6 June 2022

pomegranate and greek yogurt parfait (postre de granadas y yogurt griego)


As many times I wanted to publish this recipe but I had not been able to  all this time.

How I never feel that time flies. I always cook and bake but sometimes I don't have the time to make the post,

This recipe is a cream of Greek yogurt and pomegranate seeds.Is a fresh and delicious dessert!

At this time we have pomegranates because we are in Autumn but always tell here you can use   other fruits, blueberries or raspberries or strawberries.

I know many of you are in almost summer so you can use many others fruits

Thanks for coming !

Pomegranate  and greek yogurt parfait


8 to 10 graham  cracker crumbled
3 cups  plain greek yogurt
l lemon : only de  lemon juice
1 cup sweetened  condensed milk
2 pomegranates deseeded


Divide graham cracker crumble among 4  or 5 glasses  or small jars
Mix yogurt, lemon juice and sweetened condensed milk   in a bowl,  add   more condensed  milk  if you want your mixture more sweeter
Divide half of the mixture among the glasses or jars on top of the crumbs cracker.

Cover with some pomegranates.
Repeat a layer of yogurt an sweet condenswed milk  and top with pomegranates.
Save in the fridge until served .
Serve cold

Recipe from: Unicorns in the kitchen

Postre de granadas y yogurt griego


8 a 10 galettas graham cracker molidas o trituradas

3 tazas de yogurt griego sin sabor

jugo de 1 limon

1 taza de leche condensada 

las semillas de 2 granadas 


Dividir las galletas cracker molidas en 4 o 5 copas o vasos.

En un bol mezclar la leche condensada, limon y yogurt griego hasta que este espeso. Se le puede agregar un poco mas de keche condensada .

Dividir la mitad de la mezcla de yogurt  leche condensada y repartir en las copas o vasos.

Cubrir con semilas de granada y reservar para otra capa.

Repetir otra capa de crea de yogurt limon y leche condensada.

Cubrir con semillas de granadas.

Llevara refrigerador por lo menos 1 hora y 1/2  o dejar hasta 


Servir frio.

Se puede hacer de un dia para otro.


  1. Un dolce molto goloso! Adoro lo yogurt greco. Un bacio :)

  2. Grazi Danie I miss you all,. I was a little tired. Im happy to come back!! a bacio !

  3. Lovely to see this post from you.
    Many thanks for sharing the recipe, it looks delicious in your photographs.

    Wishing you a happy month of June.

    All the best Jan

    1. Thanks so much dear Jan, nice to see you again!

  4. That's understandable. I don't share everything I bake and cook either. There's only so much that we can do in a day! Happy June!

  5. Delizioso questo dessert così fresco! Qui da me è estate perciò, come scrivi anche tu, si può scegliere tra tantissimi tipi di frutta diversa :-).
    Un grande abbraccio

    1. Graz9ie cara un grande abbraccio anche a te!!

  6. How right you are, time flies, and I feel like I am not keeping up with life very well at the present time! This recipe sounds delicious. Please keep safe and stay well, hugs Diane

    1. Really is so Diane sometimes I want to live more slowly but the dogs (especially) the twins and hubby yo know,
      Hugs for you

  7. Such a simply and lovely dessert!

    1. Thanks dear Angie is a nice dessert to this time I love pomegranate!

  8. Gloria, I'm just not into yogurt although my better half is a fan. I'd give this dessert a try as perhaps between the pomegranate seeds and the condensed milk, the flavor of the yogurt would be masked. Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

    1. Thanks so much David if you dont like green yogurt you can use heavy cream and lemon with condensed Milk. Hugs

  9. Good to see you back posting. I love Greek Yogurt and make my own (a gallon last us about 2 weeks)

  10. Thanks Jeff Im happy to post again.
    Im better now.
    These are crazy times.
    I love green yogurt too !

  11. Mi piace molto la melagrana, ottimo dessert!!!

  12. This is so simple and elegant! Thanks, Gloria!

  13. This sounds delicious! I love pomegranate seeds. Yum. Beautiful pictures too. I hope you are doing well! :) ~Jess

    1. Thanks so much. This year has been a mess in many ways but I hope to post again soon!

  14. Just stopping by to say hello,
    Hope all is well.
    My good wishes.

    All the best Jan

  15. Great combination of flavors & textures. It looks delicious, Gloria.

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