27 December 2007

Tomatoes with avocado and mozarella's salad

This salad is wonderful with the breast`s chicken and I think is delicious.

3 or 4 tomatoes without peel
150 grs. mozarella cheese
3 avocados cut in slices
2 chopped chives
1/2 cup of chopped nuts
salt and pepper
oil unsaborized

In a large dish mix the tomatoes in slices with the avocados and chives, add the nuts and add salt, and pepper and the oil,. Place the mozarella's cheese gratedover the salad of tomatoes and avocado and serve in a large dish.

Ensalada de tomates, mozarella y aguacates

3 o 4 tomates pelados y en rebanadas
150 grs. de queso mozarella rallado
3 aguacates pelados y cortados en cascos
2 cebollines picados
1/2 taza de nueces picadas
sal y pimienta
aceite sin sabor (Amigas españolas si quieren el pueden colocar aceite de oliva para aliñar)


En una fuente unir los tomates cortados, los aguacates y los cebollines.
Luego agregar las nueces picadas.. Agregar los aliños y encima colocar el queso rallado y mezclar.Tambièn queda rico acompañado de un poco de jamon serrano picado. Esta ensalada es ideal para estas pechugas de pollo pero tambièn queda bien con otros platos.


  1. This salad would be a welcome accompaniment after all the heavy meals we have had over the holidays.Delicioso!

  2. Yes dear Valli, the only problem that I was put first the breast's chicken and second the salads but you know post-Christmas !!! I'm a little crazy. Have a wonderful year Valli. xxx Gloria

  3. Hi Gloria, this salad looks for appetising because it looks so refreshing and colourful. Very festive!

    Thanks for your comment on my blog. Have a wonderful holiday season and a terrific 2008.


  4. Dear Nora, we have how you a very hot summer and Christmas, so is welcome a salad! Have a wonderful year! Gloria

  5. Ola Gloria! Gracias for your kind comment on my blog. Your pictures are lovely too! Have a wonderful New Years and many blessings for 2008 from Canada.

  6. The salad looks amazing and i's very easy to make as well!!!
    Thank you!

  7. How delicious and light looking!

  8. Gato azul, I love your blog, Have a wonderful New year!Gloria
    (I have a really love by french's sites)

    Ruy, I always make this salad and everybody love it. Have a wonderful new year with your family! Gloria

    Cakespy, Many Thanks, Have a lovely New year!!!

  9. Definitely, definitely this sounds good! I love avocados.

  10. Me too Emiline!! Have a good new year!

  11. Mozzarella Salad Avocado / Tomato/


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