12 December 2007

My first meme!!!

Many of you know about meme's, but for me is the first time, nominated me the lovely Dhanggit of http://www.dhanggitskitchen.blogspot.com/ who has lovely recipes.

I'm so busy because I have a Camping with the childs (total: 18 childs) by two days how the final of the year (Who guess what I have to do????) Correct: cooking!!!

Well I think the meme is nice because you know more about the persons we post all days.

1)What were you cooking/baking 10 years ago

I think 10 years ago was difficult time, I don't cook so much, THE TWINS ( a girl and a boy)
In this time they had only three years!!

What's your cooking/baking a year ago?

That is is easy I was cook for delivery and have cook class at home! The recipes that you know and more. Are the same I making in cook class.

Five snaks you like.

1) tomatos and bread (how sandwich)
2)fruits (now apricots, peaches and strawberries)
3)natural yougourt with differents jams.
4)salads cookies with cheese
5)natural juices

4) 5 recipes you know by heart

1. Lemon's Pie
2.Artichockes pie
5.Chocolate's cake

(all these recipes I learned with my Mom)

5)Five culinary luxury if you woul be millonaire

1. A new large kitchen with a dishwasher!

2.Travel to know some friends at Canada, Usa, England and France (all culinary friends)

3.I would like to buy a ice cream maker

4. I would like to cook all I want never think in the prize or the cost (lobersquad, prawns etc., some tropical fruit)

6)Five foods you love to cook

1. Scones

2.Suspiro Limeño

3.Fish with prawns and seashell

4.Quiches and crostata

5.Sacher Torte

7) Five foods I don' like to cook or eat

1. Pantrucas (is a food from here)

2.Callos a la madrileña (sorry spain's girls)

3.some dishes with lard.

Five favorite culinary toys

1. The food processor

2.A machine to the spaguetti dough

3.A electric pot that is for melt the chocolate!!

9) Happy food memories

1) My grand Ma making corn's pie with basil and humitas (tamales) I had aprox 6 years.

2)My Mom cooking for Christmas cookies and christmas's cake(how now) and the smell at home mmmm.

3)My summer's holidays in the Uncle Miguel's home(at the countryside), eating figs, plums and cherries, direct from the tree.

4)My honeymoon in Río de Janeiro, I fall in love with all these fuits, (pineapples, mangos, and other delicious fruits!!!.

I'm passing this meme to Sylvia of http://www.lavidaenbuenosairesyafines.blogspot.com/ to Paola http://www.paola-inmylife.blogspot.com/ ,
Emiline from

http://www.sugarplumsweets.blogspot.com/ and Mingoumango of

http://www.mingoumango.blogspot.com/ , all of you may make if you like how Dhanggit say!!!



  1. im glad you finally did the meme :-) i will read it tomorrow..i need to say goodnite and sweet dreams :-)

  2. Better, better tomorrow, how I'm little crazy I put a letter more in you blog, I will repair right now. Dear Happy dreams, Gloria

  3. hola!!

    i slept well last night..hehe dear you need to teach me your artichokes pie..ive never heard of that..must be delicious..come to think of it..me too i want to have an ice-cream maker it would be fun its like birthday party everyday hehehehe :-)


  4. Dhanggit Is delicious and is in my recipes, search October's recipes and is here, is really nice. Dear I have to go because I go the famous Camping, I return I hope en God, Saturday because are two days, and all of you that read this I return Saturday and whish me luck with the Camping, I'm a little tired BEFORE a I go.xxxxx Gloria

  5. Oh my! This is an interesting quiz! I hope I'll have the time to get to it, soon.
    Good answers.

  6. Gracias por indicarme , asi que posible lo respondo y publico. Muy interesantes tus respuestas

  7. Hi Gloria! I see you're a very healthy eater. I wish I could be the same.

  8. I back today!!! I only say uuff!!! other day maybe I tell you about camping, Gerardo Jr. play a lot footbal and swimmng so is so toast,and I have to repair my house. Oh Home, sewt home I love it!!! Thanks to the friends comments me in the meme. Thanks.Gloria

  9. Oh thank you, Gloria, for choosing me ! I'll try to do it soon.
    (I love the first picture)

  10. Thanks mingoumango!!! I hope you may do the meme. xxx Gloria

  11. Ruy, never too health!! I forget to say I die for Ice Cream!!!! I like to make at home but sometimes when I go out I eat one of blacberries or Dulce de leche, all we are human beings! Gloria


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