12 May 2015

Kuchen de nuez - Waltnut kuchen for my Mom

Really I was thinking to publish this recipe before Mother's Day, but simply I can't!
(I have  2 weeks with an earache and a cold that I'm not 100%)

But anyway I have  to make a recipe for my mom .
I know she loves I bake for her!
I was very touched when I  read  some friend'blogs  talking about their mothers, I know Im lucky still she is with us.

I love so much my Mom  . 
I learned to cook  and bake with her when I was about 10 years and we have supported each other in difficult times . She makes me laugh many times. 
And her life is not easy I know.
( For her is difficult walk and she miss that)
She loves tea time so  wanted a waltnut kuchen.
And long time since I did one!
And she  given me  waltnuts .  So I made....

I saw many recipes and finally chose one of my own Notebook of recipes that had never been done.
My mom loved it and I was happy she enjoy.. I did everything in Sunday  morning.
So   when I took the pictures was fresh out of the oven.
I hope you enjoy too if you try this recipe and hope you had a lovely Mother's Day!
A hug to everyone!


1 1/2 cups all purpose flour
1/2 cup of sugar
2 teaspoon baking powder
2 tablespoons butter
1 egg
1 yolk
1 teaspoon vanilla extract


1 1/2 cup of sugar
2 cups ground waltnuts
125 grams butter 
1/2 cup of heavy cream


In a medium bowl mix flour sugar and baking powder, and then add butter, the egg and yolk, finally the vanilla extract.
Make a ball with dough.(without kneading)
Set aside by 10 minutes and pressed onto the bottom and up the sides of a greased tart pan with removable bottom.

Preheat oven to 180° c (350° F)
Bake for 10 minutes.

Make the waltnut filling

In a dry skillet brown  brown the sugar until are a little golden, add butter and stir well.
Then add the ground waltnuts and stir over low heat.
Add the heavy cream stirring and cook by a while.You will have a thicked cream.
Carefully empty the cream into the semi baked crust.
Bake again by 10 minutes more.
Cool completely on a wire rack.
Refrigerate for 30 minutes before cutting.

Im sharing this recipe with Joyce to Cook your books

print recipe here

En español
Kuchen de nuez

Quería hacer esta receta antes del día de la madre pero me fue imposible (he estado muy enferma con dolor de oídos y resfriado) 
Pero finalmente la hice el mismo dia de la madre para llevarselo a mi mamá.
Ella quería un Kuchen de nuez y encima me había regalado nueces.
Miré muchas recetas (he hecho otros kuchen de nuez antes) y encontré en mi cuaderno de recetas una que no había hecho.
Y fue deliciosa y maravillosa a mi mamá le encantó.


1 1/2 taza de harina sin polvos de hornear
1/2 taza de azúcar
2 cucharaditas polvos de hornear
2 cucharadas de mantequilla
1 huevo
1 yema
1 cucharadita extracto de vainilla


2 tazas de nueces molidas
1 1/2 taza de azúcar
125 gramos de mantequilla
1/2 taza de crema espesa


En un bol unir  el harina, azúcar, polvos de hornear, agregar mantequilla  el huevo y la yema finalmente el extracto de vainilla. Unir bien. Hacer una bola y reservar por unos diez minutos. No amasar.
Precalentar horno 180°c.
Despues extender esta masa en un molde de unos 22 o 24 cm de fondo removible y llevar a horno por 10 minutos.


En un sartén dorar el azúcar revolviendo y cuando esté dorada agregar la mantequilla, A continuación agregar las nueces molidas y la crema, siempre a fuego suave revolver la mezcla.Debe quedar de una consistencia espesa.
Vaciar esta crema sobre la masa de kuchen y llevar a horno nuevamente 10 minutos más (180°c)
Esperar que se enfrie completamente antes de cortar.
Se puede refrigerar antes unos 30 minutos .


  1. L'amore per la mamma è per sempre!!!
    Delizioso il tuo dolcetto.....

  2. Gloria, I've never had waltnut kuchen. It really looks good. I'd like a slice right now with a nice cup of coffee! Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

  3. Thanks David, I think you would like!xo

  4. Un dolce delizioso, carissima Gloria, perfetto per festeggiare la mamma, la persona più importante della nostra vita! Tanti auguri!
    Un abbraccio e felice serata!

    1. Grazie Laure my mom was happy with this cake:)

  5. Oh Gloria, I am sorry that you were sick...this cake looks fabulous...I can imagine the walnut filling...beautiful!
    Have a great week my dear :)

    1. Thanks Juliana !! Im better now Thanks God!!

  6. E' delizioso Gloria, una fettina ora la gusterei proprio volentieri, bravissima!!!

  7. Very delicious and yummy walnut kuchen.... :)

  8. Oh it looks good..I hope ou feel better soon..Gloria..does you mom live w/ you?

    1. Thanks Monique Im a little better:)
      My mom Live in Santiago with my dad and I live in the countryside but not so far. Usually I go to her home about 2 times a week Monique. My mom has problems in her legs. But she is OK.
      My dad is more difficult. You know.
      A lady help her in the week because she is so tired now.
      Thanks dear!

  9. read it one more time, this time in Spanish. I was learning once, but unfortunately stopped.... Have to begin again!

    1. Thanks Marcela, nice you know some spanish. Sometimes i write different the english part of the spanish. Different words you know. And try to make easy the recipe.:)

  10. Even a flower too, bet your mom enjoyed it

  11. So pretty with the lovely rose added to the plate. Looks delicious, Gloria. So nice that you and your Mom are close. I have been sick for a couple weeks too and am now on antibiotics. Ugh. Hope you feel better soon!

    1. aah Suzy I wasa with antibiotics too! Hope you feel better soon dear!!

  12. yummy! Hope you get better soon.

