20 February 2017

Really fruity strawberry jam (mermelada de frutillas)

All the years in this time (summer here) I  love make different fruit jams.
My favorites are apricots and strawberries. This year I have only been able to make one of the strawberries once, but I hope to make one more batch.  Is so different a homemade jam from than other you bought in stores.

This is a soft-set jam with juicy strawberry chunks.
Perfect for cakes, scones and slices of hot toast.

In any case if you want to see more jam or marmelade recipe you can see on my label list .

Source : Good Food magazine

Ingredients (about 6 jars of 350 grams)

2 kg. firm and ripe strawberry, hulled and large ones halved.
 1   kg 600 grams pack jam sugar (this is a sugar with addd pectin)
 1 lemon (the juice )
knob unsalted butter (optional)


In a large pan with wide, sloping sides  the  layer the strawberries and sugar, finishing with a layer of sugar.
Cover the  large pan and leave all night.

Next day the juices will have been drawn out from the fruit, leaving you with berries in a sugary pink syrup.
 If this hasn't happened give the berries a quik stir, the leave by a while.

Warm the mixture to dissolve the remaining sugar. Once dissolved, bring to the boil, stirring frequently until bubbling.
Pour in the lemon juice and continue boil stirring occasionally. If the surface of the jam starts to look a little scummy , add the butter.

Continue cooking to slow heat about 20 minutes .When you see are more thick then  drop a little jam onto a chilled saucer . Let cool a little then you can see if the jam is ready.
Allow the jam  to cool by 40 minutes, then pot into sterilised jars and when the jam is cool label the jars. Store in the fridge once open.
Anyway I always save the jam in fridge.

print recipe here

En español

Mermelada de frutilla


2 kilos de frutillas ya lavadas, pesadas y sin las hojitas.
1 kilo 600 gramos de azucar para mermelada (tiene pectina)
(Lider,Jumbo )
el jugo de 1 limon
1/2 cucharadita de mantequilla (optativo)

En una olla grande colocar las frutillas, alternando una capa de azucar, y una capa de frutillas.
terminar con una capa de azucar.
Cubrir con un paño de cocina y dejar hasta el día siguiente.
Al dia siguiente las frutillas mezcladas con el azucar habran soltado su jugo. Si aún no revolver y calentar un poco para que suelte el jugo.
Poner a cocer la mermelada a fuego medio /suave revolviendo siempre, agregar el jugo de limon, es  preferible que se demore un poco pero no se quema ni se pega.(cuando tengo que hacer pongo el tostador debajo) (el que se usa para hacer arroz).
Si se pone muy espumosa la mezcla agregar la pelotita de mantequilla. (si se quiere)
Continuar con fuego bajo unos 20 minutos mas siempre revolviendo con cuchara de madera.
Cuando se note mas espeso sacar una pequeña porción y poner en un plato y se vera la consistencia.

Dependen de cada uno, me gusta la mermelada mas espesa, hay que pensar que con este tipo de azúcar se hace más rapido y tener en cuenta que al enfriarse se espesa mas.

Dejar enfriar por lo menos 40 minutos antes de poner en frascos esterilizados.
Despues si se quiere colocarle etiquetas (en pinterest hay super buenas etiquetas que se pueden imprimir) esto es bueno porque algunas mermeladas se parecen mucho.

Guardar en el refrigerador .


  1. Must be very delicious on some homemade bread!

  2. La marmellata fatta in casa è buonissima e una grande soddisfazione, anche per me la preferita è quella di fragole!!!

  3. Buona la marmellata di casa.. mi fa proprio gola con le fragole!

  4. I'm impatient to taste my first strawberry of the year ! Not before 2 months !

  5. Yum! Makes me want to make biscuits and spread that on top!

  6. Amiga querida, Estoy tan ingrata! me llega a dar vergüenza venir a verte, que pensarás que me he olvidado de tí. Pero no es así, siempre te tengo muy presente, pero ya casi no tengo tiempo para los blogs, me he quedado mucho con instagram que me quita menos tiempo, pero de cuando en cuando subo alguna receta también. Te confieso que yo nunca le achuntaba con las mermeladas, pero con esta azúcar especial de iansa todo sale bien, estoy maravillada. Este año hice de ciruelas y de damascos, que es lo que tengo en la casa. han sido un éxito rotundo. Yo hago para regalar básicamente, por que aquí en la casa el maridito y yo no podemos comer mucha azúcar, tu sabes, hay que cuidarse! Pero son un regalo perfecto para los amigos golosos, y que se aprecia mucho cuando son hechas en casa. Muchos besos y abrazos

    1. De hecho yo le echo menos azucar Pame.
      Asi que estas mas en instagram.
      Tengo algo ahi pero no voy nunca no se .
      Bueno no hay tiempo para todo.
      Me he dedicado mas al blog. Es lo que mas disfruto y encuentro recetas quw ni me acordaba.
      Muchos cariños Pamela.

