6 December 2011

Carta da Musica for pizza stone

This crisp cracker bread's colorful name comes from the dough, which is supposed to be rolled like  a sheet music paper. But is not necessary will be so thin. Think in a round and thin plate.  It's the perfect vehicle for anything from a quick dip in seasoned olive oil to a spoonful of caponata

Carta puffs up and crisps beautifully on a super-hot pizza stone. But don't let the lack of a stone stop you; it bakes nearly as nicely on a baking sheet.

This recipe is adapted from a recipe of REVISTA PAULA de Chile especial cocina.(año 2002)

Ingredients (5 or 6 servings)

1 cup (240 ml) of warm water
15 grs. dry yeast
pinch of sugar
250 grs. all purpose flour
130 grs. semolina flour
1/ 2 teaspoon of salt

1 tin hearts  of palm(palmitos)
tomato sauce
oregano, salt
150 grs, mushrooms
basil chopped
mozarella cheese in  slices

(or any ingredient you would like: Ham,  pepperoni, olives,  onions, spinachs, tomatos in slices or green pepper etc.)
You can use like a dough plate and serve salads too.(and you can eat de plate(lol)


In a bowl mix the yeast with warm water and pinch of sugar, stir to dissolve yeast.

In another bowl place the flour, semolina, salt and add the yeast mixture, mix well.

Mix to make a stiff dough.

On a smooth surface knead the dough 5 minutes until elastic.

place in a bowl brush with oil and cover with plastic wrap let stand in warm place until it grows in volume.

Preheat oven to 190 ° C.

Divide dough into portions (5 or 6) and make individual disks about 15 cm in diameter.

Place in  baking trays  and bake until  are slightly browned,  and turn about two minutes.Not more. Because when you fill you heta again. Anyway you can heat at microwaves too.

Fill with whatever you want and heat for a few minutes or until cheese is dissolved.


Im sharing with

Lets cook for Christmas red and green


Pizzas piedra (carta de música)

Esta masa "Carta da música" que viene de Italia por supuesto es lo más parecido a lo que llamamos masa piedra o masa fina, para pizza.
El nombre viene de que se supone debería ser como una partitura de música pero no es necesario, lo ideal es que sea como plato individual para rellenar la piza, igual se puede servir con ensaladas.


1 taza de agua tibia
15 grs. de levadura seca
1 pizca de azúcar
250 grs. de harina sil polvos de hornear
130 grs. de sémola
1/2 cucharadita de sal


En este caso las rellenamos con

1 tarro de palmitos cortados en rodajas
150 grs. de champiñones en tajadas
salsa de tomate o tomates en rodajas
sal, orégano
queso mozarella en tajadas u otro
albahaca picada

Otras ideas de igredientes:
jamón, pollo, pimientos verdes, cebollas,espinacas, salame o pepperoni, choclo, tomates picados etc.
Tambien queda bien servir el plato de masa con ensaladas (entibiar el plato antes de servir)


En un bol mediano poner el agua tibia, la levadura y la pizca de azúcar, revolver bien y dejar un momento hasta que se disuelva bien.

En otro bol colocar la harina, sémola,la sal y la levadura ya disuelta, unir bien con las manos formando una masa firme.

Sobre una superficie firme, amasar la masa por unos 5 minutos o hasta que esté elástica


  1. This looks very tasty and easy--a good thing to have on hand during this busy season.


  2. Wowo that just look so cheesy delicious.

  3. Menuda masa, me ha encantado! Debe de estar buenísima. Ais no miro más, que ando a dieta Jajaj

  4. you had me at mozzarella cheese :)))

  5. Pizza Stone? I hope it's not as hard as a stone, my teeth couldn't take it..haha

  6. Yes is easy and fast nice for tghese times Bonnie:)

    I love cheese Finla (lol):)

    Gracias Mari:)

    Dez I love mozarella too is a wonderful cheese:)

    Dont worry Pat., you are so young (still...) you dont have any porblem with your teeth, seriously is only a name :)))

  7. How fun and very versatile - I've never heard of this before, thanks!

  8. These are nice little tasty treats! Love the thin crisp crust. I love my pizza stone, and my stoneware cooking sheets, or bar pans. I was wondering what the hearts of palm was on your pizza, nice idea!

  9. Hi Gloria. YUM!!! And also on previous post. That bread looks divine!!

  10. I NEED to get my hands on this bread. That looks perfect for a yummy pizza! I wouldn't mind getting my hands on a pizza stone either ;)

  11. Oh, your pizzas are making me hungry...that melted cheese and hearts of palm!!! YUM!

  12. Es toda una delicia Gloria!!!

    Me encantan yo en lo personal no sabría cuál elegir primero para probarlas todas son una tentación de sabores.

