23 July 2011

Miniature apple pies

These are easy. The hardest part about them is making the dough, so they’re a breeze for people who are used to pastries and a good practice item for people who aren’t. 
. If you have two apples and some flour, you can make these right now. The only limiting factor might be the mini pans, but this will easily become a full size pie if you use all of the dough and cut up a few more apples
.This recipe is adapted from Vegan Yum Yum

Miniature Apple Pies (4)

2 or 3 Granny Smith Apples, peeled and chopped (or other nice apples)

1 tablespoon  Fresh Lemon Juice

2 tablespoon  Sugar

1/2 teaspoon  Cinnamon

1/2 Recipe Pate Brise

3 Tbs milk

Pate Brisee

2 1/2 Cups Flour

1 Cup butter
1 tsp Sugar

1 tsp Salt

1/4 Cup  Cold Water

Prepare the dough, and make two discs . Cover each disc in plastic wrap and chill for 1 hour.
Preheat the oven to 190° c.
Peel the apples. Quarter each apple and remove the core from each slice. Cut each quarter in half, and in half again (making four slices from each quarter. Cut these slices in half again, crosswise this time, to shorten them. Place cut apples in a bowl.

Coat apples in lemon juice, then add sugar and cinnamon and mix well. Set aside.

Roll out your disc of pate brisee onto lightly floured parchment paper. You want to hit about 1/4 inch, but it’s not a big deal. Find something roughly 5″ in diameter to with which to cut circles of dough – it can be a small bowl, the top of a vase or a large beer mug, Cut out 4 circles, and roll each circle out, one at a time, until about 1/8″ thick and large enough to fill the bottom of your pie pans.
Gently place the dough into the mini pans and flatten it out as much as you can. You want the dough to hang over the edges just a bit. Fill each pie with apples, as compact as you can, since they’ll cook down in the oven. Use all the apples, even if you have to make them into a mound in order to fit them.
Cut out 4 more dough circles, rolling each out individually to reach the final thickness.   Make small slashes with a knife. Place on top of the apples, pressing down with your thumbs to seal. Use a fork to crimp the edges.

Add a few dribbles of lemon juice to the  milk to curdle it (it shouldn’t taste overly sour, though). With your fingers or a pastry brush, coat the top of each pie. Sand the tops of the pie with  sugar.

Place pies on a cookie sheet and place in the oven, turning temperature down to 180° Bake for 30-35 minutes until golden brown.
 Allow to cool before serving.


Mini pies de manzanas


Estos minis pies son los pies de manzana típicos pero más pequeños.
Esta receta está adaptada de Vegan Yum yum

Ingredientes ( 4 mini pies)

2 o 3 manzanas verdes peladas y cortadas en trozos
(pueden ser otras manzanas tambien)

1 cucharada de jugo de limón
2 cucharadas de azúcar
1/2 cucharadita de canela en polvo
 pasta brisa (receta más abajo)
3 cucharadas de leche

masa pasta brisa

2 y 1/2 taza de harina
1 taza de mantequilla
1 cucharada de harina
1 cucharada de azúcar
1 cucharadita de sal
1/4 taza de agua fría

Preparación masa

Para la masa unir bien todos los ingredientes y hacer dos discos, envolver en film plástico y dejar en el refrigerador por lo menos 1 hora.
Precalentar el horno a 190° c.
Para las manzas, pelar y cortar en dados.(sacar semillas y partes duras)
Colocarlas cuando esten listas en un bol.
Agregar el jugo de limón a las manzanas, luego el azúcar y canela, revolver bien y reservar.
Extender la masa brisa sobre un papel mantequilla, usando el rodillo.
Extenderla dejando el grueso de unos 3 cm. para poder cortar las masa para ponerlas en los moldes.
Enmantequilla los moldes.Con un molde o vaso o lo que prefieran cortar los 4 primeros círculos para poner en el fondo de los moldes de tarta.
Llenar cada molde de tarta con la mezcla de manzanas ya preparada.Apretar un poco las manazas para que queden bien antes de colocar el otro círculo de masa.
Cortar los otros cuatro círculos de masa que irán sobre las tartas.
colocar y acomodar.
Hacer unos pequeños cortes con un cuchillo.
Sellar por los lados con un tenedor para que queden firmes como una tartita.
Agregar un poco de jugo de limón a la leche.
Quedará un poco más espesa.
Con esta mezclar pintar con una brocha las tartas de manzana.

Espolvorear con azúcar antes de llevar al horno.
Hornear de 30 a 35 minutos o hasta que los pies esten dorados.


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  2. These are just adorable Gloria...love mini desserts :)

  3. Delicious mini pies looks amazing.

  4. I have a real fetish for anything in miniature form at the moment. And apple pie is one of my fave kinds of pie so I'm doubly loving these!

  5. Que buena idea el strudel versión mini, se ven deliciosos!
    Besos amiga.

  6. Una lindura y riquisimas.
    Que buenas estan las tartas de manzana!!
    Toñi y Tere

  7. excellent--they're the perfect size for a portion, but there's no rule saying you can't have two portions... :)

  8. OH don't those look wonderful! I now must go find something sweet to eat!!

  9. THese pies look SO delicious. I love the flavorings! I just found your blog - it's lovely - I'm signing up to follow you!

  10. Gloria these are the cutest pies! Can you send me one! :D

  11. Oh, Gloria! You are a master at pie crusts! I love apple pie...and your mini ones look fabulous :)

  12. Miles de besos en estos momentos.
    Ojalá todo te vaya ya slowly y sin altibajos ni sobresaltos.
    Por lo menos at home es mejor que in hospital.

    Te/Os deseo lo mejor.

