17 January 2012

Veggie white rice (microwaves)

Sometimes I love make  some things in microwaves, are fast and nice and have some recipes that are speciallly useful to some people only cook to themselves and dont have a lot of time.
You can use the microwaves and eat health and nice!
The original version is for 2 cups of rice.
But here is for these people that live alone or cook for two so the recipe for 1 cup of rice (2 o 3 servings)


1 cup of  white rice
200 grs frozen assorted vegetables
1,5 cup of hot water
1 tablespoon of butter
1 veggie Bouillon cube 
(low sodium if possible)
 garlic powder (a pinch)


Put the rice, butter and the bouillon cube in a microwaves container and put in high level by 2 minutes.
Get out of the microwave and stir and put again for two minutes more.(without lid)

Add the hot water and the veggies, salt and garlic,  stir and put with a lid at microwave by 18 minutes.
Set aside by 5 minutes inside the microwave.
When get out taste if is needed 1 minute more but normally the rice finish cook  when you set aside.
The matter of cook at microwaves is the time, all the food have a time like this.
The cook depends too about the amount you use.
When I make special food for parties nor others I always make this veggie rice. Is nice to side many plates.


Im sharing this with
Cast Party Wednesday


Arroz con verduras al microondas

A veces me encanta hacer algunas comidas en el microondas o complementar la cocción, es rápido y muy saludable casi no se usa
aceites y los ratos de cocción son cortos.

La versión original de este arroz está hecha para dos tazas de arroz (5 o 6 porciones) pero yo la adapté (y probé) para una taza  por la sencilla razón de que hay muchas personas que cocinan para dos o para ellos mismos .
Esta receta la hago siempre para cuando me piden comidas para fiestas o cumpleaños, porque acompaña muy bien todo tipo de carnes o pescados.


1 taza de arroz blanco
200 grs. de vegetales congelados
1,5 taza de agua caliente
1 cucharada de mantequilla
1 cubo de caldo de verduras
(bajo en sodio)
1 pizca de ajo en polvo


En un recipiente para microondas poner el arroz, mantequilla y cubo de verduras, llevar a microondas en potencia alta por unos 2 minutos. Retirar, revolver con cuchara de palo y volver al microondas por otros dos minutos.(esta parte sin la tapa).
Luego agregarle el agua caliente, las verduras, la pizca de ajo en polvo y un poco de sal a gusto.
Llevar de nuevo a microondas por unos 18 minutos, con tapa, en potencia alta.
Cuando termine el tiempo dejar reposar dentro del microondas por unos 5 minutos.
Despues retirar y probar.
Si le falta se puede poner unos 2 minutos más pero nada más.(potencia media)
El arroz se termina de cocer dentro del microondas.
Lo importante de la coccion en microondas es los tiempos que deben ser bastante exactos, y en relación a la cantidad que se va a cocinar.


  1. Gloria, this looks really simple and good. My family LOVES rice--we eat it several times a week.

  2. Thanks dear Rebecca I love simple food, always the idea is help with nice recipes and Im glad you like!

  3. This sounds delicious. I love using the microwave for when you need a quick meal.

  4. this is a microwave dinner, which i eat more of than i like to acknowledge, that i could really enjoy.

  5. Mmm this looks great, thanks very much for sharing :) I'm saving this recipe

  6. That looks very good and healthy Gloria! Well done! xxoo

  7. it's so strange to see a savory dish here, but this is great! i love things that can be made in the microwave--that means i can get to my dessert more quickly!

  8. Wow, I love this. I'll have to try it myself

  9. I love rice and this looks great!


  10. Çok güzel ellerinize sağlık..sevgilerrr...

  11. Ohh how I love when you make vegetarian recipes ;) lol

  12. I do use my microwave to cook Gloria; I have a great Rice Pilaf recipe that I have been making forever. This one is fantastic; thanks.

  13. This is a quick and easy recipe Gloria, perfect for those rushed weeknight meals.

  14. I love this..YUMMY RECIPE..


  15. Nunca he cocinado en microondas, no me atrevo. Tu arroz, eso si, se ve muy rico, jeje.

  16. The colors are so stunning in your rice dish. Talk about flavor and eye candy which is so welcome on a dreary winter day.

  17. This looks delicious and I need microwave recipes right now. This one will get used, I promise. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  18. Microwaves are great for a quick dish like this, great idea :)

  19. Ese arroz tiene muy buena pinta!! probaré con el microondas, (en realidad solo lo uso para calentar y descongelar...)Besos

  20. Good and easy works great. Perfect for when in a hurry!

  21. We eat a lot of rice but I never make it like this! I'm going to try it. I think it sounds very good, and like you say, it would make a nice side dish for many things. Yum! Thanks, Gloria.

  22. and I love the little dishes with the chickens on them! So cute!