    Mil besos!!!

  13. Gloria, que rico!!!
    Con palmitos y champiñones, esa es la mia!!

  14. Que ricas se ven estas pizzas con estas cartas de música. El relleno me encantó!! cariños

  15. me encantan! me recuerdan a los chapati, porque suelen tener la masa medio infladita. una buena forma de no atorarnos con las harinas.

  16. Gloria, those pizzas look so good!


  17. Se ven divinas, que buena combinación de sabores. Saludos.

  18. This looks so delicious and healthy!

  19. Hi lovely lady.
    This looks so Yummy.
    I did copy your recipe for my cook book thanks so much.
    I would like to thank you so much for your sweet comments on my new post.
    Christmas In The Park.
    XXOO Diane

  20. Qué buena y que fresquita combinación. Muy rica.

  21. Muy ricas Gloria, yo las haría directamente con tortillas mexicanas que me salen muy baratas, compradas, of course ;) Un beso,

  22. thanks the Café sucré:)

    Thanks a lot Lyndsey,:)

    Grazie Federica:)

    Thanks dear Kris:)

    Thanks Parsley:)

    I love palmitos Lizzy with salads too:)))
    Thanks whats for dessert:)

    Grcias Mayte:)

    Gracias Kako!!

    Gracias Claudia espero que te hayas mejorado bien amiga, besos

    Si Sole tambien las encuentro parecidos a los chapatis pero la masa e sun poco mas suave:) besos

    Thanks so much María:)

    Gracias Pamela:)))

    Thanks Christine, you are nice always:)

    Thanks so much Diane:))

    Gracias Blue lady!

    yes Myriam, tortillas are nice but to this recipe I really love these doughs!
    ;Maybe you can try are easy:))

  23. Oh yum! I want a slice of that right now! That looks wonderful, Gloria! I don't think I've ever had hearts of palm but looks amazing!

  24. Thanks Betsy, I love palmitos (hearts of palms) are delicious anyway in a pizza you can add all you want:))) I made these yesterday I love the dough really thin:)

  25. Dear Gloria, What a nice meal! I just love the fresh pizza. I never buy my pizza. It is too expensive and never as healthy. This looks great. Blessings dear, Catherine xo

  26. This a perfect recipe! I love a cracker crust for a pizza.

  27. Look like a great recipe. I would love to make these for my family too :D

  28. The pizza stones are just so cool, and cute at the same time!!:D

  29. Carta da musica is really yum!


  30. Cierto que tu también tenías tu pizza Gloria, jaja.
    Pero la tuya con masa hecha en casa seguro que esta mas sabrosa y el relleno de palmitos mi sueño hecho realidad.

  31. Those look wonderful Gloria!! I can almost taste them! Happy Christmas season to you and your lovely family! Hugs and kisses! xxoo

  32. Que buena pinta!! esa masa me parece muy rica me la apunto. Besos

  33. Those look good. My girlfriend hates pizza but maybe she'll like these.

  34. Ça semble délicieux. Je n'ai encore jamais mis de cœurs de palmier sur mes pizzas. Ca me plait. Je note.
    A très bientôt

  35. this is great for holiday parties!! thanks for sharing!!

  36. I love making pizza with my son! These pizzas look delicious, Gloria! I really like the palmitos addition!

  37. Gloria, your pizza is great and I have to try it. Homemade is the best pizza there is and thanks for the recipe!

  38. These little pizzas look great! I like the hearts of palm as a topping. I have to try that next time I make pizzas.

  39. Oh Gloria, so cute and I want a few of the pizza's. Like your header page. I loveI never make pizza and its easy and I should make one. You just convinced me to make a pizza. winterberries. Decorated the outdoor planter today with boughs and winterberry's. andi

  40. Love the paper thin semolina crust! They look so delicious!

  41. Yummo! These look terrific Gloria.

  42. they look fabulous especially the thin crisp pizza base!

  43. What fun little pizzas! I've been wanting to make my own pizza from scratch but I 've never gotten around to it yet.
    *kisses* HH

  44. What cute and delicious little pizzas!

  45. I love crispy pizza! This looks so perfect. The big slices of mozzerella look delicious too! Good work Gloria, as always

  46. Thanks to you by all your lovely and nice comments:)

  47. Sounds tasty and looks good.

  48. Sounds tasty and looks good.

  49. These look lovely - so delicious! Thank you for sharing your pizzas with the Hearth and Soul hop.

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