29 September 2007

Chilean Alfajores (Macarons with Dulce de Leche)

I know are alfajores' recipes of differents countries, all are wonderful I think because the dulce the leche is spectacular. This is one of the typical recipes of here, Chile, I love this recipe because the dough is smooth and light, we make them to special ocassions how birthdays, weddings, or when you want to enjoy.


6 yellow eggs

6 sponfuls of flour

35 ml of coñac or pisco (a licour from here)

1 tin condensed milk (boiled)

or dulce the leche

Beat the yellow in a bowl, add the licour (coñac or pisco) and mix the flour, place in the kitchen table and join all and roll to make the dough, very thin, add a few of flour if you think is so moist sometimes depends of the eggs.

Cut little rounds pastry with a little glass and prick them with a fork.

Preheat the oven (medium) and place the alfajores over a oven try with podwered flour,

place at the oven about 10 minutes (not more), when they will be golden are ready.

When are chilly you may join them with dulce de leche.

Dulce de leche: If you don't know how to do, boiled a tin inside a stewpot cover with water of if you have a pressure pot too, only have care not open the tin until are chilly, in normal pot is about hour and half in a pressure pot 1 hour.


  1. Mmm! Looks gorgeous! I think I could make this with Colombian Arequipe. My parents keep me well supplied with the stuff!


  2. Course Paola, you may made with the things you have, are so easy and I love because the dough is so light, the bad you can eat a lot!!!! Cariños Gloria

  3. Gloria, thank you for visiting my blog!
    This is so interesting, I´ve been interesting in South American kitchen after reading a book where they only mentioned a few names, but of course no recipes! I´m happy you are writing in english, because I tried to find recipes but all that I could find was in spanish :(
    I loooove dulce de leche, can´t find it in Sweden, but I´ll try the cooking condensed milk way! Your alfajores look yummy!

  4. Dear vonsaschsen I love so you blog, really, I am glad you really like my blogs and recipes, I begin this blog (a month ago) for this, to talk about cooks, kitchen etc but too for I know there are not south america's recipes in english, if you any doubt, tell me, I know my english is not very well sometimes. Gloria

  5. I have to be on the lookout for some dulce de leche. I have heard a lot about it lately in the blogging world. A great recipe Gloria!!!!

  6. Vonsachesen, I forget to tell you for alfajores I prefer to make dulce the leche with the tin , is most delicious that sold that have sometimes quimicals things. If you like dulce de leche maybe you like the Suspiro Limeño's recipe that is a dessert but the cream is how dulce the leche. Gloria

  7. Valli, that I said to Vonsachsen is good for you too, only boil a tin of condensed milk, I think is one of the best dulce the leche. Thanks to come to my blog. I was in your and I like so I will put at my favorites. Gloria

  8. Una receta que no conocía y que me parece buenísima. Tendré que probarla. Saludos cariñosos desde Pamplona a tu mamá y a ti. Un abrazo.

  9. Gracias Rosa, ya te dije que mi mamà le encantò tu sitio. Gloria

  10. Estan estupendos,intentare hacer esta receta.nunca hice alfajores antes ..solo los como :-)Me gusto mucho tu blog y las recetas son fantasticas

  11. Gracias Sylvia, un gusto que estès aquì, que bueno que te gustaron las recetas, voy a ir de visita a tu blog. Gloria

  12. Hi Gloria,
    Thankyou so much for your message. Yes I will see Hannah at the weekend as I haven't seen her in a while and miss her brilliant company. I love your blog, and your food looks delicious - lots of wonderful recipes, very inspiring!! I will add you to my list of favourites.
    Best, Steven.

  13. Thanks for come too Steven I told you I like so your blog. I wait for you when you come again for a visit. I am glad you like the mine. Gloria

  14. Hi Gloria,

    These look fabulous - my husband would love these. He loves anything with caramel. Your website & photo's looks so good. Take care xx:) cupcake

  15. Hola Gloria:

    Tengo una pregrunta. Los huevos se ponen enteros, o las yemas nomas? Tengo recuerdos de paradas a Los Panguiles regresando a Santiago de la playa para comprar dulces chilenos...


  16. hola gloria, soy una amiga chilena y me gustaria ayudarte con la traduccion de esta receta ya q veo q todos entan muy interesados y a mi me encanta el manjar y se lo q le fascina a los extranjeros, espero no te ofendas. la mando bien traducida.
    cariños, bendiciones gabriela.

    6 egg yolks
    6 spoonfulls flour.
    35 ml brandy, pisco , or any chilean licour.
    1 can (200gr aprox) sweetened condensed milk, or manjar.

    beat egg yolks in a bowl, add the licour and then de flour. place on kitchen board and join well. dust de board and rolling pin and roll out very thin. add a little flour if needed. cut out circles with cutter or glass, prick with a forck and place on an oven tray dusted with flour.
    preheat de oven at 150°c and place the tray until the circles are golden brown. (around 10 minutes)
    remove from heat and let cool before sticking two together with manjar. enjoy!!!!

    manjar: place the can of condensed milk in regular saucepan covered with water and boil for an hour and a half. you can do the same procedure in a pressure cooker for about an hour but with less water.
    it is really important NOT to open the can while it is still hot.


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