25 November 2011

marzipan alfajores with raspberry jam

Think in  these little alfajores as "petites boucheés"  or small bites because they are cute  and delicious.

The original recipe was with Nutella, but I found it  too sweet and I prefer  fill with  raspberry jam  because is a little  acid and is nice  with chocolate, and voila! was amazing:))

(Although if you want can be filled with nutella if you like)

This recipe is adapted from Libro de cocina paula 2010(Santiago Chile)

Ingredients (20 alfajores)

300 grs, marzipan I bought it in candy stores or super
but if you dont find you can make
3/4 cup of raspberry jam
300 grs dark chocolate melted (semi sweet or bitter)
some raspberries to garnish


 To make the alfajores  on a flat surface and roll the marzipan dough making  sandwich between two plastic film is more easy  to pass the rolling pin.

Leave of 5 mm. thick and with a pastry cutter no more than 4  cm.,  cut 40  circles, put them on a plate and set aside.

When ready spread one side with 1/2 teaspoon of raspberry jam and place another  alfajor on top and cap.

Press lightly and bring them to the refrigerator for 1 hour.

When you are ready  immerse one in the melted chocolate bath, bathe it, take it out carefully (you can use a fork to remove  from chocolate) and let dry on waxed paper. Top place with raspberries.


Im sharing with

Miz Helen’s Country Cottage


Alfajores de mazapán con mermelada de frambuesas

Piensen en estos alfajores de mazapan como algo pequeño y delicado o sea un ¡petite bouchée!, un bocado pequeño.La receta original era con nutella o podría ser con dulce de leche pero yo quería algo más suave porque el mazapán es dulce, por eso los rellené con mermelada de frambuesa (un poquito y creanme que quedaron muy buenos:)
Si alguien quiere puede rellenarlos con nutella.

Esta receta está adaptada de un libro paula Cocina del 2010

Ingredientes (20 alfajores)

300 grs. de pasta de mazapán
venden en varias partes yo usé el de Lagos del sur (falabella o Jumbo)
la pasta de mazapán tambien se puede hacer tambien en casa
ver aquí
3/4 taza de mermelada de frambuesa
300 grs. de cobertura de chocolate semi amargo
frambuesas para decorar


Sobre una superficie lisa estirar el mazapán, ponerlo entre dos film plástico y pasarle el rodillo para estirarlo.
Dejándole de 5 mm de grosor y cortar 40 círculos con un cortapas de unos 4 cm
Sobre 20 de estos círculos colocar un poco de mermelada sobre cada uno, cubrir con otra tapita y presionar un poco, llevar a refrigerador por 1 horas.
Aparte derretir en una ollita el chocolate a baño maría,sumergir cada alfajor en el chocolate, retirar y dejar secar sobre papel mantequilla para que se enfrien. Decorar con las frambuesas. Dejar reposar hasta que el chocolate esté firme.


  1. Dear Gloria, Oh MY!! these sound rich and delicious~a perfect combination. I think a delicious cup of coffee with these would be very nice. Blessings, Catherine xo

  2. Thanks so much Catherine what nice are you, blessings gloria

  3. Looks scrumptious. Love the new header, too!

  4. Yes but I know you can eat this, sorry Silver but you are nice to comment and stopping by, love the header too:)

  5. Sorry I wanna say, (Im silly) You cant eat this, sorry:)

  6. Gloria me encatan el mazapàn, me ha venido un antojo atroz con tu receta!!! se ven riquisimos, un abrazo amiga!

  7. Topino! cariño es normal que tengas antojos, besos:)

  8. Gloria, me encanto esta receta, en el matrimonio de mi cuñado cuando fui a Chile habían rellenos con manjar, creo que tu adaptación es perfecta, así no quedan tan relajantes.

  9. Estoy de acuerdo Pilar, he porbado con manjar tambien son buenos pero con frambuesa quedan muy buenos y liavianos a los niños les encantaron:)

  10. Pero que buenos deben estar Gloria, además con esa cubierta de chocolate!

    Besotes :D

  11. I ate alfajores in Argentina, and loved them!!! Are the same in Chile?


  12. Ayy Gloriaa, esas tentaaciones q pones!... qué rico!


  13. Ay Dios Mio! I think I am going to faint! Que linda! (That's the extent of my Spanish, Gloria!!)
    But really, these look so, so, so delicious. I am definitely going to have to try making this one day!!!!! Thanks for sharing.

  14. Que buena pinta! una delicia y lleva poco tiempo hacerlos... lo probaré. Feliz fin de semana. Besos

  15. They sound positively amazing Gloria! Just wonderful! Hugs and love to you! xxoo

  16. Those look amazing Gloria and I LOVE raspberries with chocolate!

  17. Gracias Mayte, besos amiga, :)

    Yes Alessandra we have delicious alfajores tto, Argentina and Chile have delicious treats:) thanks
    we love dulce de leche too!

    Para de vez en cuando Mario, es rico:)

    Thanks treat and trick! gloria

    Thanks Gloria, you are so nice, dont worry by spanish:)

    Gracias Rosana, cierto no te domeras nada lo importante es tenerlos un rato en el refrigerador antes del chocolate, los hice ayer y no queda ni uno,!

