7 January 2012

Apricots meringue pudding

I wanna make something with the apricots, I made tons of marmalate (and give to all people that coming home) (My mom said is OK please dont give more(lol)

But my friend Betsy asked me by the apricots tree and I taked some pictures.
This post is dedicated to Betsy...
The apricots  time is so short, one day are not mature and the following is ready:)
So you have to make something.
So I find this nice and yummy recipe in my little book desserts(200 dessert recipes, Sara Lewis, Londres,Ed.Blume)  I have and was  delicious  !!

The trees... Betsy

We have three apricots three, but this year we  dont have lots of apricots but I think was enough:)

Whate more I enjoy them are fresh and in jam.

But you can make this pudding with apricots tin (if you are in winter) and make again in summer.....

The recipe

Ingredients ( 6 to 8 servings)

600 ml whole milk
grated peel of 2 lemons
200 grs, sugar or splenda
50grs butter unsalted
200 grs.fresh breadcrumbs
5 eggs separated
yolks in the pudding and whites to the merengue
6 tablespoon of apricots jam
 (If you use splenda a not sugar  jam)
200 grs. fresh apricots or  a apricots tin


In a saucepan, pour the milk, add the grated lemon peel and bring to a boil, remove from heat and add the butter and 70 grs.sugar or other  until the butter has melted and sugar dissolves.

Add the breadcrumbs and let stand about 20 minutes.

Then add the egg yolks one by one, to then pour the mixture into an elongated square pan and buttered.

Preheat oven to 180 ° C and cook for 20 to 25 minutes or until curd mixture and gilded edges.

Cool slightly and spread the apricot jam and clotted cream on, then leave the apricots into quarters (either fresh or jar)

Besides beating the egg whites firm with a pinch of salt and add little by little the 130 grs. sugar until the mixture is firm and shiny.

Spread this mixture over the pudding and carry oven to brown for about 15 or 20 minutes.

Cool slightly before serving.



Budín de damascos con merengue

Quería hacer algo con los damascos aparte de mermelada, cada temporada hago alguna receta especial como tartas o helados o postres aprovechando la temporada que es muy corta, un día aún no estan maduros y de repente maduran absolutamente todos.
Y si no los aprovechas  se pierden.
Además mi amiga Betsy quería ver fotos de los arboles con damascos así que hice todo en uno.
Encontré este postre en un libro que tengo se llama: "200 recetas de postres de Sara Lewis, ed, Blume
Y fue delicioso asi que vamos a la receta:


600 ml de leche entera
cáscara rallada de 2 limones
50 grs. de mantequilla sin sal
200 grs, de azúcar
200 grs. de pan fresco desmenuzado
4 huevos separados las claras de las yemas
6 cucharadas de mermelada de damasco
Si usan splenda pueden usar mermelada Diet de damasco
200 grs. de damascos frescos o en tarro
cortados en cuartos


Verter la leche en una olla , añadir la cáscara de limón  y llevar a ebullición. Sacar del fuego y añadir la mantequilla y 70 grs, de azúcar hasta que la mantequilla se haya derretido y el azúcar disuelto.
Añadir el pan desmenuzado y dejar reposar 20 minutos.
Aparte enmantequillar una fuente alargada , precalentar el horno y hornear alrededor de 20 a 25 minutos.
hasta que la crema haya cuajado.
Untar con la mermelada sobre la crema y sobre la mermelada repartir los damascos en cuartos.
Luego batir las claras con una pizca de sal, ahasta que esten firmes agregar el resto de azúcar hasta que la mezcla esté brillante y espesa, cubrir con esto el postre y llevar a horno por unos 15 a 20 minutos hasta que esté dorado.
Dejar reposar antes de servir,
Se puede servir tibio o frio.


  1. Hi Gloria, love the heaer of blueberries. So you can bring me apricots anytime you want! I'll take what your mother doesn't want. Looks wonderful enjoy andi

  2. Thanks Andi, She think I give so mmany jams to all (lol) but she really love apricot Jam:)

    Roxana yes, but you can make with apricots tin or bookmarkedto June (lol)

  3. The photos you take always look so beautiful, the food must be delicious!

  4. The apricot trees are so pretty! My parents had two apricot trees when I was little, but they didn't have much fruit--the blossoms were beautiful though!

  5. Thanks so much rebecca when I was a chil I love apricots too:)

  6. Suena exquisito. Mi abuela hacia las Islas flotantes con damascos, por la misma razón que tu mencionas, pero eso me tinca mas.

  7. Pilar que buena idea hacer las Islas flotantes con damascos no se me habría ocurrido me acuerdo que tus abuelos tenían arboles frutales:)

  8. Wow! I'm so jealous of those trees! How beautiful..and right there in your yard! Apricot jam is my favorite. I would make lots of it, too! Funny that your mom said she has enough now. hahaha.

    Your pudding looks really delicious and beautiful, too, with that meringue! So nice, Gloria! Yum.

