11 November 2007

Fish with prawns and mussel's sauce

I love fish in all forms, and I was thinking what's recipe post. Finally I choose this that is how a classic here, (if you go a restaurant of the beach you ask this because is one of the favorites) I translate how "Fish with prawns amd mussel's sauce" but here is knowing how "Congrio Margarita" or" Merluza Margarita", well they are a lot of versions of this recipe, and you make too "Salmon Margarita" is really nice too. Is a fish to oven with a delicious sauce of prawns and mussels.

The name come from (I investigated) a French chef (many years ago) that his name was Margueritte and cook the fish so nice, and then everybody call this type of fish "to the Margueritte," and after was called "a la Margarita" and how we know now.


1 Kg. of fresh or frozen fish (sole, hake etc.) or other white fish

2 tablespoon of butter

1/2 cup of white wine

lemon's juice

salt and pepper

Prepare the fish

Place the fish in a rectangle Pyrex, with salt and pepper, lemon's juice and the butter in slices over the fish. Place the oven to medium heat by 10 minutes and add the white wine and let other10 minutes more.( Total 20 to 25 minutes depends the oven)

Prawns and Mussel's Sauce


300 grs. of freeze prawns

2 tins of mussels (reserve the water of mussels)

1 table spoon of flour

1 tablespoon of butter

1 cup and half of milk

2 yellow eggs

salt and pepper

Method : Liquefy the butter in a sauce pan to slow heat, add the flour and stir with a woodspoon. Add the milk and the mussel's juice to make a sauce. Beat the yellow and add slowly to the sauce always stirring,add all the seafish (mussels and prawns) and place to bain-marie(about 7 minutes). When is thicken add the prawns and mussels and put the sauce over the fish and serve.

Other recipe of the same sauce : Prepare the white sauce, with the milk,flour and nutemg podwer, add grated cheese and add salt and pepper, stir well to join, with this recipe you don't use the yolks, is so yummy too. Finally add the prawns and mussels.

You may serve this fish with letuces and tomatos salad or mashed potatoes.

A good cold wine how Chardonnay or sauvignon blanc is so nice to this fish.


Pescado al horno con Salsa de gambas o camarones y marisco

Me encanta el pescado en todas sus formas, y cuando pensaba que receta poner de pescado me decidì por èste, yo lo traduje como "Pescado al horno con salsa de camarones y mariscos" pero tambièn es conocido como "Merluza a la Margarita" o "Congrio a la Margarita". Tambièn se puede hacer con salmòn queda muy bueno.

Hay varias versiones de esta receta, la verdad todas muy buenas, y estuve investigando de donde saliò este nombre a la Margarita y viene de un Chef francès que viviò hace muchos años aquì y hacìa esta receta. su apellido era Margaritte y de ahì que quedò como "pescado a la Margarita" y todas sus variaciones.


1 Kilo de merluza o lenguado u otro pescado blanco, puede ser fresco o congelado

2 cucharadas de mantequilla

1/2 taza de vino blanco

Jugo de limòn

sal y pimienta

Preparaciòn; Si el pescado es fresco, lavar con agua frìa y dejar secar. Si es congelado, descongelar un poco y colocar en una fuente pyrex tipo rectangular, aliñar con sal, pimienta y el jugo de limòn.Sobre este colocar la mantequilla en pedacitos, llevar al horno a fuego medio por 10 minutos y colocarle el vino blanco y dejarlo otros diez minutos (en total puede ser de 20 a 25 minutos, depende del horno.)

