10 October 2007

Talking about wines.......

This pictures is taken by of balcony at a vineyard in Santa Cruz, Central valley, Chile.
Many these vineyard have beautiful and antiques houses, and some of them have restaurants
with very good food, and wines of course.

This lovely picture is Casablanca Valley, and the experts say that for weather, temperature and other things is the best place for wines, specially sauvignon blanc. The climate of the central Valley is described as mediterranean or temperate.

Each vine variety has specific adaptation requirements, in accordance with the differents types or wines which can be vinified from its grapes.

And the works begins grapevines and even before, with the appropiate selection of the vine variety, given the existing climate and soil.

Some of you know Chile for their so good wines and for this I was thinking to posted about wines of our country and show some of their beautiful vineyards.

I'm not an expert but I love wines, and I like so investigate about foods and wines, many times when I give recipe I like to know about it history.

Well, to left, one of my favorites, Riesling of Undurraga ( a very antique vineyard) is a fresh

white, I love so the whites because are very fresh and go well with many foods.

But I love so one red wine that is the most best I taste, Santa Digna of Miguel Torres, this spanish man have vineyards in Spain and come to Chile and make it again, have wonderful vineyard and wines.

The history of chilean vineyards and the wines begin about the year 1548, when arrived at the country the first plants of France and they adapted so well here to the variations of temperature. The climate of the Central valley is decribed as mediterranean an temperate.

On top at the right a very antique and nice drawing of the first vineyards here. This is of the Macul's vineyards.Is one of the most antiques vineyards of here.

About wine varieties: The grape wines introduced to Chile in the middle of the century are almost all for noble stock.These wine varieties were imported from France and adapted here, we have Cabernet Sauvignon,Merlot and Pinot noir.

And the whites we have, sauvignon blanc and chardonnay which was only introduced the last years.And the in the most young of the whites we have Riesling from Germany.

Characteristics of red wines

Cabernet Sauvignon: Originally from Bordeaux, France, these grapes produce poweful and aromatic vines, the experts think is the king of the red wines. Smell to cinnamom, blueberrys and chocolat. The best are from California, Australia, Maipo (Chile), and Mendoza (Argentina.

Carmenere: Arrive about s. 19 from France, and smell to cherries, notes of vainilla and herbs.

Merlot: Is different from cabernet sauvignon, more sweet and more smooth, smell to tabacco, and coffe and sometimes cinnamon.

Pinot noir: From France, this grapes variety produces wines with good aroma and body. Smell to vainilla,and strawberries. Of some pinot noir making excellent champagne.

Syrah: The best young of the wines, smell to cinnamon, and cloves, raspberries and pepper.

Characteristics of whites wines

Sauvignon blanc: Is an aromatic white with good acidity levels. Fresh and sparkling, the saugvinon blanc is so lovely, and is a mix of green apples, hierbs, honey and peach.In the Central Valley (Casablanca) smell to red apples or quinces, because the Pacific Ocean refresh this wine.

Chardonnay:Called the king of the whites for someones, This variety is in all the world for this cappacity to adapt oneself to differents types of weather.Smell to fruits,caramel, toffe and raisins.

Riesling: Comes from Germany and Austria. Here in Casablanca thanks to the Humbold current we have excellents Riesling. Is an aromatic wine with smell of fruits,flowers and hazel nuts.

Gewürztraminer: Of German origin, this is one of the most intensely aromatic grapes. Intense and potent, green and floral, fresh and someones with aroma of peaches.

For the last some wines for some foods. I know the majority know about wines but think in somebody who wants to know about wines.


To meats, birds,lambs,pastas with tomatoes, some pizzas,ckichens, cheese souflee, ans some quiches, red wines.

To fishes, prawns, shellfish, some carpaccio, pastas with white sauces and pesto,veggies, salmon,quiches of veggies,artichockes and asparagaus, white wines.

But in all cases I think is a personal choose that if you want some food with some wine is OK.

The nice is enjoy the food and the wines.Cheers!!!


`"Guìa de vinos de Chile"(Wine's guide extract) by Pablo Prieto,Francisca Sanchez
y Rafael Prieto.

"All of wines" Patricio Tapia, a oenologist specialized in wines critic, write for many magazines
and is one of the best critical wines of Chile.


  1. Fantastic information Gloria, thank you. Vida x

  2. Thanks Vida, many people wants to know about some wines, Is a little contribution to wines. xxxxGloria

  3. You seem to be an expert ;-) I don't know much about wine, though I live in France...
    (Thank you for your nice messages ! You can leave comments in English, if French too complicated...)

  4. Que buenas informaciones Gloria. A mi tambien me gusta mucho el Undurraga riesling y he bebido cosas muy intresantes de Casa Marin y Lapostole.

  5. Mingoumango, I am so happy come to my Blog, welcome, I love your blog,yes is difficult to me french but I like the lenguaje, when I was little maybe you don't believe but I was so good in French, but is fatal don't practice, like read in french. Thanks I will post in english when I go to your blog. xxxxGloria

  6. Sylvia gracias por venir, fui a tu blog el otro dìa encontrè preciosa tu cocina, la mìa no es muy grande pero me siento còmoda.Le agregarìa una que otra cosita. Si te gusta el Riesling tambièn te gustarà el Gegûstraminer si es que no lo has probado, tambièn lo tienen en Undurraga. me encanta el blanco y en los tintos y rojos amo el Santa Digna de Miguel Torres, es espectacular. cariños Gloria

  7. Hi Gloria, sorry it took me so long to stop over to your spot. Having some computer issues. Very nice post on your country's wines!
    Good information that I did not know! I checked out your previous posts also and they all look so good! Nice photos! I will be back!

  8. Thanks Winedeb for come, I am so glad you my wines`s article, really I work two days in search the information (I love it) and yesterday I translate all, I find some information in english too. I like so your blog. Gloria

  9. My husband and I adore Chilean wines, and that top photo is unbelievably beautiful! Great post!

  10. Thanks Amanda I love the wines of Chile too!!, yeah I find this picture so nice if some day you come to Chile we have the "wine tour" for all vineyerds of Central valley, is so beauty.xxxxxGloria

  11. That was such an interesting report you did about the wines, Gloria!Beautiful illustrations too.
    One of our favourite white wines is Chilean-Isla Negra-do you know it? It has such a lovely fresh taste and is perfect for just sipping. I have tried the reds too, but can't remember the names of the ones I like.
    Molly xx(DQ)

  12. Thanks Molly for come in, I haveto say you the last times I canno`t enter to the site, Only I can read, xxxxGloria


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