  9. Your meringue is perfectly golden, too. I love that!

  10. Me hiciste acordar de los árboles de casa de mis papás. Y empezaba la tanda: mermeladas por kilos, jarabe para guardar pál invierno, leche con damascos, compota, kuchenes, unas bolitas de masa rellenas con damascos, licos de damascos y así demasiado damasco en la infancia... ahora no como. Pero tus fotos están tan, pero tan tentadoras que lo probaría.

  11. WOW does that look good mmmm

  12. Thanks for doing a post for me, Gloria. You are so sweet. :) When apricots are in season up here, I am going to make this. I love meringue, too!

  13. Thanks Betsy you would enjoy this dessert because you love apricots, me too:)

    ANabella verdad que tú tenías arboles, que lindos son, aqui son bastante nuevos pero dan hartos damascos, te mandé un mail anabella par ver lo del Lunes, besos

    Thanks a lot Baur:)

    Thanks Betsy Im sure you would like this:)

  14. Showing Betsy trees I'm sure that does please! They look great too, have stupid snow on ours, sad but true.

  15. I love snow Pat, but all seasons are especial, really are, thanks dear:)

  16. What a beautiful pie!! You always come up with delicious looking treats :), Miriam@Meatless Meals For Meat Eaters

  17. Thanks a lot Christine!!

    Thanks so much Miriam !

  18. Thanks for commenting on my post :)

  19. H Gloria!!!

    I was just preparing my post for Sunday when I spied your Apricot Meringue Pudding in my side bar. I just had to pop by and take a look. What a delightful surprise to see those glorious trees. And your pudding, well, let me tell you, it looks absolutely divine!!!

    Thank you so much for sharing...I'm going to "grab" your link for my post because, January 9th is...[drum roll]...Apricot Day!!!

  20. Totally Yummy..Delciious..Love to try it..Bookmarked


  21. Wow Gloria, I have never heard of this recipe before. It looks absolutely delicious. I love the meringue with the orange apricots...what a wonderful idea for a dessert

  22. i am drolling here to see so tempting pudding

  23. Gloria, that looks just wonderful! We love apricot anything in this house. I can't wait to show it to our Todd. he will love it! xxoo

  24. Fantastic pie, Gloria. You do such a beautiful job with your desserts plus all your other recipes but I like desserts.

  25. Des abricots aussi beaux en plein mois de janvier, quelle chance.
    Un pudding délicieux.
    Bon dimanche et à très bientôt.

  26. Qué estupenda receta!, se la voy a preparar a Wil, siempre me pide cosas con damascos o duraznos, lo haré con los de tarro, lógico.
    Es necesario añadir la mantequilla al budín?, lo quiero hacer amiga, gracias por tu estupenda publicación.

  27. Que pinta más estupenda, me gusta como te ha quedado.


  28. that looks sooo delicious! I know its futile asking, but you have any idea about making the vegan or non-egg version of meringue?

  29. You are welcome Baur I enjoyed your posts:)

    Thanks Louise Im happy you like dear, I comment in your waht lovely, I love gum (he) many ears ago:)
    Thanks for visit me Louise:)

    Thanks Aarthi:)

    ooh Brittany I love the meringue too so much:) thanks for stopping by:)

    Thanks Santosh:)

    Marie what nice you like I love apricots jam I remember some recipes of yours with apriocts, send huggs to you and Todd dear, have a nice Sunday:)

    Thanks a lot Bizzy you always are so nice:)

    Merci Nadji, oui abricots in janvier, bon dimanche mon amie :)

    Kako e smuy buena, y tú no comes damascos Kako,? son deliciosos, casi no quedan por eso hice el postre, como nunca hemos comido frescos e hice mermelada. Por supuesto No sé Kako acerca de la mantequilla ya tengo las cantidades reducidas, y queda delicioso.

    Gracias José manuel:)

    Thanks Kavi, unfortunatelly I dont know the meringue veggie version, but maybe I other know it:)

  30. This sounds good, Gloria. We've made apricot jam every year for as long as I can remember. Topped with meringue, I bet this tasted fabulous.

  31. Oh I love apricots, they are like little tiny peaches, but better tasting:)

  32. Ce pouding est franchement gourmand!! Bon dimanche ma belle amie;)xxx

  33. This is such a delectable dish! I love apricots and it is hard to find good, fresh ones here. I have to settle for apricot preserves. You are so lucky!

  34. Fantastic idea for a pudding. Looks so lush.

  35. Claro que como damascos, son exquisitos, pero no soy postrera amiga, hago todas las semanas diferentes postres pero se los come Wil, no le pueden faltar, por eso me encantó tu receta.
    Ya te cuento, gracias!

  36. Never heard this recipe before, sounds do yummy!
    I love apricots!
    Un beso

  37. Una maravilla de postre, te felicito! Feliz domingo!

  38. mmm apricots.... I also have them in my yard, but only in summer off course :)

  39. Visiting from #citrus bloghop! I too love apricots, wish I had a tree or two in my backyard. The cake looks amazing!

  40. Your use of the apricots in this dessert is wonderful Gloria! Very nice!!

  41. Gracias por su receta de Apricots Meringue pudding! Me gusta mucho tus fotografias. Todo es tan riquisimo!

  42. Que rico, los damascos (albaricoques)
    son la fruta mas rica del verano y que bonitos se ven en el arbol, por aqui habra que esperar a la temporada proxima, sino a usar de bote como dice Kako ¡que remedio!!!

