18 June 2021

Chocolate orange Madeleines recipe (Magdalenas de naranja y chocolate)


And here we go again, winter begin here  and   on the northern hemisphere the summer , just take care, I heard that you will walk without a mask, I do not know, what I have learned that this  virus sometimes comes and goes.

In any case, we are still in quarantine here.

Today's recipe is orange and chocolate madeleines.

What can I say? My mom loved  madeleines

She told me that my Spanish grandmother always had madeleines  and scones there in Punta Arenas (very south of Chile) for tea time.

Finally our recipes and our kitchen is a compendium of our mothers and grandmothers and that is why we enjoy these recipes.

My granny  was married with a lovely English man so she received visits from many English ladies.

A hug to all who comes here and thanks!

Source : Panpepato senza pepe (Original in italian)

Oranges from my yard

Tea time

Chocolate orange madeleines recipe


3/4 cup sugar

2 eggs

3 tablespoons salted butter

(room temperature)

1 cup flour all purpose

2 tablespoon  organic orange zest

1 tablespoon orange juice

1 bar of dark chocolate 


Preheat oven to 180° C  (375°F)

Generously grease each madeline mold with butter.

Whisk eggs, sugar and butter  together until fluffy and creamy.

Add flour and orange zest and orange juice and mix until just  combined 

Divide batter  between pans or molds and bake for 10 to 12 minutes

Invert pan and let the madeleines  cool for 5 minutes

While madeleines are cooling melt chocolate  being very careful not to burn .

Once the madeleines are cold dip them head first into chocolate.

Place the dipped madeleine on a plate  covered in wax paper and let chocolate harden by 10 minutes in fridge.

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Pans you can buy in ebay or Amazon 

Magdalenas de naranja y chocolate


Si bien hay moldes especiales para magdalenas en E bay  se puede usar moldes de muffins.

Los mejores y no tan caros son los de Ebay. Mercado Libre muy caro. Por ejemplo este de silicona es muy bueno y salia como 12.000 lo digo porque si alguien quiere comprar.

Y a veces el envio es barato o gratis.

Los moldes duran casi para siempre.


3/4 taza de azucar

2 huevos

3 cucharadas de mantequilla temperatura ambiente

1 taza de harina sin polvos de hornear

2 cucharadas ralladura de naranja

1 cucharada de jugo de naranja natural

1 barra de chocolate amargo 60% cacao


Precalentar el hono a 180° c  (375° F)

Enmantequillar los moldes de magdalena o de muffins   y enharinar un poco para  cuando se agregue la masa el molde este listo.

En un bol batir los huevos,azucar y mantequilla hasta que la mezcla este liviana y cremosa, lo hago con una cuchara de palo.

Suavemente agregar la harina, la ralladura de naranja y el jugo de naranja, hasta que este bien mezclado.

Repartir con una cuchara la mezcla entre los moldes de magdalena que estan enmantequillados.

Llevar a horno y  hornear por unos 10 a 12 minutos, ver si estan dorados y secas estan listas. Se cocinan rápido.

Dejar enfriar las magdalenas unos 5 minutos y retirar suavemente con la punta de un cuchillo.

Mientras las magadalenas se enfrian derretir a fuego muy suave o en microondas, si es en microondas debe ser cada 15 segundo e ir probando debe estar cremoso y no recalentar.

Despues ir pasando las magdalenas por el chocolate, solo la punta y dejar en un plato para que se sequen.

Despues llevar al refrigerador por unos 10 minutos para que se enfrie el chocolate y estaran listas.

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  1. We love madeleines too! The combo of chocolate and orange is wonderful.

  2. What a lovely story about your grandmother, Gloria. She would be happy that you made Madelines :) They sound and look so delicious! I hope things get better for you soon in Chile. Yes, many are not wearing masks here any longer since so much of the populations has been vaccinated. I do worry about the new variant Delta though. I think those who have chosen to not get vaccinated may suffer and prolong this pandemic :(

  3. Thanks dear Susan .yes I know is difficult when the people dont want be vaccinated and anyway of you are vaccinated you can be sick only you Will be ok soon.
    Send you hugs and love xoxo

  4. Gloria, Great looking cookies and they are among our favorites! As for being locked down, we are pretty much wide open. We've had our vaccine but many haven't Time will tell if our opening up here in the USA was smart or not. Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

    1. Thanks so much David, Im glad you are vaccined but you have to care so much ! hugs

  5. Those madeleines do look delicious, I think the combination of chocolate and orange works very well.

    You take care ...
    My good wishes.

    All the best Jan

    1. Thanks Jan, yes I love chocolate and orange are so good

  6. I love madeleines, the most literary of cookies. Yours look wonderful, dear Gloria, and I always think that chocolate and orange are delicious together.

