27 October 2012

Spinachs and parmesan filling crepes

Long time since I had made crepes , always forget the nice are them and how we like with some veggies or a dessert (filling with jam or dulce de leche).
I had spinachs so thesese was perfect for this plate.
Easy and yumm.

These panquekes (or crepes)  can be kept perfectly frozen!

Source   Country Living UK


200 grs. plain flour
2 eggs
1 yolk
400 ml milk
pinch of salt
30 g. butter

400 g spinachs
some green onions trimmed and sliced
salt and pepper
250 grs creme fraiche or sour cream
100 grs. grated parmesan cheese
50 g.unsalted butter

To prepare the crepes  place the flour and a pinch of salt in a large bowl, add the eggs and yolk and mix to a lumpy wet paste using a spoon.
Now add the milk and whisk a little to begin  to smooth out the lumps.Beat until you have a creamy batter.

Alternatively place all the ingredients except for the butter in a blender and whizz until smoothy.
I use a hand whisk and was perfect.
Leave the batter to stand for   least 20 minutes, then stir in the melted batter.

Heat a frying pan  of about 24 cm  over a medium heat  and add some oil drops and clean with a paper towel.
Ladle injust enough batter to coat the base,tipping it to allow it to run evenly over the surface. When the pan is hot enough the pancake mixture should sizzle as it hits the pan.

Cook by 30  seconds until the top side appears dry and  lacy at the edges and is golden.
Loosen the edges using a palette, a knife or spatula.
Slip this underneathand flip it over. Give another 30 seconds and then slip int onto in a plate.
You can make a pile  them up on a plate  and cover with foil to keep warm.


To make the filling bring a large pan of salted water to the boil and add the spinach and blanch it for 2 minutes, then drain it and press out as much of the water as possible.

At the same time heat a large frying pan over a medium low heat for a few minutes add the butter and once it has melted stirring ocassionally  Then add the green onions and sweat by a minutes.
Finally mix in the spinach  and cook about 1 minute. seasoning with salt and pepper  Leave cool and transfer to a bowl.

To assmble the cannelloni (crepes) lay a couple of tablespoon of the filling just to the side of the centre of the top pancake. and roll it up.
Place this in a 35 x 35 cm roasting dish and fill and roll the remainder likewise, laying them out in a row.
Heat the oven to 180° c Beat the creme fraiche with a spoon to lossen it and spoon it evenly over the pancakes. Scatter over the
parmesan cheese and bake for 25 minutes until golden and sizzling.

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Panqueques rellenos con espinacas

Siempre se me olvida lo ricos que son los panqueques y tan rápidos, me acuerdo que mi abuelita Filomena (la española) parada en la cocina y diciendo ya estais listos?? y todos decian. no todavía no para que la pobre viejita siguiera haciendo panqueques.
Los iba haciendo y los ibamos comiendo tal cual, normalmente con manjar (dulce de leche) pero tambien me encantan salados y los hago a veces con pollo o mariscos o con verduras, esta vez los hice con espinacas.

Es una receta de Country living UK

200 gramos de harina sin polvos de hornear
2 huevos
1 yema de huevo
400 ml de leche
pizca de sal
30 grs. mantequilla


2 cebollines picados finos
400 grs. de espinacas
50 grs. de mantequilla
sal y pimienta para aliñar
250 grs. crema o sour cream
100 grs. queso parmesano rallado


Para preparar los crepes colocar en un bol la harina y sal ,
agregar los huevos y la yema de huevo, unir bien.Agregar la leche y batir un poco (con un batidor de alambre) para deshacer los posibles grumos.
Batir bien hasta tener un batido cremoso. Batir bien todos los ingredientes y dejar reposar unos 20 minutos excepto la mantequilla.
Despues agregar la mantequilla ya derretida.
Calentar un sarten de teflon de unos 24 cm. e ir haciendo los panqueques. Poner una cucharada y media mas o menos para que sea una película delgada.
Dejar dorar levemente y dar vuelta con una espátula para que se dore por el otro lado.
Ir reservando los panqueques en un plato.
Cubrir con aluza foil si no se van a usar de inmediato.
Para el relleno en un sarten grande con un ´pcp de agua saltear las espinacas ya picadas, hacer esto por unos dos minutos, luego retirar del fuego y estrujar el agua.
En un sartén calentar un poco de mantequilla y agregar el cebollín picado.
Sudar un poco. despues agregar las espinacas y unir todo bien revolviendo todo a fuego suave.
Sazonar con sal y pimienta y reservar en un bol.
Para armar los panqueques rellenos.
Tomar un crepe o panqueques y colocar en el centro una cucharada y 1/2 de la mezcla de espinacas,
Enrollar e ir colocando de a uno en una fuente de horno.
Hacer los panqueques necesarios.
Precalentar el horno a 180 c
Conuna cuchara esparcir la crema espesa o la sour cream, luego el queso rallado y llevar a horno por unos 25 minutos hasta que esté dorado y burbujeante.
Normalmente sirvo dos panqueques por persona y los acompaño de tomates u otra ensalada.
Se calientan bien en microondas si quedan para la noche.


  1. These look delicious, I love crepes with savory filling. xo

  2. This looks good ~ Like the creative approach of your preparation ~

    1. I forgot to ask you Gloria...do you have a fruit cake recipe (with wine or brandy?) I would like to make it for Christmas ~

  3. Yum! They look amazing, Gloria! Really thin pancakes like that we call crepes. Sweet or savory...they look amazing! I've never tried to make them, though! I want a bite! ha.

    1. Thamks Betsy, I remember now you call pancakes these more biggers you brakfast! and crepes these more thin! you have reason, we call here pancakes and normally are thin!:) I will add they are crepes, thanks besty!

