26 February 2011

chickpeas with couscous and shrimp

I love chickpeas but I never  eat couscous with chickpeas and prawns   ...and was amazing!
Really a lovely ans tasty dish!!Really hope you enjoy !


300 grs. shrimps
2 tablespoon olive oil
1 garlic clove
pinch of green ají (jalapeño)
1 teaspoon of parsley
1 cup of chickpeas
1 cup of cous cous
1/2 leek chopped
1 cup of white wine
1/2 teaspoon of turmeric


First place  peel the shrimps on the olive oil with  garlic clove, green jalapeño and parlesy.

Let them marinate for a while.

Cook the chickpeas (soaked from the day before) in salted water.

In another pot cook the cous cous until al dente then put it to cool in a colander.

In a skillet, saute the shrimp with the same oil that was used to marinate, add the leeks and chickpeas.

Add the white wine, cous cous and turmeric.

Stir and add salt to comfortable.

Serve to add more shrimp.

Serve hot or warm.

Tip: You can freeze this dish perfectly.

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Me encantan los garbanzos (en realidad todas las legumbres) pero desde pequeña mi mamá nos hacía "puchero español" que lleva garbanzos y otras cosas ricas. Y siempre me han gustado. Lo novedoso para mí fue comer juntos los garbanzos con el cous cous y los camarones o gambas, fue delicioso! Espero que disfruten esta receta los que les gustan las legumbres!


300 grs. de camarones o gambas
2 cucharadas de aceite de oliva
1 diente de ajo
1 pizca de ají verde u otro
1 cucharadita de perejil
1 taza de garbanzos
1 taza de cous cous
1/2 puerro picado fino
1 taza de vino blanco
1/2 cucharadita de cúrcuma
sal a gusto


Limpiar los camarones (si vienen con cáscara) y dejarlos marinar en el aceite de oliva junto con el perejil picado,el diente de ajo, el ají picado, dejar por un rato.

En una olla cocinar los garbanzos (remojados desde la noche anterior) en agua con sal.

En otra olla cocinar el cous cous al dente y luego enfriarlo en un colador.

En un sartén saltear los camarones con el mismo aceite que se marinaron, agregar el puerro y los garbanzos.Añadir el vino blanco, el cous cous y la cúrcuma.
Mezclar todo y agregar la sala gusto.

Servir agregando más camarones o gambas.


  1. Que rico Gloria!!.....una de mis recetas de cous cous es con garbanzos y es bien parecida a la tuya.....y nos encanta!!.....a nosotros tambien nos gustan los garbanzos.....de todas formas!!.....Abrazotes, Marcela

  2. Gracias Marcela, te mando un abrazo amiga, gloria

  3. Super original, no se me había ocurrido juntar garbanzos con cous cous, suena buenísimo.

  4. I'm so excited to see this dish, Gloria. I absolutely adore chick peas. Its so refreshing to see them in something else besides hummus.

    Thank you so much for sharing...I'm holding on to this one!!!

  5. What a colourful dish! I often eat couscous and chickpeas, but never with prawns. Thanks for sharing.

  6. This is such a simple and healthy dish. I'm sure it tastes just as delicious as it looks. Thanks for sharing. Last but not least, thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. I truly appreciate it and hope you'll be back soon again.


  7. This reminds me of Paella. I should try couscous one day...:)! Thanks for sharing, Gloria!

  8. This is the yummiest looking couscous I have ever seen! Thanks for sharing.

  9. Un plato delicioso para variar los sabores del garbanzo
    Me gusto muchooo
    besos que lindas las fotos de tu casa

  10. Hola Gloria
    Gracias por visitar mi cocina y dejar un comentario, pase por la tuya, me gustan tus recetas, creo que son buenisimas, por aqui me quedo!!!!!!

  11. Gloria, I love garbanzos, couscous y gambas and this looks so wonderful!

    Un abrazo

  12. Gracias Pilar, really? es primera vez que lo hago y me encantó tantgo que congelé lo que me quedó.
    cariños, gloria

    Louise you love too chickpeas? is my favorite beans.
    Im glad you enjoed! gloria

    Thanks Brittany, huggs gloria

    Thanks Amy an thsnks for stopping by! gloria

    Maybe by the colour you have reason Cooking gallery, x gloria

    Gracias Angélica y las fotos fue muy gracioso porque los perros se metieron a la foto, cariños amiga, gloria

    Miri, estoy feliz de conocerte te vi en el blog de Angélica así que me tincó ir a verte y me gustó mucho tu blog, eres bienvenida a mi casa, gloria

    Thanks María I love garbanzos too, are my favoritye with the lentils, kisses to your grand son, I want see other picture!! xxgloria

  13. That looks so yummy, lovely flavours.

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  15. I like the warm colours of the ingredients used to prepare the couscous. They made the dish look so appetizing. Great job!

