26 October 2007

Turkey's breadcrumbs in Honey Mustard's dip

This recipe is so nice and delicious to Lunch or how a appetizers too.

I dedicated this recipe to my friend of England Honey Mustard of the Delia's site , always I like her delicious name and is a very good friend of mine.

This recipe is from the chef Kevin Poulter who has special turkey's recipes and original.

To the Turkey

150 grs. breadcrumbs
1 teaspoon cayenne pepper
3 teaspoon podwer mustard
salt and pepper
500 grs. turkey's breast without skin
and cut in slices
1/2 cup of flour
2 beaten eggs
corn's oil to fry or other oil flavorless
Honey Mustard's Dip
3 spoonful of natural yogourt
6 spoonful of mayonnaise's jar
1 spoonful of Honey
3 spoonful of mustard's cream
1 spoonful of chopped Chives (ciboulette.)
To make the turkey first. Place the breadcrunbs in a bowl and mix with cayenne pepper and podwer mustard. Sassoning the turkey with salt and pepper, and then pass the turkey first by the flour, then by the beaten eggs, and last for the mix of breadcrumbs, before to fry take out the excess of the mix.
In a large frying pan place the oil to medium heat and when is hot fry the slices's turkey by 3 minutes or when they will be golden. Place in a towel paper to dry the oil and reserve.
To the Honey's Mustard Dip mix well all the ingredients. To serve place the turkey in a large dish and the sauce in a gravydish or other.
  • The turkey is so delicious of this form and childs (and adults too) love them
  • You may serve how lunch with salads (letucce/avocado'slices, or tomatoes with chopped basil.etc.
How appetizer serve if you like with a white wine (Saugvinon Blanc or Chardonnay )
Y ahora inauguro un nuevo sistema, voy a poner las recetas en español tambièn debido a que varios me lo han solicitado,inclusive Gerardo, mi marido decía que era bueno ponerlo en español también para que todos lo pudieran leer, bueno aquì va la receta para todos los amigos de habla hispana.
Pavo Apanado con Dip de Mostaza y miel
Para el pavo
100 grs. pan rallado
1 cucharadita de pimentòn molido o paprika
3 cucharaditas de mostaza en grano o en polvo
sal y pimienta
500 grs. de pechuga de pavo sin piel cortado en tiras
1/2 taza de harina
2 huevos batidos
aceite de maiz para freir u otro sin sabor
Para Dip de mostaza y miel
3 cucharadas de yogourt natural
6 cucharadas de mayonesa de frasco
1 cucharada de miel
3 cucharadas de crema de mostaza
1 cucharada de ciboulette picado
Preparar primero el pavo. En un bowl mezclar el pan rallado, el pimentò y la mostaza en polvo. Sazonar el pavo con sal y pimienta. Luego pasar el pavo por la harina, huevo batido y la mezcla de pan rallado. Sacudir para eliminar el exceso antes de freir.
En un sartèn grande calentar el aceite a fuego medio y cuando estè bien caliente freir los trozos de pavo 3 minutos o hasta dorar. Dejar en papel absorvente para secar el aceite y reservar.
Para preparar el Dip de mostaza y miel. En un recipiente mezclar bien todos los ingredientes hast tener una consistencia cremosa
En una fuente servir el pavo acompañado de el dip de mostaza o la salsa en otra salsera .
El pavo es muy rico en esta forma y original y le gusta mucho a todos
Esta receta tan rica es del Chef Kevin Poulter que tiene recetas muy buenas de pavo.
  • Se puede servir como almuerzo o plato principal con ensaladas diferentes (Lechuga/aguacate (palta) o tomates.
  • Tambien se puede servir como aperitivo con un vino blanco bien helado, Sauvignon blanc o Chardonnay.


  1. Hi Canela

    Well I'm honoured that you should dedicate a recipe to me... you are sweet. This does look really good and I will definitely try this. One question though... what is ciboulette? Just got back from doing the weekly shop and so this will have to wait for next weeks menus now. (Remember I live out in the country and only visit the supermarket once a week).

