29 September 2007

Chilean Alfajores (Macarons with Dulce de Leche)

I know are alfajores' recipes of differents countries, all are wonderful I think because the dulce the leche is spectacular. This is one of the typical recipes of here, Chile, I love this recipe because the dough is smooth and light, we make them to special ocassions how birthdays, weddings, or when you want to enjoy.


6 yellow eggs

6 sponfuls of flour

35 ml of coñac or pisco (a licour from here)

1 tin condensed milk (boiled)

or dulce the leche

Beat the yellow in a bowl, add the licour (coñac or pisco) and mix the flour, place in the kitchen table and join all and roll to make the dough, very thin, add a few of flour if you think is so moist sometimes depends of the eggs.

Cut little rounds pastry with a little glass and prick them with a fork.

Preheat the oven (medium) and place the alfajores over a oven try with podwered flour,

place at the oven about 10 minutes (not more), when they will be golden are ready.

When are chilly you may join them with dulce de leche.

Dulce de leche: If you don't know how to do, boiled a tin inside a stewpot cover with water of if you have a pressure pot too, only have care not open the tin until are chilly, in normal pot is about hour and half in a pressure pot 1 hour.

26 September 2007

Fried empanadas with cheese

These empanadas are easy and you may filling with cheese, little mushroom (champiñons), different veggies,prawns and cheese or spinachs.

Is one of my favorites recipes of my Mom,and when we were little she made a tomato soup or a lentils soup and these cheese empanadas. You may freeze the dough too. Or keep at the refrigerator until two days with aluminium paper.


600 grs. plain flour

100 grs. + 25 grs. of butter

1 teaspoon of salt

water to make a dough

oil flavorless (corn oil or soya oil)


Put the flour in the kitchen table making at the center a empty to put the 100 grs. of butter and the salt and mix and add the water to the dough. Make a dough not hard, if you need put a little more flour. When the dough is plain and smooth let rest for 10 minutes.

You may cut the cheese in little squares for the empanadas. After 10 minutes grease the dough with the rest of butter, podwer with flour and double the dough, spread butter and podwer again with flour, doubled and pressed a little the dough with the hands. Let rest for 5 minutes.

Now, cut pieces of dough to rolling and strecht the dough to aprox. 1/2 cm density. With a small dish (coffe or tea dish) cut pastry rounds. In each pastry put a piece of cheese or other filling. Double and pressing well the border, you may moist with a little of water (with the finger) inside the border, to shut the empanadas and double the border how you see at the picture above. If you want to may pinch with a match the empanadas for when you will fry.

Fry the empanadas in the oil flavorless to medium heat, when they will begin to a little golden are ready, fry for one side first and after for the other side, you can fry in a friying pan 4 or 5 empanadas, when you take out put in a bowl a towel paper to dry the oil. Finally if you want warm later at microwaves put them a piece of tower paper too.

23 September 2007

Suspiro Limeño (Dessert from Perù)

Hello guys, here other recipe that I think is very delicious if you like dulce de leche or caramel, is from Perù and is very famous, is Suspiro Limeño and many years ago I learned with a cook teacher that has lived many years in Perù I think is the best recipe that I know,
I'm  really passionate by investigate recipes from many parts of the world specially from my country and othee american countries.
. I hope you enjoy. For the savoy guys don't worry I will put savoy recipes soon .


1 tin condensed milk

1 tin evaporated milk

5 eggs

240 grs. granulated sugar

Port wine (oporto)

 Cinnamon powder


In a sauce pot put the two milks tins, and boil to slow heat mixing all the time with a woodspoon to begin turn in caramel or dulce de leche (beige colour).

Put the fire out and add the yellow eggs (whipped before) and mixed well with the woodspoon again and luke warm for a while and put this mix in wine glass or desserts dishes and reserve.

In other pot put the sugar and cover with the port wine (125 ml aprox) and put to the heat and wait to boil until begin to thicken. And this mix to the white eggs whipped (how meringue) and beat to chill. Garnish the dessert with the merengue and podwer with cinammon.
 Let them to the refrigerator until to serve.

19 September 2007

Roasted Milk (Leche asada)

We have the Indepedence' day at 18 and 19th September. Is a beautiful and nice day, the Spring come!!! I love so the Fall but the spring is beauty too and after come the fruits at summer. To this days we eat empanadas, dulce de leche's cakes, alfajores,and today I am goin to make roasted milk (Leche asada) that is a wonderful dessert after eat empanadas, meat or other things. We are going to make paella with my mother because she is here with my Dad.She makes so well the paella.

And here is the roasted' milk recipe

Roasted Milk

1 tin sweetened condensed milk
2 y 1/2 cups of water

vainilla (one little spoonful)

6 whipped eggs

3/4 cups of sugar


In a square pan put the sugar for caramelized and spread it and reserve. Preheat

the oven. In a bowl mixed the condensed milk and the whipped eggs, add the cups of water

and vainilla. When the mix is ready put all in the caramelized square pan and baked at the

oven 30 to 40 minutes at medium heat.

When the roasted milk is golden and the texture looks how custard is ready.

Chill before serving. Portions about 6 to 8.

All the recipes are tested at my cook class.

11 September 2007

The life run so.....

Sorry too many days and I canno't tell about my trip, Valparaiso is a so nice and is a merchandise harbour (the most important here in Chile). Well we go with my family to a place where sold antiques, furnitures and books, of course I want to buying all!!! is impossible (I love antiques) I buy some dishes how had my grandma for serve jam and a dish for my Mom to her collection (from England!!!) I saw many dishes from England and Germany. Some of you are amazing I know, but many years ago at Valparaiso arrived many people of Europe, and they arrive at ship of course at Valparaiso lived many britain people and for this are many things from there. My grandfather come from Britain to but he arrive to Punta Arenas (the south of Chile), but this is other history. Well after this we go to Olmue to lunch with all the family and my dad (80 birth) was so nice and fun !!!We return to Santiago at night at 11:00. xxxGloria