  43. Me encanta tu receta Gloria, me gusta el merengue y me gustan los melocotones, como se llaman aquí en España y ya no hay solo de conserva hay que esperar para el próximo verano, besos

  44. That looks sooo good!! You always have the yummiest recipes. Maybe I should have looked at this after dinner. ;)

  45. This pudding is awesome! The best thing is the apricot that you used can't get better as they are freshly picked from the tress.

  46. Those look good. Wish we could grow more fresh fruit where I lived.

  47. This looks like a delicious and refreshing dessert, I love appricots but mostly had the dried ones.

  48. This looks wonderful! Meringues with anything are great.

  49. Last time I tried to make a meringue the top just burned =(

  50. fantastica...ottima e deliziosa....quelle albicocche sembrano quelle del mio giardino...bel blog complimenti...ciao.

  51. We never get decent apricots here...and I love them! And your dessert looks fantastic!!!! Happy Monday, Gloria~

  52. Gloria, te faltan dos cosas.
    A donde metes las yemas?? y a cuanto precalientas el horno??
    Espero la respuesta, gracias!

  53. Sorry Kako se me fue en la traducción.
    El horno a 180°

    Y las yemas van en la crema que se prepara la que lleva el pan desmenuzado. sorry, voy a revisar. sorry

  54. I love apricots but I don't like meringue.

  55. Tahnks to all oofyou by your comments:)
    Whats for dessert I love meringue(lol) but not all people like it I know

  56. I want a piece of this for breakfast, Gloria! And them some Paella for lunch. haha.

  57. I love the meringue topping in this dessert Gloria!!!

  58. I want please!
    =) se ve rico, debe ser la mejor combinación, levemente ácido, dulce a la vez y la suavidad del merengue... que rico... Espero poder intentarlo uno de estos días... Cariños!

  59. OK Betsy I always have something for you, wait at night you will love this recipe I will post:)

    Thanks a Lot Valli I love meringue too:)

    Gracias Varecierto porque los damascos aunque sean dulces tienen un toqiue ácido, ahh tú sabes mucho mi niña. besos

  60. Gloria, this looks really lovely.I don't use apricots enough and I'm happy to have another recipe for them to add to my collection. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  61. wooooow, gloria! me encanta la mezcla de texturas que hay en este postre. ¡gracias por compartirlo!

  62. Dear Gloria, What a wonderful dessert!! I just love it! The pictures are beautiful too. How nice to have fresh apricots. Blessings,
    Catherine xo

  63. I love Apricots and you have 3 trees;wow! This dessert is going on my Must make soon list; looks wonderful Gloria.

  64. Oh Gloria!! this looks SO wonderful - I actually saw apricots in the market today! I love the idea of using them with in a meringue pudding - perfect!
    mary x

  65. I really envy the fact that you have access to an apricot tree. This is a fruit I love.

    Thanks for sharing Gloria ;o)


  66. Gloria, I LOVE apricots and you are so lucky having your own apricot tree's! This pudding looks and I am sure tastes absolutely beautiful!


  67. Allo Gloria! Je n'ai jamais cuisiné les abricots à ma grande honte mais je dois dire que ta recette est fortement tentante pour un début! Superbe et très alléchant! Au plaisir1 Bonne année en retard ma chère!!! xoxoxo

  68. Thanks Lover food!

    Gracias Sole:)

    Thanks a lot Catherine:)

    Rita Im sure you would love this:)

    Oh Mary, what nice, You live in New York didn't is amazing in this time you saw apricots:)

    A Claudia but you live in amazing place and have a mazing things I know, bacio:)

    María Yes I love apricots too, and the jam is nice:)

    Thanks so much Pam:)

    Caro Oh jamais trop tard pour apprendre ou d'utiliser les abricots sont une des choses les plus délicieux que j'ai jamais rencontré. allez adorer. Bonne année à vous,

  69. Today is National Apricot Day in the US, but no local fresh apricots here in January. I will definitely try this recipe. Thanks for sharing!

  70. Thanks Janet, yes Louise tell me and I find lovely but you can bookmarked lol

  71. Hola Glory !!! Que rico tu postre !!!
    Este fin de semana estuve por tus rutas !!! Tuve matri el sábado y el domingo asadito en la casa de mi cuñado, me dá mucha nostalgia vi mi casita desde afuera.
    Felíz 2012 !!!

  72. Thanks Baur:)

    Rosario, me habría encantado verte, pa otra vez me avisai:)

  73. Que delicia de postre Gloria!! me encanta este verano lo porobaré... Besos

  74. This looks really awesome & lovely. And I love the photos of your apricot trees. I'll try this recipe during summer :)

  75. sounds like a good treat! love seeing those apricot trees here!

  76. What a gorgeous and unique way to incorporate meringue! Love your recipe:-)Hugs, Terra

  77. Gloria, you make me crave summer! Gorgeous dessert. I love meringues. WOW!!


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