4 October 2007

Artichokes Pie (pastel de alcachofas)

I like this recipe because everybody love when I cook and I teach at my first class, and the dough
is so good, and if you want you warm at
microwave so well to the night or the next day.
Sorry for not mail other recipe last days but I have to translate and I make this last night.If I have a mistake at the translate sorry I am learned yet.

And I forget tell you this is and other recipe from my Mom.


For Dough: 3 cups plain flour (type tea)

or 600 grs. plain flour

3 sponful of butter milk or other butter

1 little tea sponful of salt

1/2 cup of milk to make a dough

For stuffed: 4 or 5 artichokes (boiled and grinded)

1 sponful oil flavorless

1 and 1/2 sponful of flour


nutmeg podwer

3 eggs

butter to the pyrex

3 sponful of grated cheese

For stuffed in a large frying pan place the oil, the flour, turn up with a woodspoon and the milk to make a sauce, add the grated cheese, salt, the nutmeg, the grated cheese and the artichokes food. Now beat the whites firm and add to the sauce and after add the yolks, join all. Reserve.

For dough: Join the flour with the butter milk and add the milk and salt to make a dough smooth and firm. Divide the dough, one part more big than other. Preheat the oven and spread the butter in the pie pyrex.

Roll the big part first and place inside the pyrex.Place the artichokes stuffed and cover with the other rolled dough. Put at the oven about 25 minutes. When begin to be golden is ready.

Tip: For this pie normally I boiled the artichokes they day before, let chilly and take out the food of the artichokes leaves and the center, with fork grind it and let at the refrigerator, for the next day make the pie.


  1. Que buena idea. vi alcachofras muy lindas en estos dias ,pero nunca sabia que hacer con ellas ,y como me encantan las tartas ...seguro que la voy a hacer

  2. Que bueno que te gustò , a mì tambièn me encantan las alcachofas, cariños Gloria

  3. Gloria, I have never seen or tried this recipe, thank you Vida x

  4. Vida I think you will like so, is so delicious. Gloria

  5. Hola Gloria,

    Pues sabes, las recetas de mama son las mejores. Me imagino ue esta es deliciosa.



  6. Querida Paola, realmente es verdad, amo las recetas de mi mamà ademàs ella ha hecho clases muchos años y a mì desde los 10 años!!!!Yo sòlo he ido aprendiendo y agregando cosas a lo que ya sè. Gracias por venir. Gloria

  7. Sounds delicious Gloria!!!! I can probably use frozen artichokes for these~~

  8. Gloria, how wonderful! It sounds absolutely delicious, and I love the touch of nutmeg!

  9. Valli I am happy that you like my recipe (my mom Recip) I like so artichokes too. Good idea freeze them.

    Figs Olive I an happy you come to my blog and you like my recipe is deicious realy. Gloria

  10. Que buena receta!!! me encantan las alcachofas...y si son en pastel deben estar exisitas!!!! Ya probaré que tal...daré mi opinión en mi blog!

  11. Martunis, es muy rica la receta, de verdad, años que la hago como digo ahì. Ojalà te guste, voy a ir a visitar tu blog. Gloria

  12. Oh this sounds so good! I wish you had included a picture.

  13. Katherina, for the moment I don't have a digital camara (I need to buy one soon!!!) and I put the pictures I have at my archives but this recipe is so good and easy. Gloria

  14. I have never tried artichokes yet... I must get them finally.

    Very nice recipe Gloria ;)


  15. Really sweet! I do not really have a need for something like this particular today, but when My partner and i ever do, I'm going to be sure to come back! Most I will think are that will be ridiculous great!


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