7 November 2007

Classic Lemon's Pie!!

I know are many recipes of lemon's pie and so delicious, each country have it own's recipe with some variations in the dough or the lemon's cream.

That I give now is the typical recipe thay we are making by all these years, when someone wants something to dessert say me " may you bring a lemon's pie? " and I say yes. I love to make it and is so delicious, light, fresh and the childs love it always.

I always make my own dough, I know many people use a dough they buy in the supermarket, but after taste many pies in my life I always prefer the dough made at home.

Ingredients to dough

100 grs. butter milk or butter
100 granulated sugar
1 egg
1/2 teaspoonful of baking powder
1/2 cup of flour to make a moist dough

Ingredients lemon`s cream

1 tin sweet condensed milk
3 yellow's eggs
1/ cup lemon`s juice
lemon peel finely grated

Ingredients to meringue's pie

3 large egg whites
180 grs. of caster sugar


Beat the butter and the granulated sugar until begin soft, add the whole egg to the mix, add the flour and the baking powder Join well with the hands and place in a greased's tin for pie, ,and prick the base all over with a fork.
Bake on oven to slow to medium heat by 15 minutes.Reserve out of oven, and don't put out the oven.
Prepare the lemon's cream: Beat the three yolk's eggs and reserve the whites for meringue. Add to yellow the lemon's juice and the lemon's peel and add the condensed milk, mix well and place the lemon's cream in the pastry shell in the tin and go to the oven by 10 minutes.

Meanwhile whisk the whites until they are firm and add the caster sugar, and place the meringue now into the lemon's cream and again go the oven by only 5 minutes to golden.Let's cool at the refrigerator and serve.



Hay muchas recetas de Pie de limòn, lo sè, y cada paìs tiene su propio mètodo, de hecho creo que es de las primeras cosas que aprendì a hacer con mi mamà.

Bueno, esta es la receta que llevo haciendo por muchos tiempo, es fàcil, liviana y deliciosa y a los niños les encanta.
A mì me gusta hacer mi propia masa para el pie, en muchas partes venden masa para pie pero despues de probar muchas recetas, prefiero la masa casera.

Ingredientes para la masa

100 grs. de mantequilla o manteca
100 grs. azùcar granulada
1 huevo
1/2 cucharadita de polvos de hornear
1/2 taza de harina, suficiente para que la masa quede un poco hùmeda(si se quiere le pueden echar un poco màs de harina)

Ingredientes crema de limòn

1 lata de leche condensada
3 yemas de huevo
1/2 taza de jugo de limòn
Ralladura fina de un limòn

Ingredientes para el merengue

3 claras
180 grs. de azùcar impalpable o granulada

Metodo para la masa

Batir la mantequilla o manteca y el azùcar granulada hasta que estè suave y cremosa, agregar el huevo entero a la mezcla, añadir la harina y los polvos de hornear. Colocar la mezcla en un molde enmantequillado, pinchar la masa con un tenedor y llevar a horno medio/suave por 15 minutos.
Cuando estè listo sacar del horno pero no apagarlo. Prepare la crema de limòn:
Se baten las yemas, se agrega lentamente el jugo de limòn, la ralladura y la leche condensada, se une bien y se vierte sobre la masa de pie y se lleva de nuevo al horno por 10 minutos para que cuaje.

Mientras bata las claras firmes y agregue el azùcar hasta que estèn compactas. Colocar sobre el pie y llevar a horno por unos 5 minutos para que se dore. Dejar enfriar en el refrigerador y servir.


  1. Oh Gloria, this was always my mother's favorite pie! Yours looks lovely! And now I know a new secret for the crust - buttermilk! I have never tried that but I am sure it will make a better tasting crust! Next pie, I will give it a go:)

  2. Dear Debs I'm glad you like, my mothers like this too!! I made for her the past Sunday and she likes a lot!! xx Gloria

  3. This must be it, the pie i am looking for! With the condensed milk, it must taste super rich - just the way i like it! ;)

  4. Yes Anh, we make with make the lemon's cream with condensed milk and really is so delicious!! (you know, we love condensed milk) Gloria

  5. Gloria, this is one of my favourite desserts ever! Vida x

  6. Vida, mine too, is delicious and so light and fresh, don't you think?? xxx Gloria

  7. Me ha encantado tu receta de tarta de limón. Te ha quedado maravillosa y seguro que estaba buenísima

    La anoto.


  8. Si Marta, estaba muy buena y la verdad es que es una receta simple y ràpida. xxGloria

  9. Gloria it is a toss up between lemon meringue pie and blueberry for my favourite!!! But then there is pecan pie, peach pie....too hard to choose. You did a beautiful job with the lemon meringue pie. I can see why it would be requested that you bring it to events!

  10. Dear Valli, for while you was here I was at your bog!! ji, I went by the potatoes's recipe. Thanks. Gloria

  11. Hola Gloria. Gracias por su comentario sobre mi blog. Me gusto su blog mucho también. Hay muchas recetas muy buenos aquí. Lo leeré a menudo. Saludos de un Londres frío.

  12. Anthony, you surprise me with your so good spanish!! Is nice you like my blog. Regards from here, we have a curious Spring!!! Gloria

  13. Beautiful! Sabes, doy clases de cocina y una de mis estudiantes quiere hacer este pie. Es tambien uno de mis favoritos. :)

    Muchos saludos,

  14. Paola, que genial yo tambièn doy clases de cocina, este pie lo hago siempre en clases y queda muy bueno Paola.cariños. Gloria

  15. I'm drooling over your pie. Wish you could send me a slice.

  16. If I could dear!!! Sure!!!! and you send ne a slice of your watermelon!! xxx Gloria

  17. You're so cute!! Your lemon pie looks beeeaaaaautiful! I really like lemon meringue.

  18. Thanks Emiline, I like Pie too!!!Gloria

  19. Looks delicious! The browning on top is beautiful.

  20. Thanks Kelly, Im glad you like!!! Gloria

  21. Que buena te quedo, y la foto esta lindisima

  22. Gracias querida Sylvia, pero yo pienso que tus fotos son espectaculares! Gloria

  23. That looks very beautiful!!! Very nice! Greetings

  24. Thanks Petra, from you I'm proud!!! you cook so beauty and delicious!! Gloria

  25. Otra maravilla! Tu blog es realmente IMPRESIONANTE! FELICIDADES!


  26. Dear Gloria,we dont have condenced milk here what is it i dont have any idea,what can i use to replace?
    see you. nil

  27. Dear Nil I will send you by mail other similar recipe that the filling is without condensed milk and is so good too.Gloria

  28. gloria:
    Te felicito eres una gran chef que maravilla de platillos tienes.

  29. I made this today! It was delicious!!! :)


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