2 July 2020

Frozen Tiramisu cheescakes (Tiramisu cheescakes)

Sometimes I think that time passes too fast, the weeks fly by, and I really couldn't make the post for this recipe that I made for Father's Day.

I only comment this because there are people who get bored at home, I have worked more than ever and I have cooked more than ever with everyone here.

Suddenly I get lost and I think we are in May? not in June !! that's been crazy sometimes. .

Turning to the recipe, I loved these tiramisu and are very easy  you can use a cup (or a mould) to make them.

And you arrange sponge fingers around the side of each prepared cup or mould.
I hope to see you later in a new recipe.
A big hug from here and thanks by coming!

Adapted from :  Taste com. au

Frozen tiramisu cheescakes


3/4 cup fresh espresso coffe
1/4 cup rum or cognac
1/3 cup caster sugar
10  sponge finger biscuits halved
2 egg yolks
250 grams  cream cheese or mascarpone (room temperature)
cocoa podwer, to dust


Line the base and side of 4 or 5    1cup (250 ml)
capacity metal moulds or tea cups with plastic wrap
allowing sides to overhang.

Combine the coffe, rum and 1 tablespoon of sugar in a shallow bowl and stir well until sugar dissolves.
Reserve 2 tablespoonfuls of the coffe mixture.
Dip sponge fingers one at a time into remaining mixture and arrange around the side of each prepared mould or tea  cup.

Use an electric mixer to whisk the egg yolks and remaining sugar in a medium bowl until thick and pale.
Fold through the  cream cheese and reserved coffe mixture
until combined.
Pour the cream cheese mixture evenly among the prepared moulds or cups. Cover with plastic wrapand place in the freezer for 4 hours or until almost frozen.

Finally yurn each cheesecake out onto serving plates, using the plastic wrap as a guide. Dust with cocoaand serve inmediately

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I used these tea cups like  moulds  in this recipe

Tiramisu Cheescakes

Tiramisu cheescakes

Este postre es super facil y delicioso es como el Tiramisu modificado, porciones individuales, y que da super rico, lo hice para el dia del padre. Se puede hacer en molde o en tazas y queda bien igual.


3/4 taza de café espresso 
1/4 cup ron o coñac
1/3 taza de azucar
10 galletas de champaña cortadas a la mitad
2 yemas de huevo
250 gramos de queso crema (un paquete con un poco mas)
a temperatura ambiente
cocoa en polvo para espolvorear 


Cubrir la base y los lados de 4 o 5 moldes o tazas de té con film plástico dejar que caiga un poco por los lados (mas facil de desmoldar)


  1. Looks delicious! I have been working hard cooking too, and time is flying by so fast, I agree.

    1. Thanks Christine was so fun make thus and delicious !

  2. This looks amazing and is even better than ice cream! Thanks for sharing, Gloria.

    1. Thanks Angie was fun and delicious. And differntthan others Tiramisu xo

  3. 😍😍magnifico, da provare, deve essere delizioso. Buon week end🤗

  4. Ottima versione, complimenti!!!!

  5. I never had these, but they look good!


  6. Gloria, Never thought about freezing Tiramisu Cheescakes! Great idea... We haven't been baking or cooking too many complex recipes. Keeping it simple and avoiding the extra calories since we're basically home bound due to the virus. Even when we do go out, it's only to safe places with people who are behaving as prescribed by health authorities. I've been doing more grilling recently too... Stay Safe and Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

    1. Thanks David this is a nice recipe and love are little servings !
      Im glad you and Laurie and caring but use the mask! we never4 know !
      Hugs and love

  7. I love working from home and I love being home. How anyone is bored? I have no clue. There's so many wonderful things to do at home. Happy Baking!

  8. Wow those look just fabulous and I am sure they taste it as well. Take care Diane

  9. Un dessert bien délicieux. J'aime beaucoup.
    See soon

  10. Gloria, this is fantastic! I love it

  11. I admit to being very picky about presentation - and it took me forever to figure out how to make a tiramisu that looked beautiful when served. I should have waited for this perfect recipe to come along!

    1. Do you know David? I think you are really sweet , but really love this recipe when I saw I think have to do and all here love it!Like said I used tea cups I have a lot of moulds but neither like these and was amazing with tea cups!

  12. Anche io ho lavorato molto di più da quando siamo a casa, non mi sono annoiata per niente. Anzi mi sono stancata molto. Il lavoro da casa secondo me è molto più complicato e richiede tanto tempo.
    Molto carini questi mini tiramisù in versione monoporzione. Te ne ruberei un paio

    1. Im agree Elena. Take care cara Elena !! Un abbraccio

  13. E' un dolce fantastico!
    Il tempo passa davvero veloce, speriamo però che tutto vada bene e si esca da questo periodo orribile!
    Un bacio

  14. It's true, more cooking than ever before as we are not going out to cafes and restaurants and we don't like to do carry out either. I feel much safer preparing our own meals at eating them at home. Our new way of life! Time has flown when I thought it would have been much slower. What a fantastic dessert, Gloria and well done! xoxo

    1. Thanks Susan, yes is really true, all the months go so fast, is crazy!
      Thanks dear!

  15. These sound delicious! They look so pretty too. Thanks for sharing the recipe with us.

    I agree- time is flying. I am busy working from home and time is going fast. I can't believe it is already July! Hope all is well with you. Stay safe!

  16. I imagine the soft aroma of rum in this cheescake ... very delicious.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Greetings from Indonesia.

  17. Una delizia, mi piace molto. Bravissima, un bacio

  18. Oh WOW...I absolutely adore tiramisu...and these cheesecakes look so delicious! I just have to try them for tea tonight...just hope I can buy all the ingredients (we are still having a big problem with a lack of stock in our stores here!).
    Thank you so much for this wonderful recipe!😊
    I know what you mean about the time rushing by. I have been busier since the lockdown began too, I no longer seem to have a moment to draw breath! Lol

    I do hope you are well, dear Gloria, and are staying safe and happy!

    Sending you all my love and hugs ❤❤❤

    1. Thanks Ygraine and Im haooy to hear from you !!Take care and send you love and hugs too!

  19. What a terrific idea! I love tiramisu. YUM.

  20. Que rico Gloria!....es deliciosa y bella la presentacion....el tiempo ha volado para todos!......Abrazotes, Marcela

  21. Another delicious recipe, Gloria. My best friend would die for these. Tiramisu is her favorite!

    1. Thanks Theresa, you can share with her this recipe !

  22. I agree, Gloria. It's hard to believe it's already July. It's like time is flying by and standing still. Bizarre. You're treats look so yummy!

    Click link below for my new domain. Warmly,

  23. Thanks dear Elsie. I will visit you soon dear.
    What crazy time !

  24. Gloria, these look amazing ... so delicious.

    Stay safe and well.

    All the best Jan

  25. I did not make such a cheesecake but I will have to do it

    1. Is really amaxing Izaa I think you would love it!

  26. Looks amazing! And freezing these would make them perfect for a party (which someday we'll be able to have again. I think the whole loss of time thing is so common now. We were just saying we need to have some more routines so we know what day it is!

  27. Thanks Inger, some day Im absolutely lost and dont remember what day is, all are similar. Take care!


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