    1. Me too Amalia and always are welcome with some tea! hugs and love!

  7. What perfect madeleines, Gloria! I need to dust off my pan and make a batch---it's been way too long! We're doing fine here. We're all vaccinated so we can go without masks unless a store owner requests we wear them. Right now we're up in Wisconsin on a lake with some of Bill's family for a nice vacation. Katie drove up with us and the boys will be coming on Thursday. It will be wonderful to have everyone together! xoxo

    1. Thanks so much Lizzy, sometimes I forget you and all are in summer right now, we are in winter is not bad, love winter but is really cold here, Im glad you are vaccined is really important.
      Nice you are on a lake is nice and beautiful, Hugs to Katie and the boys and your hubby!

  8. They look quite delicious and I am sure they taste as good as they look. Keep well, Diane

  9. Woow combination of chocolate and orange is amazing! Looks great. It goes well with tea-breaks.

  10. Che buone queste Madeleines. Cioccolato ed arancia, poi, stanno benissimo insieme!
    Le ricette di famiglia hanno quel tocco in più <3.
    Qui l' estate è già iniziata da due settimane: le temperature sono davvero alte e l' idea di accendere il forno mi terrorizza. Ma prima o poi proverò queste tue Madeleines!
    Un grande abbraccio

    1. Grazie cara, love madeleines, ye you are in summer, I dont like so much sumer. We are in winter!
      Un abraccio anche a te cara! xo

  11. Arancia e cioccolato sono un mix che mi piace molto. Certo pensare che da te è inverno mentre io sono qui al caldo ... mi fa impressione. un abbraccio Gloria, a presto

    1. Grazie terry, yes we are in winter and and all of you beginig the summer, Un abbraccio cara !

  12. These look incredible (grated orange peel, perfection!). I don't know why my first post didn't take...

    1. Thanks so much Dear Jeff, blessing for you !

  13. qua per fortuna il caldo sta aiutando molto per il covid. Ora i contagi sono davvero diminuiti tanto.
    Le madeleines in effetti sono un dolcetto da tea time inglese. Molto eleganti

  14. Oranges from your yard! I'm so envious. I love orange in baked things, and I love the combo of orange and chocolate. I also love that this recipe has such a personal connection for you.

    1. Thanks Jeff yes is the first year I have a lot of oranges and I love them others years only 3 or 4 and now a lot.
      Yes madeleinesm always make me remember my mommy!

  15. This looks like a lovely treat! As you enter winter- it is hot here and I have been trying to spend more time outside enjoying the light and weather. Where I live vaccinated people can go without masks and non vaccinated people need to wear masks- so it seems like about half the people are masked most places (indoors). Stay safe and well!

    1. Thanks so much Jess and Im so9 happy you visit me and you like these.
      Stay safe and well you too!

  16. Questi dolcetti li adoro, devo procurarmi lo stampino...

  17. Dearest Gloria...oh WOW...how pretty and delicious these look! And I simply love the combination of chocolate and orange!! So, these will be a new favourite of mine...thank you so much!😊😊
    It is so good to visit you again, I have missed you so much!
    I hope you are well, dear friend😊
    Sending you much love and hugs ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

    1. DFear Ygraine thanks so much, Im so happy you visit me, really hope you feel better, I miss you too!Sending you love and hugs

  18. Delicious Gloria, I love it! I love chocolate & orange ;)

    1. Thanks so much Annalisa ! Un abbraccio per te!

  19. Dear Gloria, what a lovely story about your mother and grand mother making teatime treats. These Madeleines look wonderful - I just love the addition of freshly grated orange zest (form oranges that you harvested in your garden!).
    Not vaccinated yet but getting my first dose this week - hope that all will be well for all of us!

    1. Thanks Andrea, Hope you can vaccinated an take care dear!!

  20. Dear Gloria, such lovely madeleines! Orange and chocolate make such a delicious flavor marriage. Such a sweet mention of your mother and grandmother!

    1. Thanks dear Roz we love madeleines so much!

  21. Chocolate and orange are a wonderful combination and your sweet treats sound perfect with a cup of afternoon tea.

    1. Thanks Karen I love chocolate/orange combo always !and perfect with a cup of tea

  22. Such a scrumptious treat. I'd eat these while sipping tea and reading books. Be well, Gloria xoxo

  23. I love madeleines! And especially when they are made with citrus. I have never had them dipped in chocolate, though, and that sounds amazing. Thanks, Gloria! Stay safe!

  24. Thanks dear David, we love madeleines too!!!

  25. ricetta perfetta per l'inverno. qui inizia l'estate :))

  26. In winter I'll prove it sure ♥x♥


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