30 October 2007

Snow Milk with Dulce de Leche's sauce

Always I'm thinking what`s type of recipes is the best to the Blog, and how I have to translate is all a history, choose the recipe, sometimes find, because the problem is I have a lot of recipes in all these years,Mom, teachers, GrandMa,Grand ma in law, etc. and we have so many wonderful blogs, how Valli say the other day, the time I am in the blog open a new world wonderful and fantastic of countries and recipes, new tastes etc. and we have the possibility to share with you our recipes.

This recipe, Snow milk (Leche nevada) is known in other countries and specially in France how "Iles flotter" (islas flotantes) and is a good name too for this dessert. Normally is made with a vanilla's sauce (delicious too) but the other day in cook class to make something different I make a dulce de leche's sauce with this and everybody loves it.

1 liter normal milk
1 1/4 cup of sugar
1 teaspoonful of vanilla
4 large eggs
pinch of salt
150 grs. of Dulce de leche
In some countries don't have Dulce de Leche, so I find other method that I find so good in a blog of Lauriel's Kitchen, if you want you may boil 2 or3 cans and save for
other recipes or to eat with bread at breakfast.
" To make homemade Dulce de Leche remove and discard labels from cans of sweetned condensed milk. Place the unopened cans into a large sauce pan and pour enough water to cover 1 or 2 inchs. Bring water to boil over high heat, then reduce heat to medium, cover and simmer for 3 hours aprox. adding more water as needed to keep cans completely covered, do not let boil dry or below cans. Drain, and let to cool to room temperature before opening.Don't open hot is so dangerous.
You may place the cans in cold water when are ready to cool.
Method Snow Milk with Dulce de leche's sauce
Place in a sauce pan the milk, 3/4 of sugar and the vanilla, warm to medium heat and cook by 5 minutes, take away and let rest by 10 minutes.
For while, in a bowl place the whites of the eggs and the pinch of salt, whip until be firm, add the rest of sugar and continue whip to make a good meringue.
Now, return to the sauce pan with the mix of milk and vanilla, and place the pot to medium heat and add spoonfuls of meringue to cook by two minutes, cook all and take away and reserve the meringue in a dish.

In a bowl beat the yellows and add to cups and half of the mix milk and vanilla and join all,place in a pot to slow heat and until is thicken, cut the heat and add the Dulce de leche, join well and let cool.
In little pyrex or other you may serve the Dulce de leche cream and put the meringues above of this cream. You may podwer with cinammon too if you like.

Muchos de ustedes quizas conozcan esta receta, como Leche Nevada o Islas Flotantes con la crema de vainilla que se acostumbra , yo el otro dìa estaba en clases y quise hacer algo diferente e hize esta receta en que la leche nevada va con salsa de dulce de leche, a todos les encantò, asì aquì està la receta para el que quiera probarla


1 litro de leche entera

1 1/4 taza de azùcar

1 cucharadita de vainilla

4 huevos grandes

pizca de sal

150 grs. de Dulce de Leche

En muchos paìse no hay Dulce de Leche y para los que no lo sepan preparar encontrè una receta muy buena en un Blog de Lauriel's kitchen que dice asì:

" Para hacer dulce de leche en casa retire primero las etique

tas de los tarros de leche condensada azucarada. (se pueden hacer dos o tres por vez, y se guardan....si es que pueden) Coloque los tarros sin abrir en una olla grande y coloque suficeinte agua para cubrirlos. 1 o 2 pulgadas. Pongalos a hervir con agua hasta que hiervan a fuego fuerte, entonces baje el calor a fuego medio, tàpelos y dèjelos cocer por 2 horas aprox., agregue màs agua si es neceario y tenga cuidado que nunca queden sin agua los tarros y que estèn completamente cubiertos. Despues cuando esten listos dèjelos enfriar a temperatura ambiente (o se pueden colocar en agua frìa) pero hay que dejarlos enfriar bien antes de abrirlos, jamàs abrirlos calientes.

Mètodo para la leche Nevada

Coloque en una olla la leche, 3/4`de la azùcar y la cucharadita de vainilla, calentar a fuego medio y cocinar 5 minutos màs. Retirar del fuego y dejar reposar 10 minutos.

Mientras tanto en un bol colocar las claras y una pizca de sal, batir hasta que estèn firmes, agregar el resto de azùcar y batir para merengue.

Volver a la olla con la mezcla de leche y vainilla y llevar a fuego medio, e ir agregando las cucharadas de merengue y cocinar de poco (unos dos minutos) el merengue por cucharadas, retirar y reservar en un plato.

