6 October 2011

Chocolate Mousse

Always is nice try a chocolate mousse!!

Ingredients ( 6 servings)

250 grs. dark chocolate
15 grs. butter unsalted
2 tablespoon of glucose
3 tablespoon of fresh orange juice
3 eggs
whites and yolks separated
200 ml of double cream


Make some  chocolate chips with a potato peeler. If I was a bit hard soften in the microwave.

(Only about 10 seconds)
Make chips to decorate 6 desserts.
Melt the rest of the chocolate  in double boiler.
Add the butter and sugar to melted chocolate.
And then the orange juice, finally adding the yolks and mix well.
Heat all in a double boiler until will be  thick, creamy consistency.
Remove from heat and let cool.
Beat the egg whites until stiff.
Whipp also double cream and add the cream to the chocolate mixture.
and then add the egg whites.
Freeze for about 4 hours until the mousse is solid.
Garnish with chocolate chips

Print recipe here

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Mousse de Chocolate

Siempre es rico probar una nueva receta de Mousse de chocolate!

Ingredientes( 6 postres)

250 grs. de chocolate en barra
15 grs. de mantequilla sin sal
2 cucharadas de glucosa líquida
3 cucharadas de zumo de naranja
3 huevos con yemas y claras separadas
200 ml de  crema para batir


Primero hacer virutas de chocolate con un pelador de papas.
Si está muy duro calentar un poco en el microondas (unos 10 segundos)
hasta que se le pueda dar forma.
El resto del chocolate ponerlo en una ollita a baño maría y derretir.

Añadir la mantequilla y la glucosa al chocolate y despues el zumo de
naranja. Incorporar las yemas de huevo de a uno batiendo hasta que la mezcla quede homogénea.
Sacar del fuego y dejar enfriar.
Montar las claras a punto de nieve . Aparte batir la crema firme.
Primero incorporar la crema batida a la mezcla de chocolate y despues las claras
batidas a punto de merengue.
Repartir la mezcla en seis pocillos o copas. Congelar durante 4 horas y despues adornar con
las virutas de chocolate.


  1. wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Gloria che mousse magnifica!!!!!!!!baci!

  2. I want them, move move choco mousse. This looks super yumm.

  3. Wow, chocolate heaven...
    Great job and thanks..

  4. Como se ven de esponjosos!!
    Besos amiga.

  5. Your mousse is lovely Gloria, and I like your header with the blueberries. It is always so nice to come and visit your blog :-).


  6. I would love one of these right now!

  7. Que rico!!!!Me encanta esa textura

  8. I think you know my family would LOVE your mousse! It looks fabulous!!!

  9. Gloria, no soy muy chocolatera, pero el mousse es uno de mis postres preferidos, en Argentina solemos servirlo con un copo grande de crema batida también, no conocía la receta con jugo de naranja, debe ser espectacular. Un beso,

  10. I LOVE your beautiful new photo in your heading!

    Chocolate is my most favorite mousse of all. Lovely recipe!

  11. I want some of that right now!

  12. As usual, you are making my mouth water!! I have a terrible sweet tooth!!! YUMMY~!

  13. Looks and sounds like a wonderful treat :)
    Mary x

  14. Absolutely beautiful. Delicious.


  15. look so tempting, kids will not resist to this!

  16. This looks so delicious, Gloria! Wish I could eat it right now!
    Gloria :)

  17. That looks like heaven in a cup to me!!! Miriam@Meatless Meals For Meat Eaters

  18. I love all your desserts! This is the kind that bring a smile to any face! Yummy!

  19. Que rico!! la naranja le va muy bien. Besos

  20. Oh so good Gloria. I adore chocolate!

  21. J'adore la mousse au chocolat! Ta présentation est superbe Gloria! Caro

  22. Se ve super esponjoso y delicioso!....me encantan!!.....Abrazotes, Marcela

  23. Thanks what´s for dessert, gloria

    Grazie federica, gloria

    Thanks Happy cook my kinds think like you!LOL gloria

    Thanks Foodness gracious. gloria

    Gracias Kako (puro cariño kako) se que no eres chocolatera., gracias amiga, xxx

    Thanks Alessandra, Im happy you stopping by, ciao gloria

    Thanks Miss Baker thanks for stopping by, gloria

    Gracias Isa, el mousse es muy tentador, gloria

    I think your family is like my kids dear Lizzy, they lov ethis type of dessert, gloria