    Muacs dulces

  13. so cute remind me of Mr Kipling mini apple pies in the UK

  14. Apple pie is one of my all time favorites. What a brilliant idea to make them minature! LOVE this!!

  15. Quelles sont bonnes ces jolies tartelettes Gloria:)xxx

  16. Oooh...those look yummy! My hubbie loves apple pie. So I might have to make these for him. Thanks for sharing! Big (((hugs))) to you my friend!

  17. Que cosa mas deliciosa....en version mini son peligrosas...para no parar!!.....Abrazotes, Marcela

  18. Que lindos y ricos!! De casualidad tengo pasta brisa que me ha sobrado y ya se en que utilizarla jeje. Besos, feliz domingo.

  19. all we need now is a scoop of ice cream!

  20. Una vera delizia! Carinissimo, il tuo blog... Ti seguirò con grande piacere. Baci :-)

  21. Que monada Gloria, me encantan.
    Lamentamos que estés tan lejos y nuestras cajitas no te puedan llegar, pero que sepas que sabemos que estás ahí y a cambio te mandamos un "achuchón"
    Nieves y Elena

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  23. I love your mini apple pies Canela, look wonderful and the bonus is you don't need to cut it! Yum!

  24. Unas joyitas deliciosas.

  25. Gracias María del Carmen, que lindos son tus comentarios y tus versos, un abrazo, gloria

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  26. oh yum - I adore miniature pies because you get more pastry!

  27. Hola amiga!
    que tal todo??
    Tus mini pies de manzana son toda una tentacion para mi...llevan manzana y estan rodeadas por una capa de masa brisa...para mi la perfeccion amiga!!!
    Mil besitos muy gordos cariño!!

  28. Bellissime!! Un abbraccio

  29. I really love this mine cute pie. Can definitely eat more than one at one go :D

  30. Those look perfect!
    Thanks for sharing!
    Take care,

  31. Que ricas tartitas, me encanta todo lo con manzanas. QUE RICO!!! cariños

  32. I always love the mini versions of anything edible, and this little apple goodness is no exception :) They look SOOO good!

  33. Que ricoooooo!!!!!!!
    Gloria, me estoy poniendo al dia con el blog y entre a preguntar como sigue tu mama, ya la operaron?
    Espero que todo valla bien!!!!!!

  34. Gloria, estan lindisimos y deben saber divinos. Apple pie es uno de mis favoritos.

    A Platter of Figs

  35. What perfect treats. They look beautiful and sound delicious. I'd love to have one or two of them. I hope you have a great evening. Blessings...Mary

  36. ¿yo durmiendo...? jajajaja!!! ha llegau el ingrato Gloria!! jajajjaajaa!!! es que me meo con tus comentarios amiga!! si es que no paro en casa ultimamente, y entre eso y lo del concurso que me está dando más trabajo de lo que yo pensaba no me queda tiempo pa ná!! pero aquí estoy dispuesto a llevarme todos esos deliciosos pies de manzana que has hecho!!! deliciosos Gloria!!! lo dicho, me los llevo!!! si los quieres recuperar están en mi blog! jejejejeje

    Un besiño majísima!!!! :)

  37. Gloria que ricos se ven esos minipies.
    Una delicia no solo para la vista, sino que también al paladar.

  38. I love this pastry, looks so yumm! Thank you for linking with Any One Can Cook :)

  39. Looks fantastic and great for breakfast!

  40. Que lindas las mini tortas :-)

  41. i love individual apple pies! individual cakes in general are cute :)
    have a sweet day,

  42. These are adorable pies Gloria - lovely job.

  43. I hope you baked one of these sweet little pies for me daaaaahling, I am hungry, and these look soooo cute!
    *kisses* HH

  44. hi gloria, this is such a good idea to bake them in minis, everyone could just have their own apple pie!

  45. Thanks Cake crusader, gloria

    Gracias Juani, gracias por escribirme, gloria

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  46. This is the best thing ever! I love apple pie and have such a hard time because I can't make a whole one for just me!

  47. Delicioso!!! I can imagine this pie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream! Just perfect!

  48. Gloria, These are exquisite! I love single serve desserts! I think they make everyone feel so special!
    Wonderful recipe... our apple season is about 6 weeks away. Tucking this recipe away until apple season.
    Thank you for joining ON THE MENU MONDAY and bringing your sweet treat!

  49. Your pastry look really good and apple pies are a classic. Individual pies are particularly good, but my pastry making leaves a lot to be desired!

  50. qué ricas tartitas de manzana y que buena idea..

  51. Love this simple apple pie; so nice when everyone get their own personal dessert.

  52. mmmm... Gloria, que ricooooo!!! me encantan los pies y las manzanassss!!! que delicia...se ,lo mostre a mi mamá (aun esta conmigo jiji) y le encantó, leimos la receta y nos encantó...lo mamlo e sque mi marido ya no quiere que golosee mas =P
    como estas??

  53. Cute little treat ~ I want one now :))
    US Masala

  54. Gloria, love everything in small size, and your pies are absolutely gorgeous.
    Hope you have a great week :-)

  55. These look absolutely delicious.

    What a great blog! I am your newest follower.

  56. The mini pies are very cute and look super delicious!

  57. I really love these little things! They are the perfect size to fit a big scoop of ice cream on top of as well.

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    I love your blog: Recipes, graphics, all the interesting content.
    I have added to your followers so you do not lose more sight.
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  59. wow è una ricettina veramente leggera e sfiziosa.....un bacino la stefy

  60. It looks so yummy! Great recipe! Thanks for sharing:)
    Hope to see you on my blog:)

  61. So wonderful you give the recipie in two languages. And your crust recipie, I am very interested in crust recipes, and this looks delicious.

  62. I've been looking for mini apple pie recipes and yours look absolutely amazing! I'm so glad I stumbled upon your blog - am definitely keeping an eye on your future posts ;p


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