19 September 2007

Roasted Milk (Leche asada)

We have the Indepedence' day at 18 and 19th September. Is a beautiful and nice day, the Spring come!!! I love so the Fall but the spring is beauty too and after come the fruits at summer. To this days we eat empanadas, dulce de leche's cakes, alfajores,and today I am goin to make roasted milk (Leche asada) that is a wonderful dessert after eat empanadas, meat or other things. We are going to make paella with my mother because she is here with my Dad.She makes so well the paella.

And here is the roasted' milk recipe

Roasted Milk

1 tin sweetened condensed milk
2 y 1/2 cups of water

vainilla (one little spoonful)

6 whipped eggs

3/4 cups of sugar


In a square pan put the sugar for caramelized and spread it and reserve. Preheat

the oven. In a bowl mixed the condensed milk and the whipped eggs, add the cups of water

and vainilla. When the mix is ready put all in the caramelized square pan and baked at the

oven 30 to 40 minutes at medium heat.

When the roasted milk is golden and the texture looks how custard is ready.

Chill before serving. Portions about 6 to 8.

All the recipes are tested at my cook class.


  1. Fantastic Gloria, I wished you used the real photo of your cooking not from a book, I like to see the home cooking... I will try this recipe and tell you how it was... Thank you!!! Vida x x x

  2. I have to use this picture because you know my problem with the Printer, but I hope buy quickly a camera for take pictures of my cuisine. Thanks Vida. Gloria

  3. This dessert is very similar to spanish flan. I t looks like you are up to some good time. And I love paela a lot. I am sure your mother's paella must be really good.

  4. Thanks a lot Rose, yes my mother cook soooo welll, she was teach cook many years, and now I am the teach but she always help me and she have very good recipes. All the recipes we tested before, that you may sure to do. Yes is similar to a flan but I think the texture is more smooth, specially for these foods a little heavy.xxxGloria

  5. Sorry Gloria, I did not know you do not have a camera because I saw so many photos of your house and dogs etc so I believed you had your camera... good luck... Vida x

  6. Yes Vida a friend of Gerardo have a camera and we can take some picture we don't have now but I want to buy someone, now there are a lot here.
    In all case when I will put a picture or photo of a recipe I search the most similar to the recipe because I learned for the people is most easy see the picture to have an idea. Gloria

  7. Wow! Your roasted milk cake sounds great. It sounds a little bit like our creme caramel. Hope you get lots of vistors from delia's site. xx:) cupcake

  8. Thanks cupcake, I am happy that you come to my blog welcome when you want dear xxxxx Gloria

  9. Muy buena la página de recetas. Felicitaciones.

    Gherard Uarac

  10. Lovely new recipes,l will try them soon.Canella did you recive my mails to your blog,i sent severel?

  11. Good post and this post helped me alot in my college assignement. Gratefulness you seeking your information.


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