6 December 2007

Little's chocolate's cakes with Forest's fruits

This is a delicious dessert for Christmas or for every moment you like.

You may make with fresh berries or frozen berries. Always when I make a recipe I think that in the north you are at winter an here are at summer. (Sudamerica, Australia etc.)


100 grs. strong chocolate to melt

4 spoonfuls of cacao powder

100 grs. caster sugar

100 grs. of butter

4 eggs

400 grs. of blackberries, raspberries and blueberries

(fresh or freeze)

60 grs. granulated sugar

juice of 1/2 lemon

3 spoonfuls of honey


In a pot melt the chocolate to the bain marie or other system (Are some pots special for this),and add the cacao's podwer and mix well, incorporate the butter mixing.

Beat the yellows and add to the mix of chocolate. Reserve.

Whisk the whites firm, add the caster sugar and join with mix of chocolate. When are ready empty out in 6 littles dishes or pyrex and bring to the oven to medium heat by 12 minutes.
Let cool.

Meanwhile make a syrup with the sugar and lemon's juice add the fruits by 5 minutes, strain and reserve. Add the honey to the syrup and heat by 5 minutes to reduce. Incorporate the fruits to the juice of fruits.

Unmold the cakes carefully because the dough of the cake is so smooth because don't have flour (if someone is a little split you may garnish with the fruits and cream) and cover each one fruit's sauce and the whipping cream.
Let at the refrigerator until to serve.
Queques de chocolate con salsa de frutos del bosque
En Español
100 grs. chocolate sòlido para fundir
4 cucharadas de cacao en polvo
100 grs. azùcar fina
100 grs. mantequilla
4 huevos
400 grs. frambuesas, moras y/o aràndanos (frescas o congeladas)
60 grs. de azùcar
zumo de 1/2 limòn
3 cucharadas de miel
En una olla fundir el chocolate a baño marìa y añadir el chocolate en polvo en forma suave.,mezclar e incorporar la mantequilla hasta que quede una mezcla homogènea.
Batir las yemas de huevo y agregarlas a la mezcla.
Montar las claras a nieve, añadir el azùcar fina y a continuaciòn batir todo junto con el chocolate. Verter la mezcla en pequeños moldes (6) o pyrex y llevar a horno durante 12 minutos a fuego medio. Cuando estèn listos deje enfriar.
Aparte preparar un almìbar con el azùcar y el zumo de limòn, agregar las frutas a este almìbar y cocer durante 5 minutos, colar las frutas y al jugo añadir la miel y reducir unos 5 minutos. Volver a incorporar las frutas a esta mezcla. Mezclar suavemente y reservar.
Desmoldar con cuidado los bizcochos y salsear con las frutas del bosque. Despuès se les pone crema batida y la salsa de frutas.
Llevar a refrigerador hasta el momento de servir.


  1. oh my oh my, i will go crazy with all these delicious goodies ..yummy..i love strawberries specially..by the way im tagging you on a kitchen "meme" to which i have been tagged..thanks :-)

  2. Dear Dhanggit is a easy dessert I think and the cake so smooth!!! xxGloria

  3. The colours in this dessert are so festive Gloria! This would be a perfect dessert to serve over the holidays!

  4. Thanks Valli I think is good for holidays .. Gloria

  5. Que bueno se ve, Gloria. Tenes razon esta muy bueno para Navidad
    Besos y buen fin de semana

  6. I love any form of chocolate cake. I also love berries.
    I like the word, Forest Fruit. It sounds very romantic.

  7. Emiline, I think so too!!! The nice food is romantic don't you think??Gloria

  8. Frozen fruits of the forest earn their place in the freezer and they can be used in such a lot of recipes. I haven't thought to use them with a chocolate dessert before.

  9. Margaret really is so yummy !I think you will like!

  10. Great and so beautiful lookking! Thanks a lot for this recipe!
    Greetings Petra from Brot und Rosen

  11. Petra, you are so nice! Thanks Gloria

  12. Hi Gloria,
    Looks stunning I adore chocolate and fruit. Great recipe thanks for sharing :)

    Rosie x

  13. Thanks Rosie, and thanks by coming. Gloria

  14. Chocolate, fresh berries and cream; what a great combo!

  15. Thanks Kevin, is so yummy! Gloria

  16. Gloria, not only would this taste nice but it looks also so pretty...beautiful photographs too!!

  17. Frambuesas y chocolate ... mi favorito :-)

  18. hola gloria,

    just checking out on your kitchen..cant wait for your next post :-)

  19. I post the meme, I think and I hope at weekend I will place some new recipe! Gloria


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