    Gracias Myriam, si he visto que lo sirven con crema, aquí a mi esposo e hijo les gusta con crema batida, yo solito no más, besos

    Thanks dear Savoring, gloria

    ooh Betsy if I can I will send you right now! gloria

    Thanks Kris, I love this too, gloria

    Thanks so much Mary, gloria

    Thanks Sarah Jane, gloria

    Thanks Velva, gloria

    Thanks Sonia, kids love this! gloria

    Thanks so mucha Gloria, xxxx

    Thanks Miriam, these are coffe cups dis you see? gloria

    Thanks Kitchen, xxgloria

    Cierto Rosana siempre me ha encantado la naranja con chocolate es deliciosa, besos

    Thanks a lot Valli, gloria

    Thanks Duckie!! gloria

    Merci beaucoup Caro, je aime la mousse , a bientot, gloria

    Gracias Marcela, besos gloria

    Ufff... Que combinación tan DELICIOSA
    BESOS GUAPA!! :)

  25. Looks so tempting, like the way you have touched up and presented this dessert.

  26. Gracias Té de ternura, besos, gloria
    Thanks Nava you are so nice, gloria

  27. Oh how I love Chocolate Mousse Gloria. The addition of orange juice adds a nice kick!

    Thank you so much for sharing...

  28. wow, looks extremely good.
    lovely presentation.

  29. Delicioso! Rich and beautiful dessert,Gloria!

  30. It looks sinfully decadent and delicious! Love the new header too.

  31. Your mousse looks perfectly delightful Gloria...one of my favorites :)
    I wish you a wonderful weekend, hugs

  32. Mmmmmm! Me encanta cuando las mousse hacen esas burbujas como agujeritos, es cuando se ven esponjosas de verdad.
    Besitos, guapa!

  33. I would need at least two glasses ... I am a chocoholic!

    :) Lorraine

  34. I am not a huge chocolate fan, Gloria, but my family is. Copied the recipe and will try it on them soon!
    Yummy photos!

  35. Thanks a lot Louise, thanks for stopping by, x gloria

    Thanks Amelia, x gloria

    Thanks a lot Erica, gloria

    Thanks Angie, gloria

    Thanks Magic of Spice, gloria

    Mira quien está aquí, Rosita de España, como estás? gracias por venir amiga mía, besos, gloria

    Thanks Lorraine, xgloria

    Thanks Beth, xxgloria

    Barbara is curious with some people love so much chocolate and other not, I was a chocolate lover but I eat only small bites now.
    The kids love this! gloria

  36. My love of chocolate mousse knows no bounds. This looks amazing!

  37. Hello dear.
    We are back from our cruise to Panama. Your recipe today reminds me of the desserts we had on the ship... but I bet yours is better. I wish that we could have visited you while we were down that far but Colombia was the only south American country we stopped at. One day I would like to visit your beautiful country. It was very hot and humid everywhere we visited but the foilage and rain forests were beautiful. It was a great trip and going through the Panama Canal was amazing.

    I am glad that your mom is doing better. I hope that your dad is OK too. I am sending you hugs, Lura

  38. Wow: you are very good with your desserts, I am always salivating over them!

  39. On a envie de tremper sa cuillère dans la mousse et de tout manger.
    A très bientôt

  40. Oh, YUM! This mousse looks divine, Gloria. Nice job.

  41. Un postre al que nadie se puede resistir.

  42. I love chocolaty dessert, your mousse looks great, Gloria :)!

  43. I cant wait to try this. It looks very chocolatey and good. thanks for sharing.

  44. Oh, these look so luscious...and smooth and creamy. Absolutely divine!

  45. j'y plongerai volontiers ma cuillère de plus la présentation est parfaite
    bonne journée

  46. Looks light and delicious - I always love a mousse with lots of air bubbles in it!

  47. picture perfect...sounds irresistale n hearty dear..:)
    Tasty Appetite

  48. Would love to try your chocolate mousse;great photos,

  49. Gloria ci metterei volentieri un cucchiaino nel tuo dolce al cioccolato ciao

  50. Indeed it is nice to try a chocolate mousse - I wish I had one of yours to try now Gloria.

  51. Gloria, your choco mousse is like heaven in a cup! Gorgeous! Thank you for all of your kind comments and well wishes!

  52. I know my children would love this very much!

  53. I tried chocolate mousse once, but the antlers were too crunchy.

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