Ingredientes salsa de gambas y mariscos

300 grs. de gambas o camarones pequeños

2 tarros de mejillones o choritos (guardar el lìquido)

1 taza y 1/2 de leche

1 cucharada de mantequilla

1 cucharada de harina

2 yemas

sal y pimienta

Preparaciòn salsa: Derretir la mantequilla en forma suave, sin que se dore, agregue la cucharada de harina y revuelva a fuego lento con una cuchara de madera. Agregue la leche revolviendo siempre a fuego lento.Agregue el jugo de los mejillones o choritos omo para hacer la salsa. Cuando estè màs o menos lista, bata las dos yemas y agregue la salsa sin dejar de revolver. Agregue todos los mariscos y coloque la salsa a baño marìa, por unos 7 minutos màs o menos siempre a fuego lento.Reservar.

Otra receta de la misma salsa:

Preparar la salsa blanca, con la leche y un poco de harina y nuez moscada en polvo, agregar queso rallado y sazonar con sal y pimienta.Revolver bien para integrar todo.Con esta receta no se usan las yemas, el queso rallado le da la consistencia deseada. Finalmente agregar los mejillones o choritos y los camarones.

Colocar el pescado en una fuente y encima verter la salsa de mariscos. Se puede servir acompañado de lechuga, tomates , o purè de papas, o papitas duquesa.

El vino que le viene bien a este pescado es un blanco helado que puede ser Chardonnay o saugvinon blanc.


  1. Yum! I love seafood and this sounds like a wonderful recipe.

  2. Yes Ahn is one of my favorites recipes (and the children like so!!) of fish, I love fish and all seafood. xxGloria

  3. Delicious presentation Gloria!!! I think your fish dish would go vwery well with my potato dish. We will have to get together!!!

  4. yes Valli When I see your potatoes (that I like so) I think, this is perffect to my fish!!! xxx Gloria

    Kelly, thanks I really thinks is a lovely dish and delicious!!Gloria

  5. I am so glad that you did a post on fish! It seems since it is fall up north here, everyone is doing "heavy" food, which is great when it is cold. Even I have been cooking a bit heavier than usual due to the season. But it is still warm here so your fish is a welcome dish. Sounds lovely Gloria!

  6. Ahhh....seafood. Daring. I like it. I would eat this if you made it for me. I don't know if I'm good enough to make it, though.

  7. Me encanta el pescado y seguro que con essa salsa esta de maravilha. La proxima vez que haga pescado lo hare asi

  8. Debs, Here we make fish at everytime ( not all people) and I thiunk is a good dish for autumn too!!!

    Dear Emiline I will happy to make for you!!!But sometimes we think is difficult but is not, thinks the fisk is to the oven. Gloria

    Sylvia, yo probè muy rico pescado tambièn en Brasil, lo hacen muy delicioso, pienso que esta receta te encantarà. Sì la quieres hacer màs suave otra variaciòn es no ponerle las yemas, y agregarle que so rallado, delicious!!! Gloria

  9. I love this recipe! A perfect marriage of prawn-mussel sauce! Such a great idea, i will surely try this recipe. thanks and have a nice day

  10. Thanks Dhanggit is one of my favorites too, I`m glad you like.Gloria

  11. Me encanta cualquier tipo de pescado y cocinado de esta manera tiene que estar riquísimo. Lo probaré.

  12. Gracias por este poste. Me asustan siempre para intentar cocinar pescados :-(

  13. Hi Gloria, how are you??? Your fish looks great!! Vida x

  14. Rosa, yo creo que te va a encantar, realmente es rico. Gloria

    Antonhy, Don't be afraid, is so easy because go to the oven and is so delicious. Gloria

    Vida, Thanks friend, I'm ok, a little tired, is the end of the years to us (school, events etc.) and the childs don't want more!! Gloria (Cariños) I think this fish maybe like to Luis.

  15. Luis LOVES all fish... we are tired here too, end of year is hard for everyone... I lik the weather, it's nice and warm and makes me happy... Vida x x x

  16. I remember you live near beach, the weather at beach is nice, I enjoy when I go. xxxxxGloria

  17. I will cook this recipe very soon. It looks simply delicious! Great recipes you have here!

  18. ThanksRuy, andyour welcome here Gloria


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