18 October 2007

Artichokes and parmesan's cheese in baguette slices

This recipe is a mix of two that I made, and finally I adapted and  I find delicious and easy.


The food of 5 artichokes boiled or two tins of artichokes, or freezed.

1 cup of mayonnaise's jar

1 cup of cream or sour cream

1/2 cup of parmesan cheese grated

1/2 cup of provoleta cheese grated

2 garlic cloves crushed

1 tea spoonful of Tabasco's sauce or chili cream (ajì)


Somes baguettes in slices, and toasted before to serve.

I f you want you make this the day before , in a bowl place the artichokes ground with a fork, add the mayonnaise, cream or sour cream, grated cheese, galic cloves and tabasco's sauce, and salt if you think is necessary , mix well, place in a tupper and refrigerate.

The day you will serve, preheat the oven to medium heat and place the mix in a pyrex about 25/30 minutes, until to be a little golden. Serve with the toasted slices's baguettes.

Tip : If you don't have provoleta cheese, add only parmesan, the recipe is good the same.


  1. This artichoke recipe sounds absolutely delicious on the baguette, crackers, veggies or all alone!!!

  2. Valli, thanks dear, really is delicious specially if we love the artichokes.xxxxGloria

  3. I love appetizers,you know, and this sounds delicious.I well try yhose for sure

  4. I ma glad you like Sylvia, are differents so nice. Gloriaxxxx

  5. Gloria what a great appetizer this will be at my next gathering! The combination of artichokes, sour cream, etc. sound lucious!

  6. Thanks Debs, I think in white wine with this appetizers, but Im sure red wine is ok too. Gloria

  7. This sounds sinfully delicious, Gloria! I'm going to make it the next time we have friends over! Thank you!!

  8. I think you really would like Amanda, are differnts and delicious. Thanks for come dear.Gloria


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