    Thanks so much Marie,huggs and love to you my dear friend, have a nice weekend:)

    Yes karen I love too:)

    Gracias José Manuel, besos, gloria

  18. What a fun alfajores flavor! I don't think I've ever seen anythign like it!

  19. Mmmmmm I could live on Marzipan, love it. This will suit me very well thanks. Diane

  20. This must taste heavenly; Love combination of chocolate and raspberries.

  21. Una delicia que rico me encantan la combinación chocolate y frambuesas

  22. They look utterly delicious, although I'm not a marzipan fan, so might have to leave that out!

  23. Ohhhhh these look INCREDIBLE! What a special recipe! I don't use marzipan much but I think it compliments chocolate well.

  24. Menudo pecado! Me han encantado. Aún no me he atrevido nunca a hacer alfajores, y mira que tengo ganas.

  25. Oh yum! They look like a perfect little parcel! I love raspberry and chocolate...and cherry with chocolate...ginger & chocolate...mint w/chocolate...apricot...etc... :)

  26. Marzipan is so delicious! I love the combo with jam!!
    I love the new look of your blog as well!
    Ub beso

  27. le foto sono così belle che invitano all'assaggio!!baci!

  28. These look delish, Gloria!! I am not a fan of marzipan, but covered in chocolate it's a different thing :)!

  29. These are soooo pretty and look inscredibely tasty!
    I'm like you, I love raspberries and chocolate! :)

  30. These looks SO good - I absolutely LOVE mazipan - so I'm making these - they're so pretty!
    mary x

  31. Hi Gloria,
    The roses on your header are just beautiful, that is one of my favorite colors. What a wonderful treat to have with my afternoon tea. This is a great recipe! Hope you are having a great holiday week end. Thank you so much for sharing with Full Plate Thursday and hope you will come back soon!
    Miz Helen

  32. Well, now that header photo is making me miss spring and summer! Your roses are beautiful!

    I think I would like these better with raspberry jam instead of nutella, too! I love fruit and chocolate together! And they are so pretty! Wish you lived close! :)

  33. Gloria, have to also say that I clicked on the link to your twins' birthday cake. I loved reading the little story about how you adopted them and have had them since they were three days old. That is such a wonderful thing. I SO admire parents who adopt. They are extra special people. ;) And I didn't realize your twins were 17...so close in age to my triplets! :)

  34. I agree, Gloria - Raspberry Filling is a great choice!

  35. your marzipan alfajores look so sinful but so delicious! Anything with chocolates I can't resist! Hope you have a wonderful weekend Gloria:)

  36. I've always loved raspberry with chocolate, Gloria. A perfect choice with these gems!

  37. I love the rapsberry-chocolate combo!!!Se ven deliciosos,Gloria!

  38. These are such a special treat Gloria and perfect for the holidays!!

  39. Look quite yummy for many I'd say, new header is also quite the display.

  40. i hv no experince in marzipan but they look really cute, have a nice day, Gloria!

  41. I have never tried marzipan in a dessert before! I like this!
    And your new header is lovely!

  42. se insisti ne assaggio uno complimenti meravigliosi buona serata

  43. Lovely - anything with so much chocolate has to be a good thing!

  44. These look beautiful! I definitely love the idea of swapping the nutella for the raspberry. Perfect for afternoon tea!

  45. Deliciosos,muy apropiados para las navidades.besinos

  46. ils ont l'air délicieux jolie combinaison bravo
    bonne soirée

  47. These look really cute Gloria. I love marzipan so I know I'd adore these, but I think I'm with you on jam over nutella.

  48. Unos alfajores muy, pero muy ricos. Me gustan con la mermelada de frambuesa, creo que con Nutella quedarían demasiado empalagosos.
    Un abrazo amiga, y que tengas una buena semana.

  49. Raspberries and marzipan are two of my favourite things! I thought I would see the alfajores with dulce de leche, which I also love, but these are amazing too!

  50. raspberry and almond are nice together, and throwing chocolate in the mix only improves things--terrific treats, gloria!

  51. Thanks to all of you by your nice comments, if you ask something or comment special thing I will answer you in Your blog when I stopping by.

    Gracias por sus comentarios amigos, cualquier cosa más especial les contesto directamente en sus blogs:)gracias

  52. These are really lovely. I know I'd be proud to serve them to my friends and family. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  53. Thanks Duckie:)

    Thanks so mucha Mary, you are always so nice . blessings, gloria

  54. ahahá!!!! estos son los famos marzipanalfajores!!! mmmmmmmm!!! madreeeemíaaaaaaa que ni los masticaba Gloriaaaaaaa!!!! sabes que tengo un cuñado argentino loco perdido por los alfajores? le enseñaré estos tan navideños para que babee un poco! jejeje!!!
    me llevo uno ¿sí?

    Besiños salseros Gloria!

    Tito! :))

  55. Raspberry and chocolate is a great combination - these look so good!

  56. What sinfully delicious alfajores! I love the jam middles!

  57. Alfajores have been on my list like... forever... I love them and really want to try making some! Yours are mouthwatering!

  58. Son una tentación. Me gustaron tus rosas. Saludos.


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