9 October 2007

Raspberries's pie (Küchen de frambuesas)

Really. I don't remember where come this recipe, but is so delicious and I love it. I try someones, when a few years ago some people order me lemon's pie and raspberries's pie.

In our country, we have many recipes of german's cook, specially of pastry, and that we call küchen, you call pies . In the south of Chile (Frutillar,Osorno, Valdivia, Puerto Varas) I tasted the most delicious home made's küchen, and this I think is like them. For you have an idea of these tea to the right I put a picture of a typical tea's table at the south.

Dough Ingredients

2 cups of plain flour (500 grs.)

1 teaspoon of baking powder

100 grs. butter milk

1 egg

130 grs. granulated sugar

Method dough

Mix the dry ingredients and then add the egg and butter milk, knead the dough a little and let it at the refrigerator for about 10 minutes.

After, keep out the dough and roll and place in a tart pan with removable bottom. (about 24 or 26 cm diameter)and place at the oven preheat to medium heat about 20 minutes.

When is ready cover first with corn flour's cream give above and the top the raspberries sauce and let at the refrigerator to be cool (1 hour) and the raspberries sauce look like jelly.

To filling:

Corn's flour cream

2 cups of whole milk(1/2 lt)

125 grs. granulated sugar

3 spoonful of corn flour dissolve in cold water previously

2 beaten yolks

1 teaspoon of liquid vainilla

In a sauce pan put the milk and the sugar to medium heat, stir and add the corn flour dissolved, stir constantly than to begin thicken, add the yolks and put the fire out and add the vainilla. Chill for a moment and put at over the cake.

Raspberries's sauce for the top

300 grs. freeze or fresh raspberries200 granulated sugar

150 grs. raspberries jam

1 spoonful of corn flour or special powder to thicken.

In a sauce pan place the raspberries to slow heat with the sugar, add the jam, stir and finally the corn flour, and cover with this mix the küchen, place at the the refrigerator.


  1. Looks delicious Gloria, I will try it. Corn meal, we call it Polenta. Thanks Vida x x x

  2. Vida, corn meal is maicena how you say? maybe cornstarch? is how flour but of corn. Is a good recipe I think. cariños Gloria

  3. Vida, for more sure that be understand I put corn flour that used at many countries. I remember too your Dad has raspberries or strawberries, but you made this with strwbarries too. xxxGloria

  4. My first visit here, and how lovely to find this wonderful raspberry pie!

  5. Thanks Lydia, thanks for the visit I like sooo your blog, come when you like. Gloria

  6. Welcome back, Gloria! Your recipe sounds gorgeous! I see you immediately set to work in the kitchen again! Great! :)



  7. Delicious Gloria!!!I love visiting your blog!!!

  8. Thanks Paola, I will try again some recipe I have a lot. Good to see you.Cariños

    Valli, I like your site, really!!! thanks for coming, I go yours everyday!!!! Cariños

  9. Lastima gloria que mi ingles sea tan básico, por que me gustaría mucho poder disfrutar de tu blog en profundidad, he llegado hasta aquí saltando desde el blog de Rosa (Bocados dulces y salados)

    Un saludo desde Mallorca


  10. Auro, ven cuando quieras, estarè encantada, fuì a tu blog y me gustò mucho.He escuchado hablar de tì por Rosa (dulce y salado). Auro cuando quieras ven, igual hablo español aquì y si quieres alguna receta te la doy en español no hay problema. Gloria

  11. Thanks Gloria, now I understand. Vida x x

  12. I have a real soft spot for raspberries so I'd love to try this. Looks delicious!

  13. Dear Truffle, I was stay in your blog, I like so. Thanks for coming, this is a so nice recipe, enjoy, any doubt, post me. Gloria

  14. Que buena pinta!!!, me encantaría que tu blog fuera también en español, felicitaciones por todo lo que muestras y describes.

  15. Looks yummy - the sort of cake I love!
    Thanks for visiting my site!



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