  4. Look like a nice treat indeed. And you got a bunny too. Going to let it hop around like Nugget at your zoo?

  5. Este es uno de esos platos que soy muy floja para preparar, pero me encantan.

  6. Estos panqueques tienen que estar deliciosos! me imagino los de tu abuelita con dulce de leche... ¡que ricos!

  7. I love crepes with savory filling and it looks delicious

  8. I love the combination of spinach and cheese..I never thought to use it in crepes though! This looks seriously delicious, can I have it now?

  9. Spinach and cheese sounds delicious in this crepe, would love to try some too!

  10. And now I'm starved. I need to stop visiting your blog before I eat, Gloria!

  11. Your crepes look delicious!

  12. oh goodness gloria, this sounds delicious....i have yes to eat lunch and am wondering if it will compare....i love spinach...

  13. Dears all: I have a lot of problems all these day in my blog and now I cant COMMENT in my own blog, so I answer your comments, please be patient, hope this fix soon!!xo

  14. This looks so good, perfect for a satisfying afternoon lunch! Thanks for sharing, Gloria!

  15. Oh..what lovely roses! That is a wonderful color! Just gorgeous!

  16. Deliciosos! Me encantan salados...dulces, pero estos tuyos así con espinacas son un vicio puro y duro!


  17. Kitchen flavours. thanks!!

    betsy and smell absoultely delicious I think are the most beautiful roses!:)

    Gracias Mayte, a mi tambien me encantan!

  18. Oh, gosh, these look so yummy, Gloria! Even picky Katie would eat these beauties!!!! Hope you've had a wonderful weekend, my friend :)

  19. mmmm increible receta!!
    Me quedare a seguirte y así miro mejor el blog!
    Un abrazo


  20. Thanks dear Lizzy is a plate we like so much!!:)
    Gracias Ester!

  21. Oh how delicious! I'm also a fan of crepes but like you, more often then not, I forget to include them in my daily menu, can't figure out why.

  22. Delightful crepes, Gloria! I would make these.

  23. Thanks dear are easy and delicious!!

  24. Spinach and cheese sounds great with crepes especially when we want a vegetarian option!

  25. Yes I know Mich ;) normally I make many veggies options because my daugther is veggie!

  26. Gloria, those look so delicious!!!
    Hope you are doing well. I am way behind in blogging!!!
    XO Kris

    1. Thanks Kris, all these days I had porblems with blogger and I cant comment in my blog and others blogs. x

  27. My kind of dish! Savory filled crepes are just so delicious. Love your choice of filling.



  28. Deliziose queste crepes. Fanno sempre festa in tavola. Un abbraccio, buona settimana

  29. vous avez dû vous régaler!
    bonne soirée

  30. Comme cela à l air délicieux! J adore!

  31. yum I adore crepes and exp savory ones then a nutella one for dessert

  32. Love your recipes.. Glad to follow you now :)

    1. Thsnks Nupur, you are welcome tomy blog! :)

  33. These look delicious! I don't think I've ever made my own crepes - must change that soon!

  34. le crepes sono uno dei miei piatti preferiti, hanno un aspetto delizioso le tue Gloria, complimenti ! Buona settimana, un abbraccio !

  35. Les crêpes farcies sont un plat toujours très apprécié.
    A bientôt

  36. it's one of my fave combinations, Gloria Dear, spinach with cheese and I'd put some garlic in it too :) I love crepes only savoury not sweet,so this is perfect for me :)

  37. Your crepes look very inviting Gloria, I like the combination of spinach and cheese, such a healthy choice.
    Have a wonderful week ahead :)

  38. These savoury crepes look so tempting! I love the spinach filling.

  39. A bilingual blog! Hooray! And one where food is discussed and shared. A thousand gracias por el post, el look y el contenido. Love them. :-)

    Greetings from London.

    1. Thanks dear, you are welcome to my blog!:)

  40. una bella ricetta molto appetitosa!

  41. These remind me of mediterranean flavored enchiladas! How delicious.

  42. These look incredible! Whenever I'm in doubt, I put spinach in my cooking. You can never go wrong ;)

  43. que rico!!!
    nunca habia visot la receta de los crepes!!! (que ignorante soy =S) asiq ue muuuchas gracias...asi los podré rellenar con lo que quiera...aunque tu receta me encanta =)
    espero estes bien...este fds vienen visitas del Sur asiq ue a pasarlo super!!!

  44. Me encata vemir acá, siempre me sorprende o me tientas, ahora quiero hacer estos panqueques, jiji.
    Que tengas un lindo fin de semana largo.

  45. ¡Hola, Gloria!
    Ay, cuánto tiempo sin hablar por aquí. Que sepas que me acuerdo muchísimo de ti y de la familia, y que se te echa de menos donde Pepe. ¿Verdad que me disculpas por no venir hacía tiempo?
    Me encantan los crepes, dulces o salados, lo mismo da, y el queso es mi perdición, no hay día en que no lo coma.
    Muy bonita la historia de los panqueques de tu abuela Filomena, esas cosas son las que hacen tu blog diferente, que en pocas palabras sepas contarnos tu historia, y que tengas la generosidad de quererla compartir.
    Muchos besos y abrazos, amiga. ¡Cuídense toda la familia!

  46. I've never tried a savory crepe before, but these sound amazing, Gloria! The flavors of the filling sound wonderful and quite healthful... Thank you so much for sharing!

  47. Delicious crepes! Love the spinach and Parmesan!

  48. Gorgeous recipe and one of my favourite fillings too, lovely!

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    to a famous blogger if you aren't already ;) Cheers!

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