  7. Ottima la marmellata fatta in casa e di fragole mi piace tanto :)
    Un bacio

  8. You've found my weakness ~ Yummy

    Cheers ~ Eddie x

  9. Hi Gloria, your jam sounds wonderful, I prefer mine a little softer like this.

  10. Hi Gloria...
    Hope you are well...
    Your jam looks delicious...I am lazy..I make freezer jam!
    Enjoy your week...
    Linda :o)

    1. Hi Linda ! Im ok ! Only with not much time, the pets, my mom that need me, the house and the kids .
      I visited you always a pleasure look miss V. Thanks by stopping by !!hugs

  11. Gloria, Strawberry jam is my favorite followed closely by peach jam. We've never made jam at home...probably because if we had a lot of homemade jam around we'd have to have bread around too and I'd gain another 30 lbs! Take Care, Big Daddy Dave

    1. Thanks David . Usually I eat bread only at breakfasts and sometimes at Tea Time, but I dont dinner.
      One of my favorites things is make jam at home

  12. Oh, I bet this jam is divine!! How lovely to have jars of this strawberry treat for breakfasts!

  13. Looking back to my childhood - strawberry jam was the very first one I tasted!
    Yours looks good!

    All the best Jan

    1. Nice!! Lovely food always reminder4 us our childhood (this jam you can make with Splenda)

    2. "(this jam you can make with Splenda)"
      Thanks for letting me know ... appreciated

      All the best Jan

  14. buonissima!! adoro la marmellata, soprattutto per colazione :)

  15. My family loves strawberry jam and yours looks delicious, Gloria! A perfect topping for toast!

  16. Ta confiture sent bon l'été. J'aime beaucoup.
    A bientôt

  17. You can't beat strawberry jam, unless it is apricot or pear or fig or peach :)

    1. Mmmmm yes : strawberry
      I love all :)

  18. Nothing like homemade jam...and yours look great Gloria!
    Have a wonderful week ahead :)

  19. Amazing job!
    my mom used to make jams of different fruits but i am unable to do so due to lots of chores .
    i prefer homemade than buying from market though

  20. a perfect jam for breakfast time, un abbraccio !

  21. I love making jam too. Strawberry is my favorite flavor. It looks delicious Gloria!

  22. Thanks Pam ! I love strawberry jam too!
    Today I made plum jam !

  23. strawberry is my favorite jam. I didn't know they sold sugar with added pectin, I should try a specialty shop. I usually add a few slices of apple to any jam as it is supposed to be very high in pectin.

  24. Hi Amalia yes about two years ago I can find sugar with pectine.
    Apples are wonderful . When I make blackberry jam I add slices of green apples.
    Hugs !!

  25. There's nothing better than homemade jam, Gloria. Yours looks wonderful and has such a lovely deep color!

  26. I love homemade jam! Your strawberry jam looks so good!

  27. Quanto è buona fatta in casa, complimenti!!!!

  28. Sure you can have quite the jam with your homemade jam!

  29. la mia preferita cara,bacio <3

  30. I hope this finds you and yours doing well. May we display your linked header on our new site directory, SiteHoundSniffs.com? As it is now, the site title (linked back to its home page) is listed, and we think displaying the header will attract more attention.

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    Specifically, what I am wanting to do is take a screenshot of your header and display it (linked back to the homepage) in place of the text-link. If you will visit SiteHoundSniffs.com, it should be easy to see how having a displayed header makes an individual site more attractive to visitors and make SiteHoundSniffs look better. You do not have to do a thing but grant permission. There is absolutely no charge, nor will there ever be.

    1. Hi Jerry really my blog is only for the pleasure of cook and bake. I have 8 years with it and Im proud of my work. So Im happy when people visit me.

    2. Thank you so very much for giving permission. You can see your linked header under All, Cooking/Foodstuffs and Chile. If you could say something (preferably good) about SiteHoundSniffs.com here and there, we would greatly appreciate it.

  31. I love homemade jam Gloria! So much fruitier than commercial!

  32. Well, one day it's summer here and the next we are literally freezing....I'll be ready for our realy growing season so I can make jam again. Looks delicious!

    1. aww Debra the times flies ! Im sure you will have spring weather soon and the first strawberries.
      I wait by my autumn, my favorite season :)

  33. I have never made jam before- but I do love to eat it! Looks so good! I especially love strawberry and raspberry jam. :) YUM!

  34. Oh yes strawberry and raspberry are amazing but I had a surprise when the other day I made Plums and apples jam was amazing!

  35. yumm!!! I love the idea of making fresh jam, but never tried to make my own.

    1. You have to try! This recipe is really easy and fast Nammi!

  36. oh gloria, i would slather this on everything from toast to ice cream, and maybe even on my turkey sandwich! what a lovely jam!

  37. Homemade jams and marmelades are the best - you simply cannot compare them to the storebought ones, that´s true! And my favorites are the ones with chunks of fresh, seasonal fruit, like yours!
    Beautiful my friend!

  38. Oh, I just love really fruity jam. There is a place in the Distillery called Maisonette. I adore their jams - quite different combinations. And they have banana jam!


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