9 February 2008

Chesnut's rolls ! (rollo de Castañas)

I don't want bore you with my histories, but this begin so, I had a freeze cream chesnuts at Fridge and I was thinking, tthis are to make because soon come Autumn and the lovely season of chestnut, so I find this recipe that with my mother make with chesnut's puree and Hubby is so happy because he really loves chestnuts and Im happy too because I can show you other recipe. Enjoy!

The chesnuts are from the countryside of my father in law!

3/4 K chesnuts puree
or 3/4 K boiled chesnut, peel and mashed)
1 cup of caster sugar
1 spoonful of melted butter
2 spoonfuls of rhum
1 teaspoonful of vanilla
Place the chesnut puree in a bowl (pyrex)
and add the melted butter, the rhum and the caster sugar, mix well to make a chesnut's cream.
Filling's cream to roll
150 grs. of butter
100 grs. caster sugar
100 grs. sweet chocolate podwer
3 yolk's eggs
Beat slow the butter and add the caster sugar, add the yolks one to one. And finally the chocolate podwer, mix well and reserve.
Wet with ice water two towels kitchen and squeeze well, extend one first over a table and empty over the towel and spread slowly, so put the other towell kitchen over the mix and rolling with a roll pin making a rectangle about 2 cm of thickness.
Take out the kitchen towel over the mix and spread carefully the filling of chocolate you have.
Roll on how roulade, helping you with the wet towel and let at the fridge in a large dish.Let a the fridge by 1 hour.
Later you may granish with chocolate, fruits or whipped cream
Rollo de Castañas relleno con chocolate
No quiero aburrirlos con mis historias, pero la cosa es así: el otro día mirando el freezer vi que tenía esta crema de castañas que me regaló mi cuñada, y pensé que ya el Otoño está cerca y vendran las castañas nuevas, así que había que ocupar esta crema y me acordé de esta receta de muchos años que hacemos con mi mamá.
Las castañas son del campo en el sur de mi suegro que justo en unos días más lo vamos a ir a visitar .
3/4 puré de castañas o
3/4 castañas cocidas, peladas y hechas puré
1 taza de azúcar impalpable
1 cucharada de mantequilla derretida
2 cucharadas de ron
1 cucharadita de vainilla líquida
Al puré de castañas agregue el azúcar, el ron, la mantequilla y la vainilla. Mezcle bien todo y reserve.
Relleno de chocolate para el rollo de castañas
150 grs. de mantequilla
100 grs de azúcar impalpable
100 grs. chocolate en polvo
3 yemas de huevo
Batir la mantequilla con el azúcar suavemente e ir agregando las yemas de a una y revolviendo, finalmente agregar el chocolate en polvo y mezclar bien-.Reservar.
Moje dos manteles de cocina con agua fría y estrújelos bien.
Un paño coloquelo sobre la mesa de cocina y extienda la mezcla de castañas, coloque el otro paño húmedo y usleree con el uslero de amasar.Haga un rectángulo de un alto de 2 cm. retire el paño de arriba y coloque el relleno de chocolate sobre la mezcla de castañas.
Enrolle con cuidado ayudandose del paño húmedo y coloque el rollo en un plato o pyrex extendido y lleve al refrigerador por una hora al menos para que esté consistente al cortarlo.


  1. That roll looked so yummy that I actually had to get up (from watching the grammys) and go into the kitchen and get something sweet to eat!

    Thank you for the inspiration to get a snack!!

  2. This sounds so delicious Gloria. It is so nice to have your own chestnuts from your father-in-law as well :D

  3. Oh I love chestnuts in all forms, but never had this dessert before. Can you post some over? ;-) It's nicer I am sure when you make it, esp since the chestnuts comes from your father-in-law's country side.

    Cherries are also still in season in Australia, but it's almost coming to the end...so sad, cherries are my favourite fruit.

  4. oh my husband loves chestnuts..i will need to keep a copy of this recipe i'm sure he will love this :-)

  5. James, so sorry I don't have the idea you are hungry!!! Well you may eat that you want!!!you are a young man!! Gloria

    Valli, yes my Father in Law have chesnuts tree so antique and they send to Gerardo (hubby) chesnut's cream to his birthday (April), his mother made the same when she was live.xx Gloria

    Dear Nora I have other recipes but I have to search (in my little disorder!!!) and translate. I promess!!!I love cherries too!!

    Dhanggit, I see your hubby like the same of mine. Gerardo loves chesnuts!!!I can tell you of this dessert we haven`t nothing now!!!!Gloria

  6. I love chestnuts! Actually, I just tried them for the first time in November. They're very good!
    They're sweet, and they taste kind of like squash to me. Also they're kind of "meaty".
    Do you agree?

  7. Absolutely Emiline!! Where I born(many times ago!!!!) we always have chesnuts and Mom make this desserts or others with chesnuts so we love a lot!!Some people here in Santiago dont'know sometimes (to make desserts) but in the South all the people knew them. xxxxGloria

  8. I like chestnuts and this roll sounds really good!

  9. Kevin, Thanks by coming lovely you like chesnuts!! This recipe is so good!! xx Gloria

  10. Gloria..I have nominated you for an award over at my site. Very well deserved :D

  11. Many thanks Valli you are so nice, this award is so signicative to me, many thanks...xx Gloria

  12. Looks delicious Gloria, I love the photos of your twins and your dear mother, just lovely!! Vida x

  13. Hello Vida, Happy you are here again. Yes the mother's picture with Gerardo Jr. was in her birthday, was lovely. And the other is the Marìa esperanza's picture, is nice the people know our family how you make.xxxGloria


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