1 January 2008

Crab's quiche! or Chupe de Jaiba

Personally I love so quiches are easy and so nice!! This is with crab and you may use freeze crab without problem.
This is a quiche for 4 persons but if you wait more persons you may make two quiches.
Normally I serve with letucce salad.

1 and half cups of plain flour(aprox 220 grs.)
150 grs. ice butter in slices
1/2 teaspoonsful of salt
1 yellow egg
2 or 3 spoonfuls of ice water

Ingredients Filling

4 spoonfuls of unsaborized oil
2 teaspoons of chopped ciboulette or chives
1/2 teaspoonful of paprika podwer
300 grs. freeze crab's meat
or boiled and cut if is fresh
2 cups of double cream
4 eggs
1/2 cup of parmesan's cheese grated
salt and pepper

To the dough, place the flour in a bowl with the slices butter and salt, with the hands mix well making crumbs with the dough, add the yellow and the ice water, mix well until make a ball with dough and wrapped in a plastic film. Refrigerate by 30 minutes.

Now prepare the filling. In a frying pan,heat the oil, add the chives and cook by 5 to 6 minutes. Add the paprika podwer and incorporate the crab's meat and continue cook by 2 minutes.Take out of the fire and make lukewarm.

In a bowl place the crab's mix and add the double cream, eggs and part of the grated parmesan cheese. Add salt and pepper.Reserve.

Preheat the oven to medium heat (180°). Divide the dough in 4 little portions and rolling with plastic paper over it to make a circle about 16 cm diameter. Cover 4 moulds with the dough and spill the crab's mix over each one of the mould with dough. Podwer with the grated cheese and bring to the oven by 20 to 25 minutes. Take out the oven and serve.


Quiche de carne de cangrejo o jaiba

Esta receta está pensada para cuatro personas pero si son más se hace el doble de la porción.
Normalmente lo sirvo con ensaladas de lechuga u otra.

Ingredientes masa

1 1/2 taza de harina sin polvos (220 grs.)
150 grs. de mantequilla fría en cubos
1/2 cucharadita de sal
1 yema de huevo
2 o 3 cucharadas de agua helada

Ingredientes Relleno

4 cucharadas de aceite
2 cucharaditas de ciboulette o cebollín picado
1/ 2 cucharadita de pimentón polvo
300 grs. carne de cangrejo desmenuzado fresco o congelado
2 tazas de crema espesa
4 huevos
1/2 taza de queso parmesano rallado
sal y pimienta


Prepare la masa, En un bowl coloque la harina, mantequilla y la sal, con las manos mezcle hasta formar migas gruesas. Añada la yema y el agua helada, mezcle hasta formar una bola, envuelva en papel plástico y refrigere por 30 minutos.
Mientras tanto prepare el relleno, en un sartén caliente el aceite afuego medio, agregue el cebollín o ciboulette y cocine de 5 a 6 minutos, añada el pimentón en polvo, incorpore la carne de jaiba o cangrejo y cocine unos dos minutos más. Retire del fuego y deje entibiar. En un bol coloque esta mezcla y agregue la crema, huevos y la mitad del queso rallado. Sazone con sal y pimienta y reserve.
Precaliente el horno a temperatura media (180°) luego divida la masa en cuatro porciones para moldes individuales y usleree sobre una superficie lisa entre rectángulos de film plástico forme un círculo de 16 cm. para forrar cada molde y vierta encima la mezcla dividida en cuatro. Espolvoree con queso rallado. Hornee 20 a 25 minutos. Retire del horno y sirva.


  1. Sounds like you are starting 2008 off just right with your crab quiche!!!!!

  2. happy new year my friend!! your recipe gave me envies to cook quiche tonight... but i dont have crab, i'll just improvise :-)


  3. Dear Valli, yes my dear I love quiches. Happy new year Dear Valli.
    and really nice recipes how you make!!!! Gloria

    Dear Dhanggit, Have a happy New Year, think in freeze crab!!! and is so good too with freeze prawns!!!xx Gloria

  4. Gloria!!
    Very nice recipe... I love quiches as well!!
    Today I made cheese and onion muffins that tasted almost like quiche :)
    Happy New Year!!

  5. Que bueno, me encanta la carne de cangrejo y ustedes ahi tiene centolla , aqui es cara pero supongo que para un dia especial, jstifica hacer una quiche tan deliciosa, me encanto la idea de sar cangrejo, sea qual sea.

  6. Hi Gloria,

    Enjoy your time at the beach.

    I love crab and never thought of putting it in a quiche, so thanks for the idea. This looks and sounds so delicious!

    Happy New Year to you too :-)


  7. I love quiche! My family calls it, "Egg Pie" but that sounds kind of gross, doesn't it?
    I've never had it with crab.
    You're just too fancy Gloria.

  8. Que receta más tentadora. La apunto para una ocasión especial.
    Un saludo

  9. Emiline I love quiches with crab or prawns (are so typical of here) are very nice. Gloria

    Rosa, a mí me encanta este tipo de recetas, tipo quiche. xx Gloria

  10. Coffe & vainilla, I love quiches too. Have a wonderful year.Gloria

    Dear nora, how I say o Emiline is so typical the quiches with crabs or prawns, are so delicious. The beach is so beauty Nora, hot days and good weather, I would like to know diving, is so nice.

    Sylvia con cangrejo o con prawns es sumamente deliciosa, además este quiche es muy liviana, con ensaladas.Me imagino que en Buenos Aires hace mucho calor, en Santiago también, pero ahora estoy en la playa, el clima es más fresco. Gloria
    Sylvia te deso un año maravilloso!

  11. Me encantan las quiches. Te copio la receta con tu permiso

    Feliz año nuevo


  12. Marta, por supuesto que me la puedes copiar niña, para eso la pongo aquí. Saludos, Gloria

  13. My hubby loves quiches! The addition of crab meat is a great idea! What a lovely presentation also Gloria!

  14. I will dream of your quiche until I find the guts to bake it...

  15. Debs I always make quiches, I love them, and are so typical of our countries (with prawns,crabs etc.)Thanks Debs. Gloria

    Ruy, remember you may make with prawns or crabs (I love crab) I talk to my mother about your lovely daughter, she thinks she is so cute of Santa's dress!!!Gloria

  16. A lovely quiche Gloria...
    Am a vegetarian and thus can never try it out with crabs...What filling would you suggest for vegetarians like me...?


  17. I've added you on my blogroll so that many more people get to see your lovely blog :)


  18. Thanks Sugarcraft, I always think in Veggi because my daughter is veggi!! So, I have a artichokes's pie in October/November that you may see and a corn's pie that we make to Marìa Esperanza without meat!. So, this quiche you will make with palmitos, spinachs,champiñones(mushrooms), palmitos, asparragaus etc.. I hope you will make, I make with tins or fresh veggis, is good ever!!

    Thanks Kelly, happy to heard from you!! Gloria

  19. Great recipe love it :)thanks looking forward to more recipes

  20. Thanks Sorina Im happy you like eat, as I said to Sugarcraft you may make with mushrooms, palmitos, or artichockes is so nice. Gloria

  21. Love quishes, love crabs and love Buenos Aires!
    Last year I've found an amazing apartment for rent Buenos Aires and stayed for two weeks.
    I'll definitely try to do this recipe.


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