23 September 2017

Chai tea cake with pears (Cake aux poires et chai Imperial) Cake con Te chai y peras

I really love cakes recipes with pears or apples and even more if has one of my favorite: Chai Tea,  just delicious with spices.  Usually I drink tea or coffee because  I like  both but I really love chai Tea.
 Of course when I found this recipe I said: I have to do !
I hope you like it, it's a  delicious cake with pears and spices.

Source : Chic,choc,chocolate


Poached pears
4 pears
500 ml of water
80 grams brown sugar
1 Chai tea bag

In a medium saucepan  add water and brown sugar.
Bring to a boil.
Stop the fire and add the tea bag.
Let infunse for 5 minutes.
Meanwhile peel the pears while keeping the tail and slightly hollow out the bottom to remove the seeds.
Remove the tea bag and lightly boil. 
Add the pears and let it by 10 minutes over low heat.
Let cool in the fragant syrup.
They can be prepared the day before if you like.
They should be allowed to return to room temperature before putting them in the dough.


150 grams of brown sugar
5 cc of Chai tea 
150 grams butter
3 eggs (room temperature)
200 grams all purpose flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
4 poached pears


First in a little bowl mix the Chai tea and half the sugar and mix weel. Set aside.

In a bowl whisk soft butter and fragant sugar (Chai and sugar you mixed) add the eggs and continue to beat
Preheat oven to 180° C (350 F)
Add flour an baking powder and mix briefly.
Pour some of the dough in a loaf pan cake . Arrange  the  whole pears on top after draining.
Spread the rest of the dough around the pears.
Baker about 45 minutes until golden and risen (a skewer inserted into the centre of the cake should come out clean)

Cool in the tin , then carefully lift onto a serving plate .


My friend from France Une aguile dans l'potage made this cake and was beautiful you can see here

Homemade Chai recipe  (make your own Chai)

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  1. Now there's a great-looking treat!

  2. Ciao Gloria è un piacere leggere le tue ricette. Buonissimo!! Baci, a presto

  3. That is a neat way to work in the pears indeed.

  4. I need a large slice too, Gloria. It sounds and looks great with chai flavoured pears.

  5. What a gorgeous cake, Gloria! Perfect for autumn, but I'd eat it any time of the year!!

  6. I am wondering why I never got to making cake with tea! Must put this on agenda pretty soon! :)

  7. That looks amazing and I bet it tastes it as well. Have a good day Diane

  8. That cake is just stunning! The pears came out perfectly!

  9. When I saw this in my email, I just knew great minds were thinking alike this week! So funny we both posted a Chai recipe :) I love how you baked the pears into the bread. It really gives is such a classy look overall. I can't wait to try your recipe!

    1. thanks Theresa I think the same. Was funny we both make something with Chai :)

  10. A recipe like I love ! ChaÏ Tea is so delicious !
    Besos !

    1. Here is my cake ! Thank you for this sharing !

  11. Wow...!!! Super delicious chai cake with the beautiful addition of pears....!!!

  12. Yum! They look pretty and delicious.

  13. This must be so delicious! Chai Tea is so fragrant. Che bonta'!

  14. So beautiful! I love the whole pears baked into the bread and chai tea is a favorite of mine in cooler weather. Great recipe, my Dear. xoxo

    1. Thanks Susan! I love whole pears in cake .And love Chai tea ♡♡♡

  15. wow quel joli cake surement délicieux
    bonne soirée

  16. delizioso e molto elegante ! Un bacione

  17. So very yummy! Much love to you and your family! xoxo

    Enjoy the rest of your week!

  18. Un dolce buonissimo e raffinato. Buona serata :)

  19. I love the look of those pears poking up through the cake, it sounds like such a lovely combination of flavours too.

  20. Buonissimo e goloso 😍 buon weekend ❤

  21. I love pears in baking too--and they would be perfect with chai tea flavor!

  22. That really does look delicious.

    All the best Jan

  23. I love chai tea- but I have never had it in cake form. Sounds like it would go beautifully with pears. Yes, please! I would love some right now. :)

    1. I think you would like is really delicious !!

  24. Hey Debbie Grier dont make this again. Here I have a lot of work by years. And never put some adds! pfft!


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