aceitunas) y si le coloca pedazos de pollo tambien.
Yo lo hago solo con la mezcla de carne y queda muy bien.
Verter sobre el pino la mezcla de choclo o maiz y espolvorear con azùcar granulada y llevar a horno por unos 20 minutos hasta que tome un color dorado.

Nota: Para los que vengan a Chile alguna vez les recomiendo comprar estas pailitas de greda, son fantàsticas no solo para el pastel, se puede hacer pollo al jugo, chupes de mariscos etc. y se calientan muy bien en microondas.

Incluso ahora en los Supermercados venden el pastel o chupe en estas pailitas y uno las puede guardar para despues.



  1. ¡Muy interesante! El pensamiento uniforme que he visitado Chile, yo no sabía que usted come tanto maíz

  2. Yes Anthony, and we eat humitas to that is how tamales are so good, but is more complicated because we have to place the food in the leaves, but to the summer we eat a lot with tomatoes. xx Gloria

  3. Gloria, thank you for mentioning me. The address is a bit different - Vidaatpenthouse2.blogspot.com - you forgot to put the "2" in your blog. Vida x x

  4. Ok Vida, I will see I think I put the 2. xx Gloria

  5. Thanks Gloria, it works well now. Your recipe is the same as we do it except for the corn top... we use creamed corn only for the top and some sugar over the very top to help it caramelise. I never use the eggs, the milk or even the salt and pepper. I am not sure why but it's just how I do it... Vida x x x x

  6. Vida with my Mom try many recipes, but the eggs are so nice to the mix because is more cream and join well. Maybe you will try, but all the recipes are nice I think, Gloria

  7. Oh how delicious looking Gloria! I love corn and it can be used in so many different ways! I do like the dish you have used! Looks perfect for baking!

  8. A delicious recipe! I love corn pudding!

  9. A delicious recipe! I love corn pudding!

  10. Yes Deb, are special for this dish and for this I advise if someone comes here, buy these, are large and more little I have of different type, to the fish are so good too.If you want to know some more about this dish looks for POMAIRE that is the town where are made. Gloria

  11. Freya and Paul thanks for coming, is really delicious, I think.Gloria

  12. Yes Gloria, I will definately try the egg next time, I just was wondering why the recipes were different, maybe the changed over time?? Vida x

  13. Vida, in all recipes are change by diferents persons, think is a recipe that haas possible 200 years, so some person receive this recipe by some form and other add something etc. so you will try the best you like. Gloria

  14. I've never had corn pudding, but it sounds really good. I love basil.

  15. i think i will have a heart attack..this dessert excites me so much.;the photo of the corn pudding looks oozingly delicious..i never tasted corn pudding yet..plus basil ..hmmm i will need to try this recipe..im not sure though if i can find lovely corn like that..its quite hard to source corn in France..

  16. Emiline I think you will love is really nice.xx Gloria

    Dhanggit if you find freeze corn dough (grinded) is so good to make, here Maggi have kilo's bag with this grinded corn. If you want how dessert you may make only the dough corn and add sugar, without the meat.xxGloria

  17. My daugther is veggi (for now have 13) and she eat the corn's pie without meat, I make special for her, but a lot of people like without meat too. Gloria

  18. mmmm! se ve delicioso y doradito! y si es de tu mama, pues mejor!

    muchos saludos,


  19. Me encanta el maiz seguro que tengo que provar esta delicia que ustedes dos hacen con tanto talento

  20. Paola, gracias este es un plato tìpico de Chile, xx Gloria

    Sylvia gracias, este es un plato tìpico de nuestro paìs y es muy rico. xxxGloria

  21. Hello, got to your blog by the links of "miss danggit".
    I also have a friend in Chile because we have lived there for a year and a half and my youngest son was born at La Clinica Las Condes.
    What i loved most is the Parillada and your empanada version with the meat fillings! I have tried Pastel el Choclo and of course your famous Cazuela!

  22. Relly , Thanks for stopping by, always you are welcome. So you have a little chilean boy because he borns here. I know this Clinica. Is so good.
    I love parrilada too. Pastel the choclo is really so nice.
    I have at the archive a recipe of empanadas, but fry empanadas, I will put oven empanadas that you sure like. My idea is mix diferents foods of the country and recipes we always made with my mom and at cook class. I love to try knew recipes, but all I put here are tested before!!! xxxxx Gloria

  23. Gloria...this is an incredible dish!Right now I would have to use canned or my preference frozen corn because it is not in season at the moment. It would definitely work though!!!

  24. Dear Valli I use frozen because I find is most similar to the frsh, you need 1 Kg. frozen grinden corn to 6 dish that is the quantity I make. For the summer you may make with fresh corn.xx Gloria

  25. Hi Gloria,
    This dish sounds like comfort food. Thanks to your mom and you for the recipe.


  26. Thanks Nora, thanks to coming to my blog, welcome, is a nice dish and delicious, Gloria

  27. i checked in the market and in the supermarket the other day and yesterday..i really didnt find some maize..they told me the corns we have here in France are mainly used for chicken feeds..thats why they are not really good..snif snif..probably i will need to plant my own corn..:-)

  28. Not, Dhanggit, listen, Vida from Australia (that I put her blog here) make the Pastel de Choclo with tins of corn, and said that is so good, if you have any doubt question her, she knows a lot of the food of here because she is married with a chilean and her mother in law give her the recipes. xx Gloria

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