26 September 2007

Fried empanadas with cheese

These empanadas are easy and you may filling with cheese, little mushroom (champiñons), different veggies,prawns and cheese or spinachs.

Is one of my favorites recipes of my Mom,and when we were little she made a tomato soup or a lentils soup and these cheese empanadas. You may freeze the dough too. Or keep at the refrigerator until two days with aluminium paper.


600 grs. plain flour

100 grs. + 25 grs. of butter

1 teaspoon of salt

water to make a dough

oil flavorless (corn oil or soya oil)


Put the flour in the kitchen table making at the center a empty to put the 100 grs. of butter and the salt and mix and add the water to the dough. Make a dough not hard, if you need put a little more flour. When the dough is plain and smooth let rest for 10 minutes.

You may cut the cheese in little squares for the empanadas. After 10 minutes grease the dough with the rest of butter, podwer with flour and double the dough, spread butter and podwer again with flour, doubled and pressed a little the dough with the hands. Let rest for 5 minutes.

Now, cut pieces of dough to rolling and strecht the dough to aprox. 1/2 cm density. With a small dish (coffe or tea dish) cut pastry rounds. In each pastry put a piece of cheese or other filling. Double and pressing well the border, you may moist with a little of water (with the finger) inside the border, to shut the empanadas and double the border how you see at the picture above. If you want to may pinch with a match the empanadas for when you will fry.

Fry the empanadas in the oil flavorless to medium heat, when they will begin to a little golden are ready, fry for one side first and after for the other side, you can fry in a friying pan 4 or 5 empanadas, when you take out put in a bowl a towel paper to dry the oil. Finally if you want warm later at microwaves put them a piece of tower paper too.


  1. cheese empanadas are my favourite... There lots of bakeries here in Melbourne that do empanadas but my two favourites are Marsiano and Condorito... they have berlines and chilenitos and lots of lovely bread and chicles and a lot of things they bring from Chile, also Pap soft drink which I love... Vida x

  2. So good Vida, this recipe is so delicious, I Canno't believe that is bakeries that name Condorito (vary famous here). I love berlines but have a lot of calories!!!!I will put a recipe of alfajores that is so nice. Do you like Pap??? So funny, when I was little drink Bilz, sure you know.xxxxxxGloria

  3. Condorito is a comic book, I know, Pap is my favourite but I do like Bilz too... I love the soap in Chile and the perfume for babies and the shoes for little children are the best... Luis has a cousin who is a tailor in Las Condes, friends in Antofagasta and we loved Frutijar for our holiday. I love the ice cream too with manjar... Lots of nice things in Chile, my favourite is porrotos... My whole family loves pastel de choclo and I make it too, we love avocado' estefao, charcican - not sure if I spell anything right but maybe you know what I mean anyway. Vida x

  4. I also love chancaca??? The bread with the caramel sauce on top and cooked, do you know what I mean? V

  5. Yes,yes Vida I see you like a lot chilean food, my idea is add some chilean foods and others, because now we eat a lot of types of food. I like so pastel de choclo, you made with frozen corm??? I made then other day in clay bowl (greda) was so nice. I understand all you say Vida. I have a friend (almost a sister) that lived here many years ago and come to the last summer with her daughter. She loves the same of you. She die for manjar (dulce de leche)she lives now at Costa Rica but she is american. See you tomorrow.xxxxGloria

  6. Not frozen corn, I buy already in a can, it is called creamed corn and I put the sugar on top... I also like humitas and completos, my friend is coming tomorrow and she asked me to make completos with aji, everybody tells me I make the best aji, and I make the mayonaise by hand too, Luis mother taught me a lot of cooking... Vida x

  7. Vida you are Gòodness'kitchen!!!! I love the mayonaise by hand, I forget to do... Your husband is a "regalòn" you know what's I tell you??? asks him!!!xxxxxxGloria

  8. Que rica receta, da opción a rellenar de cosas variadas.

  9. Sì Rosa, es muy buena y como cuento ahì es muy antigua, de mi mamà que hacìa clases de cocina (ahora ya no) de hecho yo las hago con diferentes rellenos porque mucha gente ahora es vegetariana(veggi) mi hija por ejemplo, a ella le gustan con espinacas con salsa blanca, quedan deliciosas. xxGloria

  10. Canela- just found your blog - love it!!!!!!!

  11. Trekkie, friend what's really joy you come to see me!!!! Thanks you are welcome when you want.xxxxxxxGloria/Canela

  12. Hi Canela!

    Thank you for inviting us to look at your lovely blog.

    I really look forward to reading all about South American cooking and Chilean in particular.

    The empanadas sound delicious - bus so fattening!

    Have a lovely weekend.


  13. Yes Steven, they are, but sometimes a little???? I think the same when I put the recipe but many people asked me for this recipe, I promess others recipes not fattening!! Thanks to come Steven. xxxGloria

  14. Hi Canela, Honey here. I love the look of your fried empanadas. They sound right up my street. But I will have to wait a while before I dare try them. As Steven said... I think they will be not good for the diet! But I will try them that's for sure.

    Well done on the blog.

  15. Que delicia! Me haces acordar de las empanadas Colombianas. Hace tiempo que no las pruebo!

    Gracias por visitar mi blog! Tambien te he puesto en mi lista. :)


  16. Gracias por venir Paola, muchas de las comidas latinoamericanas tienen a veces recetas similares, me he dedicado a investigar un poco porque encuentro interesante saber de donde vienen ciertos platos. Cariños Gloria

  17. Honey but made others things how desserts and will put other recipes dear. I am happy you come to visit me. Thanks and xxxxxxxCanela/Gloria

  18. Canela,your recipes are lovely and your blog,congratulations again.About empanadas,we have the same dish here at the other side of the world.İnteresting.see you soon now my neighbour called me for coffee.Have a nice week end.

  19. nl when you want mail me and we take a virtural coffe, I think in you so close too. Thanks for come to the site, you are welcome when you want to come. xxxxxGloria/Canela

  20. I discovered your blog last week and you've got actually influenced me personally to get started on crocheting yet again! I became merely wondering had you been able to mail myself your structure just for this certain beret (it is lovable!) because the hyperlink won't appear to be being employed by myself..? I might actually enjoy it!


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