    Love Honey :-x oxoxox

  2. Yes Honey I discover in many countries dont know ciboulette, it smell how little onions but more somooth, in France know too.But if you don't have ciboulette, some of sweet basil is good too (may be in podwer if you don't have fresh).....Gloria

  3. Honey, Finally I find a word that translate ciboulette, you say CHIVE (we say cebollìn) but is the same I discover so recipes with ciboulette and they say Chive, so thanks for your support Honey. Gloria xxxxxx

  4. Thanks Canela. That's good then because I have loads of chives in my garden. It's something I use a lot in the summer months. I also have a garlic chives... but it's just a small plant and I'm waiting for it to grow big enough to try it.

    Just got in, we've been to see Angel in her show at the theatre... it's a musical called A Chorus Line. Very American... but we enjoyed it. They're doing Oliver (Charles Dickens) next and I think we will enjoy that better.

    Love Honey :-x

  5. This sounds wonderful! Looking forward to trying it! :)

  6. Pamela so good Pamela, regards to Angel and I hope you and hubby have a very good time Gloria

    Wendy, yeah realy is so yummy, thanks for come, I love your blogs.xxGloria

  7. Muchas gracias Gloria, te lo agradezco...por que con todas las recetas estupendas que tienes, es un placer poder leerlas agusto...ya te he añadido a mi lector de feeds, así que te visitare a menudo.

    gracias por tu visita

  8. Gracias Auro a mí me encantan tus recetas también y me encanta visitar a la Comunidad española!!!De a poco voy a ir agregando la versión en español de todas la recetas. Cariños Gloria

  9. Hi ! It's very kind of you ! I'm so happy you like my music.
    It's a shame I don't speak Spanish ;-)
    (I think I'm gonna try your dip recipe)

  10. Gloria, it sounds delicious. Recently I tried several honey and mustard recipes but this one looks amazing. I will try it soon. Thank you for sharing.


  11. Wow it looks very yummy!
    I haven't forget your cake recipe, I will send it soon.
    Best wishes

  12. mingoumango, thanks for come don't matter you don't know spanish, the the really is english is the global lenguaje.Gloria

    Margot so happy you like this recipe is really good.xx

    Petra, so nice you come yes I remember the kuchen's recipe I will wait for it. Thanks all. Gloria

  13. Canela, you're a naughty girl... I've just spent ages looking at the wonderful blogs you recommend and then they recommend!! Don't get me into the world of blogs as I will NEVER be off this damned computer!!

    Honey :-x

  14. Hola Gloria: No conocía tu blog, me gusta mucho, voy a cotillearlo todo ahora. Mi madre nación en Chile, por eso mi nombre se escribe con X. Nunca he estado por ahí, ni mi madre, que se fue con un año sólo, pero nos encantaría. De momento me quedo con la cosa cibernética.

  15. Honey/Pamela, well this happens to me dear, for this sometimes I stay hours and Gerardo say I am an addict to the blogs, baahhh!! (Is my life!!!)Gloria

    Ximena me encantaron tus dibujos son preciosos, mi hija dibuja muy bien pero como tiene 13 està en toda la onda Animè de monos japoneses.
    Que bueno que viniste a verme y que curioso que tu mamà haya nacido en Chile, muchos cariños y espero verte, voy a ir seguido a tu blog Gloria

  16. What a unique appetizer Gloria! I love the honey and mustard dipping sauce! And you are right, a nice glass of white wine would hit the spot with this dish!

  17. Thanks Debs, I think is yummy too with a white wine!! Gloria

  18. This turkey dish sounds delicious Gloria. I always love visiting your site with all its beautiful photographs and flavourful recipes!

  19. Hi Gloria,

    Thanks for stopping by our blog.

    zainab & meedo

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