  23. Que rico Gloria, el arroz como sea me gusta.
    Esta versión veraniega me encanta.

  24. I love using my microwave too. I can't my life would be without a microwave. This microwave rice dish looks fantastic! Fast and yummy!

  25. That's the kind of dish I usually cook for myself when I want to get remotely fancy!

  26. Dear Gloria, Rice is a favorite of mine and I always have some ready. I use a rice cooker. I don't have a microwave, but this is fine to make in the rice cooker. Have a lovely day my dear. blessings from your friend, Catherine xoxo

  27. Gloria que facil y sencillo haces ver este arroz! Me encanta, con esas verduras ideal...para un fin de semana sin complicaciones pero delicioso.:D

    Gracias por tu comentario, no lo vi y tuve que repetir la entrada porque blogger no me dejaba editarla...asi que se me fue tu comentario, sin propósito :(

    Un besote y buen fin de semana!!! :D

  28. Thanks word of delicious:)

    I think you would like Ed!

    Thanks Blaza 1:)

    Thanks so much dear Marie:)

    Oh Grace you want means I only make desserts???? Im kidding you!! I try to make both!! gloria

    Thanks loverfood!

    Thanks Maria, is practical and nice:)))

  29. Thanks Duckie!!

    Thanks Anneminelli!

    Thanks Jax, daughter too!!

    Thanks Anna is nice!

    Thanks Rita you can make someones recipes in microwaves, help to our lives (lol)

    Yes Valli I think so!!

    Thanks Aarthi!!

  30. Pamela atrévete el arroz es una de las cosas fáciles así uno puede hacer dos cosas a la vez!! ja,

    Thanks Katherine you are so sweet!

    Thanks Mary, blessings to you!

    Thanks Magic of spice!

    Rosana muchos hacemos eso pero hay recetas muy buenas que valen la pena!

    Thanks Pam!

    Thanks Betsy, yes is a good side!!

    Ha I love too betsy I was sure you will love (lol)(because you love these things like I love, dishes,beauty things, seashell)

    Gracias Kako, es una receta práctica, besos
    Im glad you like dear Silver!!

    Catherine Rice cooker is absolutely nice too! I know!
    blessings Catherine!

    ah Pat you can make some rice and Im sure you will love (lol)

    Te repetí el comentario Mayte estos dias el Blogger ha estado rarísimo!! besos

    Thanks JDC the best is easy!!

  31. Hi, Gloria. Visiting from Betsy's! Your food looks so good!! beautiful blog! blessings ~ Tanna

  32. Thanks for stopping by Tanna, thanks to you!

  33. yummy veggie rice!

  34. sounds simple enough for me...smiles...i like rice...and so do my boys...

  35. Thanks Natasha!
    Thanks Brian, is simple and nice!

  36. El arroz es agradecido.
    Un saludito

  37. It looks healthy and flavorful.

  38. Un plat facile et délicieux. J'aime beaucoup.
    A très bientôt

  39. My girlfriend would like this. She loves dishes with rice.

  40. Gracias Sole!
    merci beaucoup Nadji! a bientot!
    Thanks Adam I think she would enjoy this! gloria

  41. Super! no solo para cocinar para uno. El micro ondas es un buen aliado para tomarse unas "vacaciones" de la cocina. Todo se hace más rápido.

  42. This looks very good, and simple to make. But I also LOVE that rooster bowl and plate!!!

  43. I never use my microwave. However, Marion is sure to LOVE this recipe, Gloria. I'll tell her about it ASAP! Maybe she will make me dinner for a change, lol...

    Thanks for sharing...

  44. Hi Gloria

    This looks so good and all your food looks so good. I come to visit and just keep going back and get lost looking and reading about such great food.

    Anyway I read at Betsy's how your dad is sick and I just want you to know that I will say a prayer for him and I so much wish that he gets well soon.

    Just spend as much time as you can with him because that helps more than anything, just being surrounded by loved ones.

    Best wishes and God bless.

    PS...and thank you for the visit and the recipe. You are awesome.

  45. hi! ^^
    I'd like to invite you to my bento contest: http://japanthewonderland.blogspot.com/2012/01/bento-contest-special-valentines-day.html
    please join us! I look forward to seeing you... =)

  46. I need to cook in my microwave more!
    Delicious looking dish;-)

  47. I love the idea if making microwave rice - so quick and simple.

  48. Thanks Cakelaw! Is really nice!

  49. Hi Gloria,
    I just love a little dish like this that is simple with all the goodness and comfort of a great little meal. Hope you are having a great week end and thank you so much for sharing with Full Plate Thursday.
    Come Back Soon!
    Miz Helen

  50. So simple, healthy and perfect for one or two, Gloria. I've already copied the recipe!

  51. We are rice eaters and vegetables make it even better.


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