6 May 2008

Berrie's Catalan Cream (Berries con crema catalana)

This is an other dessert with berries so nice and light by the mixing of Catalan Cream and berries.

6 portions

2 cups of berries (blueberries,strawberries or raspberries)

I use one cup blueberries and one cup of strawberries

1 liter of wholemilk

8 yolks

3 spoonfuls of cornstarch

250 grs. granulated sugar

2 cinnamon wood


Place the berries in a pot with 50 grs. of sugar, and warm to slow heat by 5 minutes. Reserve.

In a bowl place one cup of the whole milk, the yolks and cornstarch and beat slowly. In a pot heat the rest of the milk, add the sugar and wood cinnamon to medium heat and when boiled slow the heat, and add the mixing of yolks and cornstarch, beat well with a wire whip (to mix well) until be thicken.Cook one minute more, always beat and take out the cinnamon woods.
In glasses or other mods place a part of the berries mix and then empty the cream over the glasses and finally put the rest of berries over it.
Take to chill at fridge.


Este es un postre delicioso que mezcla los berries con la crema catalana lo cual hace una mezcla muy especial.


6 porciones

2 tazas de cualquier mezcla de berries,(pueden ser aràndanos, frutillas o frambuesas) Yo usè una taza de frambuesas y una taza de aràndanos.
1 litro de leche
8 yemas de huevo
3 cucharadas de maicena o harina de maiz
250 grs. deazùcar granulada
2 palos de canela


Ponga las berries en una olla pequeña y caliente a fuego suave con 50 grs. de azùcar granulada. Reserve.

En un bowl ponga una taza de leche con las yemas y la harina de maiz o maicena y mezcle bien.

En otra olla caliente el resto de le leche con los palitos de canela y el resto del azùcar, caliente y cuando hierva baje el fuego y agregue la mezccla de yemas y maicena, mezclando bien con un batidor de alambre, batir enèrgicamente hasta que espese, cocinar un minuto màs siempre batiendo, retire del fuego y elimine los palos de canela.

En copas o moldes individuales distribuya una parte de la mezcla de berries, luego agregue la crema de maicena en cada copa y finalmente distribuya encima la mezcla de berries.

Lleve al refrigerador a enfriar. Sirva frìo.


  1. Gloria, this is perfect, I have some milk I need to use up and I can then make pavalova from the left over egg whites!!! Great, because I get two desserts!! Vida x

  2. Yes Vida, so good idea!!!x Gloria

  3. Gloria, Such pretty photo's of your berries and crema! Your photo's make it look sooo good!!

  4. Those berries on custard look really good!

  5. Hola Gloria, qué rico postre el que has hecho combinando la crema catalana con las frutas del bosque. Seguro que estará buenísimo con culquier fruta roja. Un beso y hasta pronto.

  6. Marie yes and tasted so well!! xGloria

    Thanks Kevin I love this cream with berries are so nice! Gloria

    Tarta Sacher, si quedan muy ricas la mezcla de crema catalana con berries, le da un sabor especial.xGloria

  7. Oh my word this is serious drooling time - those berries and crema look stunning :)

    Rosie x

  8. Thanks dear Rosie, you are so nice!!xGloria

  9. I love this, Gloria. I would be licking the dish clean!

  10. Thanks Maryann I like so too this type of desserts! xGloria

  11. I've never had this kind of cream before, but it sounds wonderful!

  12. What a great combination!

  13. Canela, here I am...and well rewarded with your custard & berries!

  14. Gloria, we have lots of fresh berries showing up at the supermarket now, and ON SALE! So bring on the berry deserts! Yours sounds terrific!

  15. Thanks Bes and sure you would like! xGloria

    Thanks Sylvie is really nice!

    Peter Im so happy you are here, You are really welcome,thanks.Gloria

    Thanks Debs, Im sure you will enjoy!!! xGloria

  16. Gloria... cade vez que paso por tu blog me encuentro con un premio o se me hace agua la boca!! jaja... se ve delicioso. Me encantan este postre y como la acidez de las berries corta con el dulce de la crema catalana.

  17. Qué ricos son todos los postres con frutos rojos (L)
    Te dejo muchos saludos Gloria!!

  18. Si Isa efectivamente la mezcla es muy buena, gracias que estès bien.xxGloria
    Querida Paula, que bueno que viniste, este postre lo encuentro fàcil y queda rico.xxCariños, xxxGloria

  19. Gloria, that looks delicious! You have a very nice blog, well done! :-)

  20. Thanks dear Anna. xGloria

  21. OH MY GOODNESS!!! I just bought fresh strawberries & I have everything else to make this here & now!!! You are a little diabla tempting us with these yummy desserts! My waistline is going to suffer tremendously.

    xoxox Amy

    P.S. I tagged you for a fun recipe game.

  22. Amy You only have to taste a little (I know is difficult to me too)I have an auntie that told if we will fat it be with the most delicious food!! (she loves italian food)xxGloria
    I will see your Blog to look the recipe.

  23. Oooooh! So delicious! I've always wanted to make crema catalana...and with berries? Even more yummy! Estupenda receta!!! :)

  24. Thanks canary girl, you are sop nice.xxGloria

  25. Gloria!! Wow, I'm drooling at that pot of dulce de leche... it has to be delicious!

  26. Many thanks Suzana! Gloria

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