En un bol aparte batir las yemas y agregar 2 y 1/2 tazas de la mezcla de leche y revolver y unir bien, ellevar a una olla y cocinar a fuego muy bajo sòlo hasta espesar. Retirar del fuego y agregar el manajr, revolver y dejar enfriar.

Colocar en pocillos individuales verter la crema de manjar y colocar sobre esta los merengue(alcanza para seis porciones)

Si se quiere se puede espolvorear con canela pero yo encuentro que con el dulce de leche es suficiente.


  1. Gloria que rico tiene que estar este postre y con dulce de leche con lo que me gustaaa, jeje
    ¿vas a clase de cocina?

    Un beso, hasta pronto

  2. Que bueno que te gustò Auro, no, yo hago clases de cocina. Mi mamà hizo clases de cocina toda la vida (ahora no) y yo la yudaba cuando tenìa como 12, yo empezè a hacer clases como hace 5 años, pero cuando veo una buena clase tambièn voy, tù sabes hay que estar aprendiendo siempre. Cariños, Gloria (A mì me encanta el dulce de leche tambièn!!()

  3. Que rico se ve ,yo nunca prove las islas flotantes con dulce de leche,pero debe quedar muy bueno

  4. Si Silvia queda muy bueno, le dulce le da un sabor distinto a las Islas flotantes. Gloria

  5. What a wonderful title. The photographs are beautiful and the snow milk with Dulce de Leche's sauce sounds amazing.

  6. Thanks Margaret, really is so good.xxGloria

  7. My mother used to make this, Gloria. Vida x

  8. Vida, so nice, she made this?? with vanilla sauce?? you may make now xxxxxGloria

  9. This sounds so good....and interesting. I love hearing about new dishes/food.
    I really want to make some dulce de leche now.

  10. Oh Emilie is so delicious, that's the pronlem, is easy eat all!!!!thanks for come. Gloria

  11. Gloria this is beautiful! I love saying "Snow Milk"!!! Sounds lovely! And..the sauce, no, the whole dish is making my mouth water!

  12. Thanks very much for the tip on making dulce de leche at home Gloria!!! I haven't come across it yet here, but, I have probably not looked in the right place as yet.

  13. Yes she made from my childhood, all by hand, I never liked it but my brothers loved it, I have never made it but I might try... Vida x

  14. It sounds wonderful Canela. We can get the dulche de Leche in cans now. I usually prefer to do make things from scratch, but nervous of boiling tins. I've made this in a vanilla sauce years ago and remember mine wasn't a great success - too impatient, I rushed it and my floating islands drowned. I'm definately going to have a go with your version though.

  15. Winedeb, dear I think this is the problem with Dulce de leche, we will happy to eat all!!!! I learned enjoy to littles!!!Gloria

    Valli I know you always come here but I know you love alot dulce de leche.

    Vida, maybe you enjoy with Dulce de leche!!! and I`m sure your hubby will enjoy!!

    Jeni Hope, so nice you visited me, I hope you enjoy the recipe. Yes I know in some countries you have dulce de leche but in others not, for this recipe you may try well with the dulce de leche that come in tins. xxxxGloria/Canela

  16. I often pop in and read your blog Canela. I was thinking about making the dulce de Leche after reading you last item on the ice cream; then someone on the Delia message board said that you can buy it already made so I ordered it from Tesco!!
    When I was younger I could eat a tin of sweetened condensed milk on its own - all of it in one go. I'm more conscious of my large waistline these days so I try to keep off the fattening stuff, but it's sooooo good.

  17. Gloria, my husband NEVER eats sweets!!!! What a pity since I love to make them!!! Vida x

  18. So sorry by him Vida!!! He doesn't know what he lost!!!! xxxxGloria

  19. Luis father LOVES sweets and his mother NEVER makes them, I make them all the time and Luis does not like them... opposites!! Vida x

  20. Is so sad Vida, because his father LOVES sweets!!! don't you think???xxxxGloria

  21. Gloria, it looks delicious! I love all your recipes. Margot

  22. Thanks Margo you are a nice gfirl!!! xxx Gloria

  23. Hay mujer!! Tu si que me haces la boca agua con tus recetas! Yo soy loca por dulce de leche!



  24. No eres la ùnica amiga. tù sabes a mi me mata por eso no lo hago tan seguido.!! Gloria

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    and your viеws are good for new νiѕitoгs.

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