    Have a good week ahead,
    Corine xx

  16. I never had couscous and chicke pea in this combo looks so yumm.

  17. Gloria me gustó mucho esta receta es sana y deliciosa.

  18. Such a yummy and healthy meal, i like the chickpeas here!

  19. Scrumptious and healthy! That dish must be very enjoyable.



  20. What a delicious idea! I love the jalapeño and the turmeric with the sweetness of the shrimp!

  21. Ciao Gloria, amo i colori e i sapori che vedo in questo piatto.
    Davvero invitante!
    Bacio, Barbaraxx

  22. Thanks a lot Mymoonah, gloria

    Thanks so much Corine, xxgloria

    Thanks Happy cook is really yummy! gloria

    Gracias Annie de veras es deliciosa! gloria

    Thanks fivestars, x gloria

    THanks dear Rosa!XXXX GLORIA

    Thanks for stopping by Amanda, x gloria

    Thanks Blonde You hat to do for Ben (LOL) gloria

    Ciao Barbara, and thanks for coming dear, bacio, gloria

  23. This dish includes some of my favorite foods and looks absolutely SCRUMPTIOUS! =)

  24. Thanks my dear Ree, hope all goes well (LOL) take care, gloria

  25. This looks so stunning on your plate and couscous is such a healthy choice too.

  26. Love this healthy dish. I like your idea of adding chickpeas into couscous.

  27. This looks fabulous Gloria - I adore pawns and cous cous.

  28. Gloria, what a lovely recipe using couscous...so healthy and tasty. The wine in it must really bring the flavor of this dish...yummie!

  29. This looks fast and delicious! My nieces love shrimp - I'll have to bookmark your recipe. Thanks for sharing.

  30. Thanks Lisa, I love this mix of cous cous and chickpeas, gloria

    Thanks a lot Zoe, x gloria

    Thanks a lot Juliana Im glad you love this recipe, gloria

    Thanks ceodraicht, is really fast and easy, gloria

  31. Well Gloria, you are absolutely right! I could get lost in this blog LOL, and my wife who is native Costa Rican can use these recipes as well. I am following, and will be looking in daily. Thank you for pointing me in the right direction, and I hope all is going well down there in Chile!

  32. i love seeing chickpeas in things other than hummus--great idea to combine them with couscous, which just so happens to be one of my favorite starches!

  33. Thanks Aaron tell your wife any doubt you could have please tell me and I will answer, this is the essence of my blog, all the recipes are in english and spanish and have recipes around all the world, from here and USA, England etc. Thnaks for stopping by, xxx gloria
    (/Yesterday I made a grapes Ice cream (madeinhome) and was divine! I will post soon! The kids loved!

    Thanks a lot Grace, xx gloria

  34. Hola, he dado con tu blog, otra vez y en este caso al verte en el blog de magia en mi cocina.
    Me encanta tu post, es bueno y espero seguir pudiendo verte.
    Un saludo-

  35. Gloria, me parece de verdad super original, me encanta la mezcla y la voy a anotar.
    Sigues en la playa?, besitos amiga.

  36. Gracias Elena iré a verte, cariños, gloria

    Gracias Kako me encanta la mezcla de cous cous con garbanzos, me quedaré hasta mañana amiga, besos

  37. Gloria, this couscous looks to me like a paella dish, although I know it is completely different! Love the colors and I love shrimp and chickpeas!

    Thank you for coming to The Spice Garden ... come back when you get a chance! In the meantime, I have bookmarked this recipe for making when I can get some Maine shrimp to cook with! Ciao!

  38. Everything other than the hot pepper used in your list has put a smile on my tummy.
    Excellent ingredient pairing.

    Flavourful wishes,

  39. Me encantan los garbanzos y esta receta es de lo mas original!! que rica!!Besos, deliciosa la foto de los berries...



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