31 January 2008

Orange's meringue pudding (Budìn de merengue con mermelada de naranjas)


I think this recipe is simple, easy and yummy.

I had a jar of orange's jam so I find this lovely recipe and the people that eat said is yummy.

I know in many countries you love a lot the orange`s jam so you always have.

This mermelate I used was made by Marìa Eugenia Gazzari a lovely friend of my Mom and mine, because she give me the jam so is dedicated to her.


600 ml. of whole milk

30 grs. of butter

230 grs. of granulated sugar

1 spoonful of grated orange (the peel)

4 eggs (yellows and whites separated)

100 grs.of breadcrumbs (pan rallado)

1 pinch of salt

5 spoonfuls of orange's jam


In a saucepot place the milk, butter, 100 grs. of sugar (reserve the other) and orange's peel (grated),

cook to medium heat until warm and take out of fire.

Preheat the oven to medium heat (180º C aprox.) In a bowl beat the yellows and add the the mix of warm milk. Stir well and add the breadcrumbs, let rest by 15 minutes and empty in a large dish as the pictures above.Cook by 25 minutes to medium heat at the oven or until is firm.

In other bowl place the whites and the pinch of salt, whipp well until be firm and add the sugar that you reserved.

Over the pudding spread the orange's jam and cover with the meringue that you made.

Return the pudding to the oven and cook by 10 minutes or until be golden.

Take out the oven and let cool. Take to the refrigerator until to be served.

NOTE: The meringue you may make with Splenda.


Budìn de merengue con mermelada de naranjas

Este postre es fàcil y agradable, asì dijeron los que lo probaron, tenìa un frasco de mermelada de naranjas y justo encontrè esta receta que me gustò.

Sè que en muchos paìses les encanta la mermelada de naranjas asì que es probable que tengan en casa.

Yo le agradezco a Marìa Eugenia Gazzari, amiga de mi mamà y mìa que me regalò este frasco de mermelada de naranjas hecho por ella. Este postre se lo dedico a Marìa Eugenia.


600 ml de leche entera
30 grs de mantequilla
230 grs. de azùcar granulada
1 cucharada de ralladura de naranja
4 huevos, separados las yemas de las claras
100 grs. de pan rallado
pizca de sal
5 cucharadas de mermelada de naranja


En una olla coloque la leche, mantequilla, 100 grs. de azùcar (reservar el resto para el merengue) y la ralladura de naranja, cocinar a fuego medio hasta entibiar y retirar.
Precalentar el horno a temperatura media (180º C).

En un bowl batir las yemas y agregar suavemente la mezcla de leche tibia, revolver bien y agregarle el pan rallado. Dejar reposar 15 minutos y verter en una fuente tipo pirex. Hornear por 20 minutos o hasta cuajar, retirar del horno y reservar.

En otro bowl colocar las claras con una pizca de sal, batir bien a punto de nieve y agregar el resto de azùcar. Batir hasta que el merengue estè firme.

Sobre el postre que està en la fuente colocar esparciendo la mermelada de naranjas y cubrir con el merengue.

Llevar a horno por unos 10 minutos o hasta que estè dorado. Retirar, dejar enfriar y colocar en el refrigerador hasta el momento de servir


Nota: El merengue se puede hacer con Splenda o similar y se ahorran una calorìas.


  1. Orange pudding with meringue sounds good!

  2. Yes Kevin I find so nice this recipe, Happy you like, xxxGloria

  3. That was a big space between the recipe and the comment section. I almost got lost! Ha ha...

    Orange pudding sounds good! Yes, everyone has orange marmalade, so this is perfect.
    Budin is the word for pudding?
    I know in Italy, they call it, Budino.

  4. Esto es la primera vez que oigo hablar de budin de merengue con mermelada. Se hace normalmente con el limón. Me gusto much el mermelada. Mi abuela hacía un mermelada muy rico con las naranjas de su jardín ......

  5. Emiline, I don't know is the right word is "pudding" but in spanish we say Budìn, so is similar to the italian, we have the same base: latin lenguaje. But we may say dessert too, how you want dear Emiline, is nice. xxx Gloria

    Anthony, yes I don't use the orange's jam a lot but I find this recipe so nice.I like so the lemon's desserts. And I think I know in England, USA, Australia etc. eat a lot orange's jam. We eat more strawberries's jam or apricot's jam. (I have a lot) I made with the trees of home.xxGloria

  6. I think the foodblogging community has gone 'meringue mad' at the moment. What a wonderful pudding and so appropriate at this time of the year when we all need a citrus hit to make us feel better.

  7. Emiline the space between the recipe and comments happens me when I place two pictures sometimes, Im not an expert yet and the PC sometimes win me and the childs don't have patience with me!! buaaahh! Gloria

  8. This light and tasty derssert would be so refreshing Gloria. I need to close my eyes for a moment and savour it's delicate flavours!!

  9. Yes Margarte, now you say I remember everybody made lemon merengue pie, but this don't have crust, I love the meringue's dessert. Gloria

    Dear Valli, really is light because it doesn't has crust and is so smooth, yes I love the orange's flavour!!! Gloria

  10. Mmmmm! Sabes, este ultimo fin de semana hice una mermelade deliciosa con unas naranjas que compre en el mercado. Debo tener esta receta en cuenta!

    Cuidate y muchos saludos,

  11. It looks wonderful! I note the reciepe imediatly! Thanks!

  12. Paola, esta receta es muy simple una no se demora nada en hacerlo, y si tienes mermelada de naranjas mejor! cariños, Gloria

    Petra, happy you like because you are a Master how Paola, but Im glad you like my recipes.xx Gloria

  13. PS Gloria. I have tagged you for a MEME. You are certainly not obligated. Even if you just check out my answers you have participated in the fun!

  14. hola my dear gloria!! oh this is the first time i heard a lovely dessert combination like this..orange & meringue sounds perfect together

  15. Thanks Valli I will try!!

    Dhanggit, dear is very nice, I hope you enjoy!! Gloria

  16. A nice recipe, worth trying..thanks Gloria for sharing.

  17. Nice to see you Anamika, hope you enjoy when trying.xxxGloria

  18. Wow Gloria, this looks so refreshing! At first I thought it was a pie with meringue! Sounds yummy and looks lovely!
    And thank you for showing us some photos of the family in your side bar! Such a cute daughter. I am sure she looks like you:)

  19. Thanks Debs is a nice dessert. Mom say María esperanza looking similar me, but I think she is most beauty, really!!! xxx Gloria


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