5 May 2008

A little pause...

Is only a little pause and continue with the recipes, that I have ready.

The nice Joy of http://www.joyofdesserts.blogspot.com/ give me a new Award that I loved so.So at first, I thanks so much to Joy and she has a beauty and nice Blog too.

The difficult is choose the Blogs to deserved, and here I will mention, all are lovely and invite you to look this Blogs that always is refreshing to see.
1 http://familiabencomo.wordpress.com/ a charming and nice italian family that live in USA and Amy is the most frindly and nice person.
2.To Debs of http://debskeywestwineandgarden.blogspot.com/ a lovely blog that Debs talk about wines and food.
3.My dear Vicky has a really lovely healthy blog and yummy, and has a lovely daughter Amelie http://ahealthyappetite.blogspot.com/ .
4. My friend Dhanggit a really nice person and a beauty blog with nice recipes; http://dhanggitskitchen.blogspot.com/
5. I admire so Maryan, a nice girl with a blog with beauty recipes and pictures, http://findingladolcevita.blogspot.com/
6. The lovely ISA is chilean how me, but her blog is in english too, have yummy recipes and know many things, so fun and interesting http://isascooking.blogspot.com/ .
7.My friend Marie of http://prouditaliancook.blogspot.com/ a blog with lovely italian recipes.
8. Eve Tea for One and the address is http://vonsachsen.blogspot.com/ beauty recipes and pictures.
9.The sweet and dear Pixie from http://yousaytomatoisaytomato.blogspot.com/ beauty recipes.
10.Maybe you know Deborah by Taste and tell but the address site is http://workingwomanfood.blogspot.com/ is a lovely Blog with yummy recipes.
Congrats to all and I will post a new recipe tomorrow if God will.xxGloria


  1. Thank you so much Gloria. It was such a lovely surprise to see that you had given me an award. So very kind of you.
    Lots of love,
    Vicky xxx

  2. Vicky Im happy is well deserved! xGloria

  3. Thank you Gloria, was very lovely of you to pass this on to me. You're so sweet!

  4. You are so kind! Thank you so much - it really means a lot to me.

  5. You are welcome Pixie, Love your Blog.xGloria

    Deborah, Really I love your blo and recipes!!

  6. Oh, what a cute award!! Thank you Gloria for thinking of me with this :)

  7. Ooooh, thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I love you *this* much too! You have picked some outstanding people to receive this award & I am humbled to be grouped with them - thank you.

    Muchas besos,

  8. awww, Gloria..You are a sweety! Thank you so much for this award. I will display it proudly.

  9. Amy, really is well deserved.!!! xxxGloria

    Maryann Is a pleasure give You, well deserved xxGloria

  10. Gloria, What a surprise to see you have given me an award! You are so thoughtful and kind. I'm happy to call you my friend! Thank you! Congratulations on your award too!

  11. Thanks Marie but yours is soo good deserved!!! xGloria

  12. vaya, se me han adelantado. Bueno, no pasa. Lo tendrás repe... jejejje. A Isa de Isa's Coocking también se lo he dado. bueno, no importa si no lo repartes, ya que lo has echo estupendamente... Un beso y hasta pronto!

  13. GRacias Marìa Josè, esos nos pasa por conocernos y querernos mucho de todas maneras te agradezco! Gloria

  14. Wonderful blog and amazing recipes! Me and my husband have a blog about food, please come and see us. We are Italian and we love creative and traditional food. We are very interested about learning and knowing others countries food. We'll visit you again, you can bet.

  15. Dear Eve I love sooooo your blog!!!xGloria
    Luca&Sabrina, many thanks,thanks to passing by I will visit you soon. xGloria

  16. Oh Gloria! Muchísimas gracias. Yo también te quiero mucho! Jaja. Bueno, en realidad no sé que decirte aparte de muchísimas gracias! :):):)
    Postearé acerca de este premio dentro de esta semana.

  17. What beautiful blogs you have chosen, Gloria. Very nice choices.

  18. Està bien Isa, no tienes nada que decir! enjoy! Gloria

    Thanks Joy, I love so these blogs! xGloria

  19. oh this is sooooo cute gloria!! thank you so much!! im sending you my warm hugs and kisses!! mwah!

  20. Yes Dhaggit I find so cute too!!!Thanks by your kisses and hugs dear! Take care.xxxGloria

  21. Hola GLoria.
    Enhorabuena por tu premio y gracias por visitar mi blog. Encantada de tenerte en mi cocina.Voy a echar un vistazo a la tuya.
    Un abrazo desde el norte de españa.
    María José.

  22. Gracias Mar�a Jos� eres bienvenida!! xGloria

  23. Hi Gloria - congratulations and a most fitting award - well done :)

    Rosie x

  24. Many thanks Rosie.xGloria

  25. Thank you to my good blogging buddy Gloria! You are so thoughtful! Thank you for thinking of me!

  26. You are welcome, so nice Im happy well deserved! xGloria


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