  13. This sounds delicious! I like walnuts, but I do not think I have ever had them in a cake. :) I am so glad to hear your mom loved this treat.

    Sorry to hear you have been sick. Hope you are feeling better.

    Thanks for sharing-

  14. Mums are the best! Great cake; sounds truly rich and delicious.

  15. Ciao, mi sono appena unita ai tuoi follower. Passa a trovarmi... www.idolcidigrazia.blogspot.com
    Have a good day! ;)

  16. My mother was very happy when i prepared cakes for her...
    Now she is dead and i would like prepare someting sweet anymore..
    Delicious wour cake end the love that you have for your mother...
    My english is terrible but i hope that what you can underundstand what i wrote!!

    1. Im sorry for your Mom. I think you speak English so good!
      But anyway you can parle italiano, I understand a lot! Don't worry dear!
      <un abbraccio!!

  17. Wow... what a lovely cake to make for your mother! Even my mom loves my bakes, though she can't eat much because of her diabetes. InShaAllah, hoping to carry some goodies while travelling home within the next two months... :)

    1. Thanks Rafee, yes diabetes is difficult my dad has diabetes, so all I make is only for my Mom, Isnt good for him.
      Hopoe you see you Mom soon Rafee!

  18. That looks nice Gloria. I am sure you mother enjoyed it very much! Lucky mother! xoxoxo

    1. Thanks Marie! Yes she really enjoyed, My mom love savoy plates but sometimes ask me something sweet!!
      hugs to you xoxoxo

  19. Un dolce meraviglioso cara,brava!! :-))
    Un bacione a presto <3

  20. That walnut filling sounds heavenly!

  21. Hai preparato un dolce delizioso per la tua mamma. Sarà stata molto contenta :)
    Un bacio

  22. Rustico come piace a me, un dolce delizioso!!!

  23. Oh WOW...I bet your mom really enjoyed these, Gloria...I know I would.
    They look absolutely scrumptious...:)

    Big Hugs xoxoxo

  24. La mamma è sempre la mamma!
    Delizioso il dolce.

  25. This si a very nice déclaration of love to your mom ! and a very pretty attention !

  26. I am sure your mother would love this - I know I would! It looks amazing Gloria.

  27. buono il tuo dolce, tua mamma sarà rimasta molto contenta!! Un abbraccio SILVIA

  28. Dear Gloria, it is nice what you say about your mum and that you love her so much. She is lucky to have a daughter like you and you make her really lovely things!
    This cake looks delicious. Ciao e buona settimana!

    1. Thanks Alida, you are so nice!
      Un abbraccio cara!

  29. buonissimo, vorrei una fetta adesso ! Un abbraccio Gloria !

  30. You baked a very delicious cake for your mom. She is very lucky:)

  31. Ciao Gloria! Come stai? :) Che bontà questa torta!!! Bravissima, ti abbraccio forte! <3

  32. elle est à tomber vraiment un délice
    bonne soirée

  33. It looks so moist and wonderful! No wonder your mom loved it. Hope you're feeling better, my friend! xo

  34. Hi Gloria,

    This is such a thoughtful bake. You are so sweet baking this for your mum.


  35. Hola Gloria,

    I hope you are feeling better. I thinks sometimes it is good to be a little ill so we can appreciate our health :).

    This looks like a wonderful treat and I know su mama loved it. You are fortunate to know that you are lucky to have her.


  36. Looks delicious. Hope you're feeling better, Gloria!

  37. Hi Gloria,
    Your walnut kuchen looks wonderful! You are so sweet to bake it for your mom. I wish that my mom is still around...miss her a lot.
    Thanks for sharing with CYB!

    1. Thanks Joyce, You know I love participate in CYB!
      Sorry you dont have your Mom Joyce.
      IHugs dear!!

  38. This cakes looks so delicious! And so lovely your words for your mum

  39. Pero que rico Gloria! me encantan las nueces, no me extraña que a tu madre le haya encantado. Espero que te encuentres mejor. Besos

    1. Gracias Rosana, tambien me encantan las nueces!!

  40. Une tarte vraiment délicieuse. Ta mère a de bonnes recettes.
    A bientôt

  41. I'm sorry to hear that you aren't feeling well. Hope you're feeling better soon. And in the meantime, your mom is lucky to have a daughter who helps her celebrate in such a spectacular way!

    1. Thanks Beth, this week I feel better Thanks God, xo

  42. Simply damn delicious!!!
    get well soon my friend......
    Dedy@Dentist Chef

  43. I hope you're feeling better. I love that you made this
    for your mom. Thanks for sharing a personal story
    with us. I love reading stuff like this.

  44. Replies
    1. Thanks for sharing. I love personal stories likes these.

      Food and personal stories go so well together.

  45. Hi Gloria, delicious recipe and wonderful blog! I'm so glad to meet you!
    a presto! Annalisa

  46. Grazie Annalisa I love yours too:)
    Un abbraccio cara!

  47. I had to pop over from 'Whisks' blog to read this lovely post. Moms are so special. My mum loved baking and the smell from the kitchen was always wonderful ... I remember her with so many Happy Memories.

    My husband is a Type 2 diabetic so although we eat cakes we use almond flour, as it doesn't contain as many carbohydrates/sugars as ordinary flour, which raises his blood sugar levels ... it's important for a diabetic to keep them as near to normal of those that a non diabetic has ...

    But this sure looks a great recipe idea - and thanks for sharing a lovely story.

    All the best Jan

  48. Thanks Jan.my dad is diabetic type 2 so only bake for my mom:)
    But sometimes I make for my dad some treats with sucralosa:)

  49. I published (most of) my mother's day recipes late too ;-) They are good for other occasions too, I just figured! Your dessert looks delicious!


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