19 October 2007

Some delicious Appetizers

This delicious recipe is from the cook's teacher Gloria Frugone that has many good recipes to coktails and others. And sometimes give recipes in magazines of our country, is ideal to before a dinner or barbacue for while you wait the meat or others.
Go well with white wines and red wines
(Croute de champiñones al jengibre en pan tostado)
10 bread white slices
3 spoonfuls ob butter milk
1 teaspoon podwer ginger
400 grs. mushrooms in slices
1 spoonful white wine
1/2 cup of cream or sour cream
2 teaspoonful of cornstarch
1 tablespoon chopped parsley
1 cup grated cheese
Preheat the oven. Spread butter in the bread slices for the two sides. Cut each slice in four parts. Place the bread in oven by 6 to 8 minutes until be golden.
Heat 1 spoonful of butter in a frying pan and add the clove garlic by one minute and add the mushrooms, ginger and fry by 5 minutes more until will tender, add salt and pepper.
Incorporate the cornstarch dissolve in white wine and add the cream.
Stir well until is thicken. Put the mix over the bread's slices and podwer them with the cheese, take to the oven by 5 minutes and serve inmediately.


  1. Una receta estupenda y de una mezcla de sabores fantástica.

  2. Gracias Rosa, ademàs es original para servir de aperitivo o coktail, a mì me gusta como queda.Gloriaxxx

  3. Now I cannot decide which goodie to make first, this or the one previous to this one! I like the mushroom addition in this one! I can see where either a white or red wine would go great! I am a big white wine fan, so my decision is made! I will have white wine with mine!
    Cheers Gloria!

  4. Deb make the two!!! I dont know, when I make all are eaten!!!! I am a bigwhite wine fan too!!! so I love the white wines always!! xxxGloria

  5. These look delicious as well Gloria. Thanks for keeping me posted...no pun intended!!!!

  6. Yes Valii, when you come I was finishing the other recipe!! xxxGloria

  7. Que delicia, Gloria. Es algo que en verdad pasa muy bien con una copa de vino.



  8. Gracias Paola, a mì tambièn me gusta con vino blanco.xxGloria

  9. Hi Canela, just popped by to see what you've up to over the past few days. Might try the mushroom one. Just opened a bottle of white wine tonight to do Saffy's 'Catch a Tory' and as we don't drink white wine (got to be red!!), I can use it up.

    Love Honey :-x

  10. Honey, How are you dear?? Honey may be white wine or red wine, the two are well for these appetizers. Thanks for come. xxxxxGloria

  11. This looks great to serve with the drinks while waiting for the meal to cook! Will try this next week when our friends are here.
    DQ xx


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